Taemin Being Bullied in School


Rumors about SHINee‘s youngest member Taemin being bullied in his school (ChungDam High School) is all over the internet. What’s worse, there have been accounts and even photos to support this.  Poor maknae. Shouldn’t the school authorities do something about this serious issue?

Here’s the story of a girl who exposed her bullying and stalking on her diary:

From bea_chan22

..Today was rainy, so I was going to give up seeing Lee Taemin, but then the Taemin spy came in and told me “Noona, in 9 minutes, Taemin’s leaving” or something like that… So I ran like fire but it’s raining like crazy… But Lee Taemin has an umbrella. He also had a beanie in his other hand so my friend stuck to him and started talking to him when I was just taking pictures. Just then as he went to the gym he almost fell.. I was laughing so I couldn’t take the picture then he went to the teacher’s office. I followed him in then the homeroom teacher said “Did you come just now?”. Taemin looked kind of disappointed and misunderstood and said “No, I came at period 1.” Then the teacher goes into the Principle’s office with Taemin. Whatever/ So I prepared my continuous 9 shot camera. Just then Lee Taemin came out in his beanie. He looked at the mirror before he left ㅠㅠ…


Another entry from the girl’s diary:

After Japanese class, I asked my friend if we should follow TaeMin again. So we were waiting outside the gym and then this kid who looked like him appeared, we went up and it wasn’t him so we scolded him ****. Then he came down, his height was obviously much taller than that kid before. We went up and stuck ourselves next to him

Me: Taemin ah, when is Jong Hyun doing his birthday party?
: …
Me: Jong Hyun is not having a birthday party?
: …
My friend: Taemin ah, do you want to date noona? Why don’t you hold noona’s hand? Do you hate noona’s hand so much? You hurt noona’s heart, I’m going to scold you **** for not answering me if Jong Hyun is having his birthday party


The girl’s harrasment went on for about 3 weeks and although she had apologized already, still I’m pretty sure Taemin suffered a lot of emotional distress in her hands.

Here’s another article from Tellzone courtesy of bea_chan22

I’m a guy in my 3rd year of high school and this isn’t a lie. My friend at ChungDam high school told me it wasn’t up until physical group harassment.

But when he comes to school nearly 100 students cover his way and won’t let him pass and take pictures and stuff. When he tried to pass some say stuff like “you think you’re so big ’cause you’re a celebrity’ or ‘he’s not as tall as I imagined’ or ‘he’s not that handsome’ and a lot of other stuff.

And there’s another story everyone at the high school knows about the a time he was listening to classes and he ate lunch at the teacher’s lounge. So some delinquents from 2nd grade came and waited during lunch and when he came back and sat at his desk with his head down, they kicked his desk and said stuff like “hey, do we look like idiots to you? Do you think you’re so big because you’re a celebrity? **** Hey put your head up.” and etc. They throw erasers at him and swear at him and stuff. This is pretty well known around the school. Some other delinquents 3 girls keep following him and take pictures and annoy him. They keep following him and trying to hold his hand and stuff.

Netizens reacted to this harassment and a lot pitied Taemin.

  • “Crazy. These are crazy people”
  • “Poor TaeMin, people should understand that he is attending school as an entertainer too”
  • “WTH, there is no one onlooking to stop these?”
  • “After reading this, I feel like going to ChungDam to help him now, poor kid”
  • “I hope that there is not misundertanding that this is all the doings of Shawols. We are not like this ㅠ.ㅠ”
  • “Normally aren’t entertainers in school like glamorous? Poor TaeMin”
  • “Those ChungDam high b*tches”
  • “No wonder he looked like he aged 2 years recently, so he has been going through all these in school”

If I were the principal, I’d punish those stupid kids so badly they’d be afraid to step on school again. Seriously, just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean they can just harass him like that. Of course he won’t fight back or else risk having his reputation tarnished. And those kids know this that’s why they can make fun of him anytime and anywhere they want. Poor Taemin.

Credit: sookyeong@wordpress (Kbites)


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99 responses to “Taemin Being Bullied in School

  1. mizette soriano

    I teared up while reading this… I was glad that taemin went to normal high school, being a normal kid…But if this is what he goes through…I feel very sorry for him…I’m also a fan of shinee.. But never would I disrespect him like that…If taemin got to read this comment (hope he understands my english)… I’d like to tell him.. Chin up.. You are still shinee’s taemin… You know you shouldnt be treated like this.. no one deserves that… especially not you… Hope things get better.. -mizette soriano (philippines)

    • jeniling

      I couldn’t agree with you more Mizette! It’s just horrible that Taemin has to go through that. Bullying is a serious thing. Noone, even normal kids, deserve to be treated that way. Hope he overcomes this. Shinee hwaiting!

    • agree! i felt soo many things as i read this-_____- some of them ANGER, FRUSTRATION, PITY, PISSED at all those damn bullies and bitches in the school D< i mean seriously, MAJOR WTF?! just cuz Taemin is a celeb and has a rep to uphold (and you all knew that!) doesnt give you any right to harass and bully him! no one desrves to be bullied (agree with Jeniling) not celebs or even normal people! WTF! i seriously want to go to Korea and just run in and defend him D< yaaa! if Taemin was in my school, he would be treated like a KING or anything but this! aissssh!! id love to say more but i hafta go-_____-

      • midniteneko

        they are going straight to hell for that. how can people bully someone who doesn’t fight back not to mention he did nothing wrong the f**king bastards!

    • --J!aWen

      Agree!!!What the heck is wrong with those people at his school?ARE THEY JEALOUS?Damn those kids!I might be only 10 years old,but if I had a chance to go to his school I’ll confront the principal.He/she should be stopping all this bullying.Of course,I’m a super SHINee fan.Is he gets hurt emotionally,then he wont be able to do his work well!He MUST be home schooled.I hope SM entertainment will let him get home schooled soon.

    • Taeminluv

      Taemini oppa, im an 11 year old girl living in california. i hat Suju, i hate jk, i hate all the boy bands except for shinee and ft island!!! if i were you, cant u, i mean, talk to them? ill tell u wat to say. ” do u guys have anything better to do? look, this has been going on for too long, adn now this bullying is even on my daily schedule!!! just because im a celebrity, im not actin higher than u guys. if u want me to, i can. i know celebritys hafta pretend to be nice adn be quiet to not harm our reputation, but i dont care. the celebrity world has to take me as is. so im telling u, quit bothering me. becuz of u, the netizens are getting pissed adn i read that some of them want to be invited to korea and want to beat u up!! and there girls!! on of them is 11 and 10 years old, adn you know that mad girls are scary. so, back off. even if im a celebrity, i hafta know how to defend myself!! ” and to the fan girls “quit bothering me, please. dont u want me to like you? if you keep doing this, im gonna start to resnt you, so plz. back off!!” and if your t too nice to tell them that, just call them names in english or chinese or,,,,, *^^* come to california and ill defend you!!!

      • getreal

        Some things are easier said than done, sweety. Why does he have to California to get the defense from you? You’ll make him even worse. Get real, please.

      • Raygirl

        @getreal You do realize you’re talking to an 11 year old, right? She was expressing her pain and she doesn’t need rudeness from the likes of you; that’s a form of BULLYING. Why don’t you try to live up to your own name and GET REAL….bullying bothers me to no end….

  2. SHINee's Umma.

    this is ENOUGH. Those people from the school HAVE NO RIGHT to treat my son that way. GAAAH! If only I’m there, I’m going to eat you guys alive! Taemin has the right to go to a normal school and be normal… you guys should be happy that there’s a celebrity at your own reach.. WHAT in the WORLD are you DOING?! This is harassment! Harassment has a HEAVY punishment..

    Taemin, they have no right to treat you that way.. you should put an end to this stupidity… I wish I was there to help you 😦 Don’t mind them.. SHINee WORLD exist because of SHINee and you are part of SHINee… we co-exist each other.. I do hope your guardians help you with this..

    We shall make them pay dearly, SHINee World.. OH yeah..

    • Taeminluv

      him neseyou!!! ajumma!! and, there are a lot of taemin fans so dont worry!! move to kyunkido hanamsi if it goes on for too long. there arent that much bullies there, adn u might get useful information.

  3. heekochan

    how could they do that to Taemin.
    The poor thing.
    And the school officials? Are they not doing anything?
    I’m just disappointed at how kids these day behave.
    Poor Taemin…he’s going suffer great depression if this continues.

  4. Juliee

    Omg, This is so freaking sad.
    Stupid crazy fan girls.
    Like, I’m a crazy fan girl & all, but I wouldn’t attack them and all. They have no fucking right to fucking harass TaeMin like that. These fucking people need to walk in other people’s fucking shoes and see how it feels. Just because it feels good to them doesn’t mean it feels good to the person getting bullied. That is just really rude.

  5. katii

    i actually cried whilst reading this,
    its strange to really, most people think famous people are untouchable. not real people.
    but then something like this will pop up.

    where are the teachers? if not the manger?
    his friends?
    i hope he is okay, I’m only a few months younger than him and its heartbreaking to see/ hear about things like this happening to a boy this amazing

    Taemin, Hwaiting!

  6. i cannot believe anyone would do this to him.
    I wish i could go over there and help him.
    i almost cried just reading it.
    someone has to do something.
    so to whoever is doing this to him:
    You really need to lay off. He has it hard as it is. You really need to have enough self pride to not have to bully others to make yourself feel better. Taemin oppa does not need this from low lives like you!!!!”

    im so sorry taemin
    all of your fans are here for you
    so never feel down you have all of us!!!!


  7. sjff

    This was actually a rumor. The students at ChungDam High confirmed it. He gets checked out after 1st period almost every day so even the kids in his homeroom rarely see him. He almost never eats lunch at school.

  8. F.N.T

    pity Taemin..i wish i could make him feel better now, sobsob
    the girls there are B&%@$# !!!
    The guys there are F****** H***!!!
    if im the principal, i’ll make a special class for him..like DUH!! he’s a star and in the same time being bullied..PITY YA KNOW!!!
    But i hope..he’s still OK and he’s study is fine.

    anyways..luv u Taemin<3<3 =3
    Hwaiting!!! Caiyok!! Gambateh!!!

  9. poor taemin the guys are so foolish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. melissa

    i wrote one reply but i think there was an error . so here is it again. word for word:

    what sucks the most is that tae min can’t even fight back. If he was a normal kid, he could have jus beat the guy up. hell, he won’t even get this kind of shit if he was a normal kid.

    but he can’t fight back because he is a celebrity.
    i wouldn’t know what to do too.

  11. tanniunnie

    WTF!!? i really hate those overly obssessed crazy fangirls… i wish SHINee would read our comments so taemin-oppa would feel better.. ahh i’m 2 years younger than taemin-oppa.. i have to wait 7 years to go to korea… untill i’m 22 yrs old.. don’t i will be there for you taemin-oppa saranghaeyo…

    SHINee World Forever~

  12. yyc

    those peoples are crazy or maybe they are jealous cuz they are not known. poor taemin . he should be treated like a normal person…

  13. thea

    wtf, those insecure school mates should be punished…jealousy can lead to something deadly/ dangerous so this should stop now……

    those stupid crazy bitches and a*s***es should learn a lesson….

  14. Phani


  15. Bong Quisha

    BITCHES! If I attended that school I’d probably get kicked out! I feel like clocking those bitches in the jaw. Fucking assholes! You bitches are lucky i don’t go to that school!!!


  17. ...yuri



  18. amee

    this is fuked up.. the school should do somethng about this..i hope its still not going on. poor taemin.. we love u.. if all ur fans were there at the skool.. we would kick ther ass.! love u taemin

  19. RAINxclouds

    T^T Poor Taemin. 😥
    Those students just stepped down to a new low and level of immaturity. -_-
    I wish I could go say what’s on my mind to those beezys over at ChungDam High. -_-
    Of course Taemin can’t do anything because that would cause more problems, but I want to go yell at them.

  20. Sandara

    I think that it’s not fair for TaeMin . So what if he is a celebrity ? Then he must suffer ? Those girl are so evil to him ! How can they bully such innocent TaeMin !

  21. almira

    WTF .
    I totally cried in ths.
    My Poor Taemin T.T
    I hope ths bullying thing is stopped already.
    Of course, Taemin don’t want to answer back because it’s for his and SHINee’s reputation.
    ughhh. DAMN those students TT.TT

  22. Eileen

    What the fuck ? Who gives you guys the right to bully Taemin ? Please know whats your status before doing this acts ! Please leave Taemin alone .

  23. Min

    Jealous of taemin huh, LOL. What losers, just because he’s a celebrity & he’s more special than you all. Don’t need jealous lah, you all won’t be anywhere like him anyway.

    ‘he’s not as tall as I imagined’ or ‘he’s not that handsome’ and a lot of other stuff.

    Hey, you very handsome? Lengzai sia.

  24. They are so mean.How can they do this to him???I am also his fan and i would help him out if i was there but fortunate for them and unfortuante tae-min…..i am always with you..tell me when they do this again.i am going to kick their ass!!!!! Ohh!!!!!

  25. shinee fanatic

    Those Fucking bitches they don’t have the right to do all those stuff…Taemin deserved a nowmal life..
    if i go to that school i am going to make sure those girls will regret wat they are doing to Taemin…Taemin is a good kis he deserved happiness…
    FIGHT Taemin a lot of people is supporting you!!!

  26. shineefanatic

    sorry i meant normal life and kid not kis…sorry

  27. YeoReum

    Ughhh,, i wishh people would respect him. When they bully him like that,, it just proves that they’re jealous and are just doing that to make themselves seem superior. But in reality, it just makes them seem like a**holes,, which they are.

    Poor Taeminnie! WE LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT!

  28. oh my god! What’s wrong with them?! Oh.! I’m not really a big fan of shinee but aaaarrrghh! What’s up with them?! A tear falls out of my eyes reading this.. .. Did taemin cry? Hope no..

  29. oh my god! What’s wrong with them?! .! I’m not really a big fan of shinee but aaaarrrghh! What’s up with them?! A tear fell out of my eyes reading this.. .. Did taemin cry? Hope no..

    • Yeah , But I m a Big Fan of Taemin , If This happen again should tell shinee to kill them UP ! 😀 and i feel like killing the people who bullied him and he should Change school!

  30. The People Who Bully just being childish ! Taemin so cute , shuai , kind , good and funny why your bully him , I m such dissapointed to all people who bullied HIM D:<

  31. Sundus

    Omg i swear if Taemin came 2 my school i know that
    he would be treated like a king and these stupid ppl
    treat him like trash OMG I WOULD BE IN SHOCK if TAEMIN went to my school i would cry and they are acting like that to him…. WAT KIND OF IDIOTS are they somethingz wrong wif their brain and about the ‘hes not handsome or taller than i thought’
    hahahaha im sry and you guyz at Chung dam are tall and handsome i dont see you guyz in one of the top hottest bands groups and seen in magazine and A BILLION FANS AFTER you guyz soo SHUT UP AND LEAVE HIM ALONE, If i went 2 that school……. You would be glad to come out of school I LOVE YOU TAEMIN and all you need is your fans love and you will get through and i live in Australia and You have ALOT of fans here And we all love you ❤ ❤ HWAITING ❤ ❤

  32. Sundus

    Sry i meant You have alot of fans here
    heehee still love ya

  33. susan

    What?! This is ridiculous, doesn’t anyone care?! I really wanna go to Korea and protect Taemin (im from england >.<) They should be feeling proud to even be in the same building as Taemin, they shouldnt be jerkfaces! Serously if i was there i would tear off all their faces, evil people. And them girls need to get a grip, jeesh talk about stalkerish! He just wants a normal school life, you freaks shouldn't be tormenting him and taking pictures of him every 10 seconds! And them people who are moaning about how he isnt good looking, they must be BLIND! They're probably super-ugly annoying people who are just jealous because they are talentless, ugly losers who dont have a life. Give Taemin some space, he is a human being who has needs like everyone else, there is no need to persecute him – infact no-one should have to go through this, the sooner you extremely stupid people learn this the better! Keep on going Taemin, FIGHTING! ^-^


    hahaha! i’ve already commented on another site about this but i just can’t help it. this is too damn funny! wow! are people this desperate????
    poor baby! their lucky he’s not jonghyun or minho!
    jonghyun doesn’t hide the irritation on his face and minho can make you feel so small with his looks. check out airport arrival in singapore shinee in youtube. you’ll see what i’m talking about!

  35. mee

    If I was one of the kids, I would rather become his friend and try my best to protect him from all those stupid jerks.. not trying to impress him the way they did!

  36. Kimuu

    Is that still going on?
    i mean, this was a year ago… is he still being bullied in school? I really hope not.
    Reading this hurts alot! ='(
    Poor Taemin.
    i wish i could’ve done something about it!…

  37. shiningtaemin

    i really hate those kids at taemin’s school. poor magnae taemin. they are just jealous to him because he’s a star. OMG, i hope those kids will get their punishment. it’s very unfair if they don’t get any punishment, they deserve that. and that 3 girls (those noonas) they are realy crazy, maybe taemin should sing for them “noona you’re not so pretty”
    i hope taemin will not have a trauma because of this. maybe that’s why taemin is so quiet and looks really innocent in every TV shows. i hope taemin can be happy, every time in everywhere. love you taemin..

  38. shiningtaemin

    want to cry, for taemin. i hope those people in his school stop this nonsense. it’s been a year right..

  39. moo

    wow. really? people needa lay off. i would really be kicking some asses out there -__- getting so jealous that you have to harass him? no, gtfo. Seriously this just broke my heart. geh. haters go die. He deserves better than this, hes just one of the lucky ones that got to fulfill his dream. And if hes so ‘not handsome’, ‘not tall’ , or ‘not so big’ then why pay attention to him? exactly. cause youre jealous. Yeah, see if he didnt have a reputation to worry about he would kick all those shit talking asses. i dont have a reputation B) BITCHES BETTER HOPE I DONT FIND YOU.

  40. Estelle

    Would SM ent really let those students bully Tae Min?wouldn’t SM pay the school some money to protect maknae Tae Min from the bullies?maybe there was some bullying but not so serious because who would be so stupid as to offend one of Korea’s most lovable boyband aka SHINee?I’m sure I wouldn’t let anyone bully tae min if he was my student,he’s too cute….

  41. jcqlnmarcos

    what did Taemin ever do to them? they are a bunch of… damn it! I’m so mad right now. and it hurts because there’s nothing I can do 😦

  42. EEyyeerr!!~ ): My dearest Taemin!
    Tsk why go Bully him you all bastards.
    You’re just too jealous that he’s a celebrity right.
    Shut up and do your own work.
    He’s just like all of you all, a kid still studying yea?
    Just stop harassing him for goodness sake.
    Don’t bully him luh, if not many people will be sad.
    Like me, I’ll cry!
    And for those crazy stalkers.
    Give him a break.
    Don’t keep annoying him luh.
    You will only make him hate you even more.
    So just leave him alone and let him study in peace.
    And for Dearest Taemin!
    Don’t let anyone bully you okay!
    You’re a guy, stand up for yourself!
    Keep smiling please, raise your head up and stare at those people who look down on you.
    I love your smile and your dance.
    You’re really awesome! :>
    Protect yourself please!!
    Keep smiling! I love you many 🙂

  43. Syafiqah

    Be strong, Taemin.
    I’m starting to cry right now…
    well even though i live in Singapore, i would still be praying for you everyday. In my heart.

  44. Doggie

    To think that he still want to be a star… Honestly.. I would rather him drop out o school that bear all of this… Poor taemin =( and he still smiles all the time… What’s most important is that HE HAS MANY GIRL FANS WHO WOULD BASH THOSE SUCKERS UP FOR BULLYING TAEMIN!!

  45. ~Bear~

    WTH!!!!! How could they do this!!!! Now i really feel like gorging those eyeball out from their socket. So wat if TaeMin oppa is a celeb that doesnt mean that those B****** could bully TaeMin oppa!!!!
    FOR THOSE B******:
    Put urself in TaeMin’s shoes if ur being bullied like TaeMin would u feel good? I dont think so. So y r u ppl doing this to poor TaeMin?? U know that he could not fight back cos his a celeb and have to keep his image good but that doesnt mean that u can take advantage of that.
    To our Dearest TaeMin:
    Even thought ur the youngest in SHINee ur still the awesomest!!!
    So now dont get affected by those B****** words or actions:)
    Stand tall!!
    SHINee WORLD would always support u no matter where or when!!!
    We’re always with u TaeMin so dont give up!!
    Keep going on!! Fighting!!! 🙂

  46. Rissy

    Ok. That’s NOT cool. Why hasn’t this been taken care of? Everyone should be treated the same no matter what. Are they gonna step in when he’s been injured? Or, are they gonna be big boys and girls and either not pick on him or the bullies get in deep trouble. Cuz I swear, they don’t get their crap outta his life, I’ma bring get my passport and some bags and start attending that school and knock some sense in their heads.

  47. Melia

    Aww poor taemin oppa =*(. Those basterds are just jealous of how taemin is famous and the most adorable and cutest guy I ever seen in my whole life! How ever he should tell Key oppa and he will take care of this(Umma fighting). I just feel like huging taemin right know so badly! I love how he always has a smile on his face even tho he is going threw all these things. I wish i can be brave like him man if they said that to me the korean medical hospital would of ben full of pacients! lol jk i would acsually run away and start crying but thats not the point ! the point is that TAEMIN oppa needs to go to a better school or home school and let Onew oppa teach him how to eat chicken or something but i really wish he would make it threw all this crap and show them who is the boss T to the dam A-E-M-I-N!! TAEMIN FIGHTING ♥♥♥

  48. c_a_b

    ที่อ่านมาทั้งหมดรู้สึกว่าไม่ใช่เรื่องตลกเลยแต่ น่าสงสาร เพราะในโรงเรียนของเขาพวกนักเรียน อาจารย์ ก็พากันรังเกียจเขากันหมดเลยเหมือนว่าคนทั้งโรงเรียนกำลังจะฆ่าเขาในทางอ้อมทำไมคนในโรงเรียนนั้นถึงเป็นคนแบบนี้ไม่เข้าใจเลย แทนที่น่าจะเข้าใจว่า งานเป็นงาน เรียนเป็นเรียน

  49. aaahhh….hate those b****es from hell, i think they are just envious because taemin is famous and being loved almost by everyone(except those) if it is really annoying for taemin, he should transfer or just be home-schooled(actors here in my country usually do that because they are also bullied)….taemin you can do that we believe in you!!!!!i love you!!!

  50. Calvin

    taemin should have a body guard or something hes too perious to get bullied i would go to his school and beat up every one who bullied him

  51. tiffany

    why does those bitches bully taemin? Jealous or they got nothing to do??? Poor taemin oppa…… cheer up and live your life happily and fight them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody will be supporting you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  52. RJ :D

    AH my dear taemin:) Be strong okay??:) those people are just cowards,maybe WORST than a coward:) they are just jealous of your cuteness,dancing talent and that you are popular:) Dont be sad,just have faith and continue on your life:D Everyone will be here for you:D
    Nothing can beat our Taemin down!!!:D
    stay cheerful and smile everyday:)
    i love you:D

  53. KLOVE


  54. kpopfan

    hey stupid girls who bullied taemin,he is stressed because of his carrier and now you want to make him more stressed because of your actions towards him?!We go to school to learn,not to stalk someone and bully someone.get it?you better don’t mess with him..or else………

  55. Seonyeong

    I’d heard something about this, but didn’t know it was that serious.
    I know how it feels like when you are bullied at school(I was same age as him) and you never forget it.
    Thank god he is a great and brilliant boy, our cute maknae ^^

  56. Xueeeee

    Taemin Fighting! 🙂

  57. heart kim lee

    whatta…..Taemin is also a student..he wants to finish his studies…why they bullied him…so poor maknae…i love taemin so muchh…..plss make something about this……Taeminnie…Saranghe……hHwaiting !!!!!

  58. ILoveSHINee.

    I dun think this is a real, i mean i saw one interview in youtube and click it , Taemin was talking about school, The Dj asked him what had happened in his school, Taemin went saying:Ummm.. There was once when i was taken aback by a girl who suddenly called me “Lee Taemin Babo” means idiot or fool like that. I turn behind and look at her but she was cute that i didnt want to scold her. Onew:Babo! (Onew went calling Taemin “Babo”) And so the Dj asked Taemin, how about like bullying? Taemin:Mmm.. Some of them do envy me since i’m a celebrity but i wish they did like me more and some of them asked me to introduce them to SNSD like give them their phone number or something. Dj: Oh. What about throwing eraser? Taemin:That’s normal ! I used to throw eraser to my friends too.

    And so there is no Bullying in Taemin’s school but i felt a little pity to Taemin since some of his friends use him so that they get to be introduce to SNSD. The link in youtube is :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agQJ0m1w8SQ. P.s. I’m not sure wheres the continuing part about the “throwing eraser” and all. It is at another video but i cant seems to find it and also i dun really write the dialogue properly but it is something like that.

  59. ILoveSHINee.


  60. ILoveSHINee.


  61. Sandeula

    Taemin… Do not care about thos people, they are nothing but jealous losers.. I really don’t get it. Why people would hurt you like that. I HATE reading it, and it makes me want to cry. But that won’t help in any way, I’m just writing this instead. I am a big fan, I really am, but that’s not why I’m writing this, it’s because it’s wrong in any way. To do such a thing.. I agree with all of you guys here, calling them stuff.. I just nod my head as I read all of the comments..

    Taemin we’re supporting you, LOOK at all of these comments! That means you are amazing^^ And you didn’t deserve anything of it.. I hate that people do such stuff.

    Anyway I guess most people won’t even read this, but I don’t care, I wanted to say my opinion. And should a person read this.. Then good, I made my point of view:) Taemin Fighting ! ^-^ 당신이 태양처럼 빛나는 ^-^

  62. JJ

    That’s just sad…… Poor Taemin D;

  63. they all should be embarassed that he is now a very very famous celebrity. If taemin got bullied again, i bet his hyungs will come and save him!! 😀

  64. Taemin oppa i feel really disappointed because why would they tease on him for he did nothing wrong and no body LOL at him he is the cutiest youger boy boy in shinee i ever seen so don’t ever pick on him it will hurt his feelings like that SO BACK OF HIM AND YOU HATES IF YOU TRY TO GO TO THE SHINEE CONERT SO DON”T GO AND SEE THEM THEN. FIGHTING Taemin oppa.^^. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH TAEMIN!!!…

    그는 아무 잘못 그를 전혀 신체 웃음 그가 SHINee 본 적처럼 자신의 감정을 상하게 그를 선택하지 않도록 본 전에서 제일 귀여운 젊은 소년 소년들은 그를 애타게 이유 Taemin는 oppa, 나는 진짜로 인해 실망 느낌Shinee Conert 그래서 돈 “T는 가면과 당신 타러가는 경우 그리고 네가 증오의 물러서는 그들을 그럼. 싸움 Taemin의 oppa 보이 잖아. ^의 ^. 난 SOOO 많이 TAEMIN 내가 taemin 당신을 사랑 !!!… 당신을 사랑

  65. Taemin oppa i feel really disappointed because why would they tease on him for he did nothing wrong and no body LOL at him he is the cutiest youger boy boy in shinee i ever seen so don’t ever pick on him it will hurt his feelings like that SO BACK OF HIM AND YOU HATES IF YOU TRY TO GO TO THE SHINEE CONERT SO DON”T GO AND SEE THEM THEN. FIGHTING Taemin oppa.^^. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH TAEMIN!!!…

    그는 아무 잘못 그를 전혀 신체 웃음 그가 SHINee 본 적처럼 자신의 감정을 상하게 그를 선택하지 않도록 본 전에서 제일 귀여운 젊은 소년 소년들은 그를 애타게 이유 Taemin는 oppa, 나는 진짜로 인해 실망 느낌Shinee Conert 그래서 돈 “T는 가면과 당신 타러가는 경우 그리고 네가 증오의 물러서는 그들을 그럼. 싸움 Taemin의 oppa 보이 잖아. ^의 ^. 난 SO 많이 Taemin 내가 taemin 당신을 사랑 !!!… 당신을 사랑

  66. Mint

    Guess what, Taemin’s switching to an Art School!!!!! He won’t have these people at the new school so don’t worry everyone. Plus, this was so long ago, it might’ve been resolved already. : ) Taemin, fighting!

  67. Rosh

    I know how he feels. Taemins too quiet, and nice to say anything back. People take kindness as a weakness, so they continue. I was like Taemin for a while, I was mostly teased verbally at my early years at school, thankfully never physical, but I never stood up for myself much. If that happened to me now, I’d break their faces, it made me grow as a person. It still haunts me now a little, but that experience made me grow as a person, the most important thing is to stand up for yourself, don’t sit in silence, because it is most likely nobody will help you very much. Who teaches them that bullying is fine? No offence to others, but if Taemin wasn’t famous I’m not sure if you would help, school life is more complicated than you think. People actually think school rep matters…what a joke. If you have good friends that will protect you, that would be better. Don’t worry, thats the past me now…this happened many many years ago, I wouldn’t let that happen to me now. I hope Taemin has grown from this experience in character, just like I have.

  68. Terisa

    Ok, what the hell? These chung whatevers have no right or reason to bully him.
    I really feel sorry for Lee Taemin, if i went to that school i’d help him out instead of joining that ugly mob.
    If i ever meet those people, then i’m going to make sure they get what they deserve.

    Right now, i feel that they should close that school. I mean out of ALL those ugly people NO ONE HELPED HIM OUT? Tsk, ridiculous.
    Celebrity or not, i’d still help.
    Although, i’m glad this is all over.

  69. sarah

    This is really sad! I love Taemin, and I don’t think he ever did anything to them, so why are they so mean to him?? Well, I can actually answer my own question, they are jealous!
    I can’t remember if this is already in this article, but I read somewhere that he goes into the bathroom at school and cries.

    If I were a student at ChungDam, I would stick up for him. Not because he is a celebrity, but because no one deserve to be treated like this. I used to get bullied alot, like, get called ugly, and four eyes, and get hit and kicked, so I know how it feels.

    I wish I could go there and scold those kids!!

    Thank goodness he is switching to an art school!

  70. Joanne Lee

    Stay Strong.
    Don’t stop believing.
    Ignore them. Its hard.
    Life is never easy.
    Good luck.
    I’ve loved you forever.

  71. valerie

    just ignore them .. maybe that students are insecure from what you have now ..i know its hard ..but keeps strong oppa

    even if your a celebrity or what !! I’d still help you cause our school teach us to help other people even who they are ..unlike that school the other students there so mean !!



  72. vivian

    this is rly sad its just maybe cause they r jealous.he is no different to them hes just attending school like a normal child, he cant help if he is famous at such a young age not is problem i bet they r just jealous and those girls rly need to learn the meaning of ‘personal space’

  73. ANIME

    fuck this, what the hell, people… u just dont go around judging people like that u just dont those bitches and bastard better stop , u barely know him so dont act like you do and if it was a joke- well it aint funny and no it dont count as a joke.. seriously people these days.. i was bullied when i was younger and i didnt understand but all i knew was theres no one standing bye me, so ever since i moved from that school i decided not to tolerate it at all wherever whenevver on whatever *TAEMIN FIGHTING*

  74. krystal

    How could they do such things ! Whether Jonghyun is going to have a party or not is none of their buisiness (although i’m jonghyun-biased) ! Why shud Taemin tell them ? For them to go and stalk them and take pictures and ruin the party ?! By doing that they are actually using their own fellow school mate ! So what Taemin is an artise ?! He is also human ! He has feelings , right ! How can they do that to Taemin ?! It feels like Taemin is nothing and all they care for is Jonghyun ! Whats more their in the same group ! Come’on bitches , though Taemin is the maknae , he deserve respect like other human beings deserve ! And the worst part is , who are u to do that ? Is it Taemin’s fault that he don’t want to tell u bitches whether they’re having a party or not ?! No ! It is because Taemin knows that if he tells u if they’re gonna have a party anot u are going to ruin it like what i’ve said ! Taemin hwaiting !!!! Don’t be sad , there are many fans of yours out there camping dunno where just hoping to catch a glimpse of u !!! Taemin saranghae (2nd) , cos jonghyun 1st ………….

  75. Angel liu

    I swear I would kill this friction girls that stalk him all day!!!!!

  76. Andrea

    I don’t expect any of the members or people near to them to read this but, I’m wanna say this anyway =) I’m studing psychology and that’s why I’m more than sure that all the people that bully TaeMin always have felt inferior to him and they think that by offending or harrassing him they are more or better than him… they are just people with a strong inferiority complex so, TaeMin, never give up!!! how much they bully you is the reflection of how big and important you are from their point of view and how much they envy you… Taemin oppa, fighting! I know you aren’t a “good kid” but a STRONG GUY and you can overcome this situation!!!

  77. poor taemin..those kids soooo stupid..if i were the students of chungdam,i will take care of taemin..i think they are jealous b’coz they are not popular as taemin..i love taemin soo much..

  78. The reason why Taemin auditioned for SM Town because he wanted to achieve his dream .All the f***ers n b*tches should respect his dream dont think that his acting like a big shot in school. But the sad thing is that taemin is being bullied by the whole school… Most disappointing of all is that all the school staff did not even bother to stop this incident. If I were to go to that school I would stop all this and confront the school principal

  79. I hate people how bullied because I was bullied by girls more older than me.

  80. oh hell no! i do not approve of taeminnie being bullied! and what’s worse is that no one defended him. if i was there i would’ve been all like:
    o hell no! you guys better lay of him or else i’ll give you a one way ticket to the graveyard!

  81. Jo Ahn Nha

    What that girl wrote or said to her diary is not true! they just make it up since taemin was going to that PUBLIC SCHOOL ChungDam High School thingy. those girls had their chance to pretend that they’re went to the same school.just reading to her diary it seems like she was writing a story or something(So I ran like fire but it’s raining like crazy….)that crazy girl said.HER sentence was like A part of an old book.Those people were just jealous that’s why they’re doing those horrible things to taemin. TAEMIN WENT TO THAT SCHOOL TO STUDIED LIKE AN ORDINARY PERSON BUT THOSE PEOPLE WENT TO THAT SCHOOL TO STUDIED SHIT THINGS. SINCE THEIR BRAIN WORK LIKE A SHIT!

  82. Emh,,, 😥


    Taemin oppa pun juga memiliki nasib sama denganku,
    Aku juga SHAWOL, aku juga TAEMINTS,
    Aku turut bersedih oppa,

    Untung oppa sabar

    Jadi nangis nih bacanya,
    Nggak tega.


  83. Emh,,, 😥


    Taemin oppa pun juga memiliki nasib sama denganku,
    Aku juga SHAWOL, aku juga TAEMINTS,
    Aku turut bersedih oppa,

    Untung oppa sabar

    Jadi nangis nih bacanya,
    Nggak tega.

  84. Anneonghaseyo! I’m just typing in ‘Taemin Being A Girl’ on my browser’s ‘search’ box. It then operated and there’s a Google results list. So I came across this article and read it(because I’m so interested in Taemin). So at first I thought its just some fan made article. So I saw the pic at the very top and thought “I’ve crossed this pic b4” and began to scroll down to read the others that had been typed in. So I read it ALL THE WAY to the BOTTOM(which includes comments) and I think about him being bullied. I mean all this years he looked so cool, so handsome(and pretty) and how shocked am I, from the very first I’m just randomly typing in ‘Taemin being a girl’ and made a VERY BIG DISCOVERY about Taemin. Maybe some of you thought its not that big, but it is, too me. I took pity and told my eonni about it and it became a VERY hot topic between us…. Please be patient Oppa…. But if I were you, I would have punched them and take revenge and asked SM Entertainment to report to the police. I mean, celebrities meant to be glamorous, but this? PATHETIC BITCHES, GET AWAY FROM MY MOST LOVED OPPA! DID YOU HAVE ANY PARENTS? NO? NO WONDER YOU GOT NO MANNERS AT ALL!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHGGHHHGHHHHGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s stop bullying, say no to them.

  85. Taeyang

    Fuck reputation. It’s a bitch that elites and nobles adore.

  86. bev

    if I went to his high school during his time EVERYONES ass getting beat!!!!! i would stomp these bitches out tf!!! yall its so horrible that he went through so much shit now he getting paid and still famous lol

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