Meet the New SM Girl Group!

I’m still on hiatus but this got me so excited that I just had to blog it.

SM Entertainment just released a teaser video of their newest girl group and I have to say, I’m loving them already! I’m not really sure if their name is f(x) or EFFECTS but the group is composed of:

Victoria Song (Chinese) – 1987
Amber (Chinese-American- the one with the boyish style) – 1992
Luna (Korean) – 1993
Choi Sulli (Korean) – 1994
Krystal Jung (Korean) -1994

Victoria, the leader, was the girl in SHINee‘s ‘Noona You’re So Pretty (Replay)’ MV. Of course we all know that Krystal is the younger sister of SNSD Jessica so I’m excited to see if she’s anything like the Ice Princess. People are saying she looks more like Yoona though. LOL. Also Amber is said to look like Super Junior Donghae. She’s the one with the boyish cut and a lot of people are getting confused with her gender coz she kinda looks like a guy in the video. I think I’m having a lesbian crush on her actually. LOL.Two members are Chinese so rumors has it that they might debut in China and not in Korea. Aww. Too bad.

A few months ago, talks of a female SHINee to debut this year circulated around the internet so I guess this video just confirmed it. I am not saying they’re the female version but they kinda have the same funky feel. Some were also saying that they’re like the girl version of 2PM. I guess because they’re quite toned and they have that sexy aura especially in the beginning of the video when they were all wearing black leathers. HOTNESS! I am so looking forward to seeing more of them this coming days!

Youtubers react:

  • “Interesting, but really bad timing on SM’s part. I think we’ve had quite enough new girl groups for one year.”
  • ‘For some reason, I have a feeling this girl group is gonna be awesome.
    SM groups are like that, all of them are amazing”.
  • “Bye bye TSZX The Grace.”
  • “I just love the lesbian concept. One of ’em looks like a dude.”
  • “With the DBSK issue SM still can release a new group???

Give them your love guys. I know SM is going through a lot of mess at the moment, but let’s not forget that this is the same company who gave us possibly the best groups in all kpop world.

SM hwaiting!

video credit: SM Ent

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