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KBS Admits Negligence During Music Bank


KBS 2TV Music Bank production team has expressed their stand on the accident where SHINee was present in a light fixture collapsing accident and member Onew had fainted on the spot.

It was said that Onew suffered from shock and was sent to the hospital immediately after the filming Music Bank that day.

The production team to Music Bank talked about the accident that day, “All the stars had went on the stage and the light fixture had tilted to one side. What was fortunate was that the staff had went up and held on to the fixture on time. It seems that Onew was shocked by the incident and even fainted.”

They also added, “We felt not enough was done in terms of safety. Fortunate there wasn’t any serious injuries inflicted and we will work harder in the future and no such safety issues arise again. We will be more careful about it.”

Meanwhile, SHINee Onew was discharged from hospital shortly after the accident, and he has returned with an healthy image on MBC Music Core the next day.

credit: Kbites

Glad KBS came out and explained how negligent they were during the Music Bank last Friday. But I guess, if you have angry noonas demanding for an apology, then you gotta do what you have to do to save your neck.


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SHINee Wins Their 1st Mutizen


I’m so glad SHINee finally won their first Mutizen for their single ‘Juliette’ last June 28 on SBS Inkigayo. After the scary Music Bank incident that had Onew fainting and being carried away on his manager’s back, I think noone deserves this award more than them.

But more than the award, I’m happy to see Onew back on the stage again, dancing, singing and smiling. Thank God he has recovered already.

Here’s their winning moment:

Onew screeching ‘Genie ahh, sarang haeyo…’ at 1:20 cracked me up! Onew Sangtae! LOL

You could just see SNSD members jumping with joy and congratulating  SHINee after it was announced that they won. Don’t you just love the whole SM Family? I like how they support one another and how they’re genuinely happy with each other’s success . No rivalry at all! Congratulations!

Here’s their ‘Juliette’ performance:

video credit: CodeMonmonSeason3@YT

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SNSD Not Harmed During Music Bank Accident


On the evening of the 26th of June, SNSD celebrated their 9 week-in-a-row first place rating with ‘Gee’ and happily performed ‘Tell Me your Wish’ which was broadcasted live on KBS-2TV.

Sooyoung emotionally stated how “grateful we are for this privilege and will give it our best for the coming album”

Regrettably, in the last section of the program when Onew of SHINee went to congratulate the top artist, a nearby structure crashed and received great mental shock. Siwon and Kyuhyun bolted to the structure, Siwon grabbed the structure and minimized damage.

Due to the large mental shock Onew fainted and was carried to the backstage preparation room by his manager before being rushed to hospital at 8:15pm

SM entertainment onlookers mentioned “after that big shock there wasn’t any abnormality” and “He is currently in the hospital and his status has improved immensely”

On a side note, the members of SNSD were not afflicted in any way and was able to leave the Music Bank location without hassle.

Credit: Break News
Translation: jjknz@soompi

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Onew Hospitalized after Music Bank Accident


After Sungmin‘s unfortunate accident during their rehearsal at KBS Music Bank last June 26, it was totally unexpected that another accident will occur and the victim was again another SM artist.

During the finale of Music Bank Special where all the performers were gathered on stage, apparently one of the huge lighting structure fell towards SHINee member Onew who was standing nearby. Fortunately, Super Junior sunbaes Siwon and Kyuhyun were able to prevent the whole structure from hitting him and possibly causing serious damage. Onew who was thankfully not harmed, fainted instead due possibly to the shock and mental distress brought by the whole scary incident. He was carried by his manager backstage and was rushed to the hospital to make sure he’s ok. Earlier on the show, Onew has slipped during their performance due to the slippery floor caused by 2Ne1‘s wet ‘Umbrella’ performance. Poor leader Onew. KBS should seriously streghten their safety measures to prevent another accident like that to happen. What if nobody was there to save Onew? I shudder at the thought of  what might have happened.

Watch the video to see the whole incident:

1:08 – The huge lighting structure starts to fall
1:30Onew fainted already and you can see his manager holding him
2:26Onew being carried on his manager’s back. Taemin & Minho were right behind them.
2:46 – Worried Leeteuk running after them. Behind him was Jonghyun.

video credit: kahboon@YT


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Predebut Onew at SM Academy

Accordingly this was a leaked video of SHINee leader Onew during his predebut days at SM Academy. Oh well, Onew is still cute as ever and look at his chubby cheeks. Just makes you wanna pinch it and kiss it and pinch it again. LOL

video credit: ReikoSasaki@YT


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Leeteuk Chosen as Best Idol Group Leader


Super Junior Lee Teuk has been chosen as the best leader for idol group.

A survey ‘Idol group leader who has shown the most leadership’ on community site DCInside from 16th till 23rd June  and Super Junior Lee Teuk came in #1 with 15,724 votes out of 45,928 votes (34.2%).

#2 goes to TaeYeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae with 10.171 votes (22.1%). The group’s popularity and support can be shown especially with their comeback ahead.

#3 goes to Dong Bang Shin Ki YunHo with 9,850 votes (21.4%), followed by SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee Onew, and 2PM JaeBum.

credit: Kbites

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Onew Duets With Jessica in SNSD’s New Mini-Album


In SNSD‘s new mini-album, Jessica’s tender voice and SHINee‘s Onew’s sweet and warm vocals are featured in the pop song, “One Year Later”, creating a harmonious, illusion-like duet.

SNSD‘s second mini-album’s title track “Genie” will be released on major music sites on the 22nd. The album will be released on the 25th, and the 26th will be the day of SNSD‘s official comeback performance.

Translation by: amourette@soompi

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Funny Incidents at SHINee Fansign Events


Fan: Jo…Jong…Jonghyun oppa, I have something to give to you^^?
Jonghyun: What is it?
(Fan rumages around in her pockets)
(Suddenly flashes a heart sign with her hands)
Fan: It’s here ^^
Jonghyun: Hahahaha….
(Then suddenly goes quiet as he signs his autograph)


There was a noona fan who intentionally used her tummy to push the table out of place as she was asking for Minho’s autograph.
Minho simply pushed the table back in place with a calm expression on his face.


There was a fan who actually gave something from LV as a present??
It was something that was put in the LV shopping bag.
Minho: 0_0
(Looks up at the fan because there was quite a few bags of presents)
Fan: Have some eye contact with noona please..
(Minho smiles and looks at fan for 10 seconds)

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Mnet Super 100 You’re My Boyfriend

Jonghyun #32

Minho #55

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SHINee Talks About Love


5 member group SHINee honestly talked about love. On KBS Cool FM “Maybee” SHINee members talked about love.
DJ Maybee asked Onew,”If your girlfriend was mad/pissed off at you, how would you make her feel better?” He answered,”I would sing to her to make her feel better.” He sang K. Will’s ‘Teardrops are Falling.’

DJ asked Jonghyun,”What do you think of older girlfriends?” He answered,”In love, I don’t care about anything (age).” He also said,”I don’t care if she’s 12 years older than me (basically older than him). This made the staff nunas all happy(?).

DJ asked Key,”What would you do if your girlfriend had a fashion disaster and came out to meet you?” He answered,”We would go shopping together and I would buy everything she wants.”
Minho was asked,”What if you found out that your girlfriend was talking/flirting (showing interest) to your best friend?” Minho answered,”I would tell her to stop talking to him because she has me.”
Finally the DJ asked Taemin,”What if your parents didn’t approve your girlfriend? What would you do?” He answered,”I would use egyo (cuteness) and nag all day. This made the people laugh.

SHINee is promoting their song, ‘Juliette’.

credit: stalkingfraud@soompi

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