Battle of the Pop: Battle of the Moves


Honestly, I wish they’d stop with this whole Battle thing. Or they could continue but exclude DBSK and Super Junior. Both groups have won already in different categories so I hope they stop pitting them against each other. ELF and Cass are now even fighting about this. They may include hundreds of artists there but both loyal fans are passionate about showing their support so we all know in the end, the real battle will always be between DBSK and Super Junior. And that’s sad because they belong to the same company and treat each other like brothers. I know it’s all fun but we are seriously tired with this.

If you still want to show your support, click here to create an account and click here to vote.

Dong Bang Junior Hwaiting!


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2 responses to “Battle of the Pop: Battle of the Moves

  1. hyuksulove

    I agree. I’m a Cass and I’m so tired from too much pressure and worrying about who will win and stuff. Enough please.

  2. soshipowers

    yes I couldn’t agree more. besides this battle sucks, no SNSD!

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