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Onew Hospitalized after Music Bank Accident


After Sungmin‘s unfortunate accident during their rehearsal at KBS Music Bank last June 26, it was totally unexpected that another accident will occur and the victim was again another SM artist.

During the finale of Music Bank Special where all the performers were gathered on stage, apparently one of the huge lighting structure fell towards SHINee member Onew who was standing nearby. Fortunately, Super Junior sunbaes Siwon and Kyuhyun were able to prevent the whole structure from hitting him and possibly causing serious damage. Onew who was thankfully not harmed, fainted instead due possibly to the shock and mental distress brought by the whole scary incident. He was carried by his manager backstage and was rushed to the hospital to make sure he’s ok. Earlier on the show, Onew has slipped during their performance due to the slippery floor caused by 2Ne1‘s wet ‘Umbrella’ performance. Poor leader Onew. KBS should seriously streghten their safety measures to prevent another accident like that to happen. What if nobody was there to save Onew? I shudder at the thought of  what might have happened.

Watch the video to see the whole incident:

1:08 – The huge lighting structure starts to fall
1:30Onew fainted already and you can see his manager holding him
2:26Onew being carried on his manager’s back. Taemin & Minho were right behind them.
2:46 – Worried Leeteuk running after them. Behind him was Jonghyun.

video credit: kahboon@YT


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Reactions to SJ and SNSD’s Appearance on ‘Music Trip Lalala’


There have been many opinons on the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala,’ especially on their homepage bulletin board.

On the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared on ‘Lalala,’ following the theme of  ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit.’ From Super Junior, Leeteuk, Kangin, Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun performed, and from SNSD, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun. The two groups sang each other’s hit songs such as ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Gee’ in a different style.

The problem is that the fans of ‘Lalala’ are becoming disappointed in the program. So far, ‘Lalala’ had a concept of having the best quality music, with singers like Lee Seungyul, Lee Janghyuk, Black Skirt, and more skilled musicians who aren’t widely known. As a program that is broadcasted at a late hour, it is true that it’s free from the competition of viewers’ rates.

However on the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared together as idol groups from the same company. Technically, idol singers are put into the category of musicians, but compared to the quality of their music, their commerciality is more considered and emphasized. On the 18th, singer Son Dambi appeared, but Shin Munhee, Jiteun, and Ran appeared also, keeping a balance in the commerciality.

That is why on ‘Lalala’s internet bulletin board, there are many voices speaking up. Many opinions such as “Lalala has given up” and “Will Lalala break down like this?” are on the bulletin board. However, there are other remarks opposing them, saying, “A skilled idol group’s appearance” and “Let’s break the stereotype of idol groups.”

original source
translation by daisykim@soshified

I don’t know what their problem is but I thought Super Junior and SNSD did a great job singing live in that show. They may be idols but they have impressive vocals like the rest of the other musicians, too.  Sigh. Guess you can’t please everyone.

Anyway, according to reports, the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’ boosted the show’s ratings. The rating was 3.2% which is actually high for a show aired at midnight. This is higher than their previous 3 episodes wherein they only got 1.7% (June 3), 1.4% (June 10) and 2.1% (June 17).

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SJ, SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’

Super Junior together with SNSD guested on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala’ last June 24 for a special episode of ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’. They’re the first idol groups to appear on the show.

Both groups practiced for at least one month and as a result they were able to do covers of famous movie OST such as Notting Hill’s ‘She’ and 200 Pound Beauty’s ‘Beautiful Girl’ without any problem. Highlights of the show is Super Junior doing an acoustic cover of SNSD‘s ‘Gee’ and the latter doing ‘Sorry Sorry.

SNSD feat Sungmin – Beautiful Girl / Honey Honey

SNSD – Beautiful Restriction

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Kyuhyun Performs for Yoo Young Suk

On June 16th, veteran singer and composer Yoo Young Suk hosted a stage at Seoul’s Hongdae Live Hall to promote the upcoming release of his 20th anniversary celebration album. The Super Junior maknae with the powerful vocals, Kyuhyun, performed his cover of Yoo Young Suk’s “7 Years’ Love” at the event.

Kyuhyun’s cover is slated for release as a digital single later this month, while the 20th anniversary album will be sold purely for charity, with all proceeds going to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). In the on-stage interview after the performance, Yoo Young Suk wowed at Kyuhyun’s vocals, saying that “Now you can even rely on yourself (aka become independent).” ELFs everywhere held their breath – without Kyuhyun, who would back up all of the weaker SuJu vocals during their choruses? But don’t fret, Kyuhyun fans; he won’t be pulling a Kibum soon, as he simply laughed and replied, “No. I’m not capable of doing that.”



credits: kyunerdful@YT + samlet@allkpop + as tagged

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Teaser Poster for Kyuhyun’s New Single Revealed


A teaser poster for the music video of Kyuhyun’s new single ‘7 Years’ Love’ has been revealed with the image of actress Choi JeongYoon on it. Too bad Super Junior maknae won’t be in the MV.

‘7 Years’ Love’ is a remake of one of Yoo Young Suk’s songs for his 20th anniveraary album. They’ll be releasing the song at the end of this month through online sites.

credits: damifino@soompi + + as tagged

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Thai Company Owes Success to Super Junior


Published: 15/05/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: Business

Osotspa Co, a leading consumer-product conglomerate, is considering expanding the production capacity of its 12 Plus personal-care brand over the next one to three years if Asian economies recover.Marketing director Vichien Santimahakullert said sales of its 12 Plus personal-care products had grown continuously over the past few years after it hired members of Super Junior, a famous Korean boy band, to be its presenters.

Therefore, Osotspa will spend 100 million baht to expand by 30% to 40% the production capacity of all 12 Plus product categories at its factory in the Lat Krabang Industrial Estate.

The additional capacity will serve both domestic and overseas markets.

“We have found that using Korean superstars as our presenters is very successful. Not only our sales increase, the brand image also improves to the international level. Therefore, it is possible to sign another contract with this Korean boy brand to promote our products overseas,” Mr Vichien said.

He said that based on the company’s survey, Korean superstars ranked first in terms of popularity among Thai teenagers, followed by Japanese and Thai performers. “We believe the popularity of Korean stars will continue among Thai teens.”

When the Korean boy band was hired to promote 12 Plus cooling powder and cologne for the first time two years ago, the local market share of the powder climbed to second from third or fourth place. “We also become the market leader in cologne,” Mr Vichien said.

Even in light of the current economic uncertainties, the company has allocated 500 million baht to promote all 12 Plus personal-care products this year. Of the total, about 150 million will be used to promote its new 12 Plus Mini Stick deodorant this year. The company will hire Thai actress Patchrapa ‘Um’ Chaichea, as well as Korean superstars from Super Junior including Choi Siwon, Kim Ryeo Wook, Han Geng and Kyu Hyun to become the new presenters.

Currently, the local deodorant market is worth about 1.58 billion baht. Of the total, about 1.05 billion baht is roll-on deodorant, 461 million baht comes fro the stick format and 73 million from spray deodorants.

With the launch of 12 Plus Mini Stick, the company expects to increase its market share to 16-17% from 10% currently.

source: Bangkok Post Online

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Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message – 3rd Year Anniversary


13 Members..
3rd album..
3 letters : E.L.F , haha.

Hmm… how meaningful can number 3 be?

I have been busy with work. In the blink of an eye, 3 years has past.

A few days ago, someone told me :
” Oppa, in a few days, it’s your 3rd year anniversary, it’s also my 3rd year anniversary! ”
” Kyuhyun, it’s going to be your 3rd year anniversary, do you have any special programs? ^^ ”

Looking at fans who said something like this to me, I kept thinking what’s wrong with them?
Ahh… they were the people who became my fans after i debuted!
Oh my, Super Junior has debuted for about 3 and a half years, making me think that I have debuted for more than 3 years too!
I have always been thinking wrongly. Haha.

Ah…. nevertheless, now I can say proudly that I am a singer which has debuted for 3 years, and had released 3 albums!
Compared to anything, this makes me the happiest. When it was my 2nd anniversary, I still felt like a kid.
Isn’t number 3 very powerful? Hahaha. I think I am the only one who thinks that way..

I am really very busy nowadays, I don’t have time to play my favourite game now! Haha.

*Anyway! “Sorry Sorry” ended its promotions after having received lots of love… the next song It’s You also recieved everyone’s love. I really feel very happy!
Even though i’m very tired, these things make me very happy everyday!
Because happy things are able to wash off all the fatigue, so I have always been really happy.

Of course, there are happy things like these because of you E.L.Fs! Of course I know that!
Frankly speaking, the existence of the fans to me, or to the members is something that we can rely on.
Especially being on stage looking at the Sapphire blue ocean, I feel greatly moved, until my heart almost jumped out.
It’s like Eunhyuk hyung’s ” Oh Oh only for you” part, when his chest looks like it’s about to burst open. Hahaha.
Okay, no more jokes.
I’m not very good at expressing myself. When everyone called my name, I felt really happy, but I do not know how to express my happiness..
I can’t be like the other members, who have glib tougues that can make others happy.
But, the Kyuhyun from Super Junior, has one talent that is recognized by everyone, his singing skills. Although I don’t know how far more can we go, but just like silently standing at a place guarding these 3 years, I will be someone who will stand at the same place smiling, and also someone who will passionately sing and dance for all of you. (?)

Fans who will be with me for another 3 years, or even forever : I love you all ^^ I wish all of you a happy day!

credits: ONLYSJ13 + aekyu Fancafe + (trans from chin-eng)

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Cosmopolitan Interview: Time To Play


If you find one, another disappears,
If you make two sit down, another two disappears.
Ah, there’s no answer. I’ll just have to play with them.

By: Yoon Mi Cho

Editor (E): Phew.
Leeteuk (LT): Why are you sighing?

E: I’m worried. 8 members of SJ are looking at me that I feel faint. I’m a woman too. I wonder if the interview will go well today.
LT: Hehehehe

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Super Junior Does Cosmopolitan






Super Junior took a break from their 3rd album promotion to pose playfully for  next month’s issue of Cosmopolitan. They all look so good and so…well-rested? They’ve been working so hard.

I can’t take my eyes off Eunhyuk. He is so smexy!

credits: cosmopolitan + allkpop

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