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Super Junior’s Flight Back to Korea Delayed for 6 Hours

Popular South Korean boyband Super Junior were supposed to take their flight back to Korea last June 28, but due to a problem with the airplane’s deicer system, the 12 of them were stuck in the VIP waiting room for 6 hours, only successfully leaving in the evening, leading to the staff and security personnel to nickname them as “The Longest Sending-Off In History”!

After the Golden Melody Awards on Saturday, Super Junior then proceeded to the Fuhsing branch of KiKi for their supper, and the Taiwanese branch of the recording company even specially arranged for a birthday celebration for Leeteuk, Heechul and Ryeowook, the July babies.

Less nervous after their performance, the twelve of them were extremely rowdy and played to their hearts’ content. Kangin even ran around scaring people with a string of party-poppers, and the party ended only at around 1 in the morning.

Early yesterday morning, many fans rushed to the airport to grab hold of the last chance to be in close contact with Super Junior. They cleared customs at 11 in the morning, but no one expected the sudden announcement of the delay in flight time because of the deicer problem. The twelve members therefore had to amuse themselves in the VIP waiting room, and many of them were cheekily asking to “stay behind”.

The sole Chinese member, Han Geng, was once again the vocal speaker for Super Junior. Born in the province of Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang City, he was an avid lover of dance and was picked by SM through the H.O.T China auditions in 2001. He then proceeded to Korea alone to begin his training in SM, and is now the leader of the sub-unit Super Junior M, which is focused on the Chinese music market.

Han Geng professed that this was actually his third time visiting Taiwan, the first being when he was a teen and a performer for an ethnic dance performance. He also expressed his wish for SJ-M to be able to promote in Taiwan someday.

Source: UDN
Translated by: hazel@

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Hangeng’s Cyworld Photo Entries 090625

Topic: Thailand


I really like this place
It makes me feel more relaxed
I hope to visit the place again next time on my own hehe~~~!

Topic: My first time coming in close contact with an elephant, (I) felt a little afraid!


Topic: Been a traffic police in Thailand hehe~~!


Translation credit ♥유진 &chloeee
Reupload by

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Heechul Reveals Taking Nude Photos of Himself

Super Junior member Kim Heechul has surprised everybody when he revealed that he often used his cellphone to take nude photos on the show KBS2TV “Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun’s Champagne” which will be aired at 11.20PM on June 20th.

Kim Heechul said without hesitant that “HanKyung is often the member who take nude photos (of me), he was quite annoying at first but in the end he still did it for me”. He aslo said he had felt like fainting when his cellphone get lost once before.

Also on that show, Heechul revealed that because of him, DBSK‘s U-Know Yunho had to breakup with his girlfriend once before. He said “By training together, I was close to DBSK‘s Uknow Yunho and thus, made him broke up with his gf”, “When we were still trainees, there was a time I was in my natural hairstyle & wearing flower pattern clothes. I sat next to Uknow Yunho at home and ate hamburger with him, his gf saw me then and mistake me with a girl”

original article are here & here
translated by
may take out with full credits

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Our ‘We Got Married’ Dream Couples


“She is like my ideal type – Son Yae Jin – her elbow and Son Yae Jin’s elbow look alike” – Eunhyuk’s reason for ‘proposing’ to WG’s Yoobin

Old Cyworld Messages

Jessica: Babo, I’m here!
While I was practicing on my vocals you said hi right?
But as soon as I turned to look, you were gone. What’s with that?
Anyhow, I came to oppa’s homepage.
Please come to mine.

DongHae: Alright Pretty Sica. I will come visit.


“Really, honestly speaking, SNSD’s Seohyun. I know she’s one year younger than me so…I want to hear her say ‘Seungri oppa’ and then give me chocolates.”Seungri on who he wants to receive chocolates from

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Thai Company Owes Success to Super Junior


Published: 15/05/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: Business

Osotspa Co, a leading consumer-product conglomerate, is considering expanding the production capacity of its 12 Plus personal-care brand over the next one to three years if Asian economies recover.Marketing director Vichien Santimahakullert said sales of its 12 Plus personal-care products had grown continuously over the past few years after it hired members of Super Junior, a famous Korean boy band, to be its presenters.

Therefore, Osotspa will spend 100 million baht to expand by 30% to 40% the production capacity of all 12 Plus product categories at its factory in the Lat Krabang Industrial Estate.

The additional capacity will serve both domestic and overseas markets.

“We have found that using Korean superstars as our presenters is very successful. Not only our sales increase, the brand image also improves to the international level. Therefore, it is possible to sign another contract with this Korean boy brand to promote our products overseas,” Mr Vichien said.

He said that based on the company’s survey, Korean superstars ranked first in terms of popularity among Thai teenagers, followed by Japanese and Thai performers. “We believe the popularity of Korean stars will continue among Thai teens.”

When the Korean boy band was hired to promote 12 Plus cooling powder and cologne for the first time two years ago, the local market share of the powder climbed to second from third or fourth place. “We also become the market leader in cologne,” Mr Vichien said.

Even in light of the current economic uncertainties, the company has allocated 500 million baht to promote all 12 Plus personal-care products this year. Of the total, about 150 million will be used to promote its new 12 Plus Mini Stick deodorant this year. The company will hire Thai actress Patchrapa ‘Um’ Chaichea, as well as Korean superstars from Super Junior including Choi Siwon, Kim Ryeo Wook, Han Geng and Kyu Hyun to become the new presenters.

Currently, the local deodorant market is worth about 1.58 billion baht. Of the total, about 1.05 billion baht is roll-on deodorant, 461 million baht comes fro the stick format and 73 million from spray deodorants.

With the launch of 12 Plus Mini Stick, the company expects to increase its market share to 16-17% from 10% currently.

source: Bangkok Post Online

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Super Ajusshis on Star King


The cool Korean Airline employees who rose to fame because of their parody of Super Junior‘s Sorry Sorry will be seen performing the hit song again on Star King. The episode has been recorded already and will probably air next week.

Fan Account:

“…then the next people to come on stage left us screaming lol a lot of fans must have seen, the employees of korean air dancing to <sorry sorry>~ though the eleven of them weren’t dancing the exact moves, but you could see that they had practiced really hard. once they appeared on stage they immediately danced to <sorry sorry>, & the eight suju members were happily watching, yesung was laughing very happily, maybe cos one of the employees moves were very cute~ the leader of the group is a section head & hodong ahjusshi asked which member of suju was he playing, & the section head said “leader eeteuk”~ eeteuk then ran to hug the section head~ hodong then asked who he is (pointing to shindong) & the section head correctly answered shindong, then asked who was sitting to the left of eunhyuk, the section head said he liked eunhyuk the most~ lol eunhyuk was really happy & ran to hug him~

Hodong again asked who was sitting to the right of shindong, the section head asked hangeng, “you didn’t go to china?” lol the section head was really good, he recognized everyone~ then hodong intentionally pointed to yesung & said that he was a 2PM member, & said a whole bunch of things, the section head still said yesung’s name, yesung was really touched~ keke when asked the rest who was playing which suju member, one ahjusshi said he was playing kangin. eeteuk said, “how come they all look like shindong’s dad?” & shindong said “i also feel like that look like my dad” lol then hodong said that the eleven ahjusshideul still prepared another dance, to dance along with suju, & we were saying if it would be ‘Nohrago’ when the first notes started the whole place went crazy lol…”

original: 搁浅云 @ 赫海的宝石海—H2
translation credits: fragment @

For those who haven’t seen the parody, here you go:

Another video of them performing in front of ‘fans’. LOL

credits: clarayoon158 + ihcasnek + baidu + 16candl3s@sj-world

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Cosmopolitan Interview: Time To Play


If you find one, another disappears,
If you make two sit down, another two disappears.
Ah, there’s no answer. I’ll just have to play with them.

By: Yoon Mi Cho

Editor (E): Phew.
Leeteuk (LT): Why are you sighing?

E: I’m worried. 8 members of SJ are looking at me that I feel faint. I’m a woman too. I wonder if the interview will go well today.
LT: Hehehehe

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Super Junior Does Cosmopolitan






Super Junior took a break from their 3rd album promotion to pose playfully for  next month’s issue of Cosmopolitan. They all look so good and so…well-rested? They’ve been working so hard.

I can’t take my eyes off Eunhyuk. He is so smexy!

credits: cosmopolitan + allkpop

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Chinese Paparazzi Targets Hangeng


Super Junior’s Chinese member Hankyung is going through tough times because of the paparazzi after a Chinese daily reported about a passionate rumour on him on the 14th.

The Chinese reporter wrote “A paparazzi saw Hankyung’s Mercedes at one of the best Beijing’s high class restaurants, where Hankyung was seen sharing a secret meeting with an unidentified woman,” and “The two moved to Hankyung’s apartment, located in Beijing, at a late hour.”

Furthermore, the Chinese journalist added “The unidentified woman was approximately 24 years old, with a slim body, and very good looks, but she didn’t give off the celebrity vibe. At the time they went back, and were about to enter the apartment, Hankyung appeared to be tense.”

In relation to this, on April 15, a representative of Hankyung denied the incident over the phone with Newsen “It’s not the truth. Since Hankyung’s popularity in China is too high, way too many groundless passionate rumours get spread. The paparazzi following Hankyung closely throughout the day is worrisome.”

As for what concerns the passionate rumours, they said “It was Hankyung and his friend, along with his friend’s lover. However, they skillfully managed to make only Hankyung’s friend get cut out of the picture,” and “Distorted press by the paparazzi is causing Hankyung to have a hard time.“

In reference to Hankyung’s sufferings due to the price of fame, the Chinese journalist Dongnan Kuaibao said “Super Junior’s Hankyung’s high popularity happens to reflect in the continuous passionate rumours about him,” and “Now, just as a female star stands close by Hankyung, a passionate rumour is immediately started.”

credits: + La’MISS:fairy@SJ-WORLD.NET

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