Beat Freaks Choreographs SNSD’s Next Single


…America’s Best Dance Crew’s Beat Freaks and Girls’ Generation are working together on Girls’ Generation’s next Album. It was recently confirmed that Rino Nakasone of the Beat Freaks did the choreography for Girls’ Generation next single. Rino Nakasone is also known for her role in the dance group Harajuku Girls who backed up Gwen Stefani throughout her Love.Angel.Music.Baby. tour. Rino has collaborated with SM Entertainment before working closely with SHINee and their song Replay. The Beat Freaks were the runner-ups to the last America’s Best Dance Crew and have become quite popular in America being a fully female dance squad. Rino lends her dancing skills to come up with the choreography for Girls’ Generation‘s next album which has yet to be named. There is no confirmed date on the release of the next album, but sources say it’s very soon with rumors of a photoshoot for the album cover jacket that occurred on the 19th of May followed by a MV shooting on the 26th.

credits: soy@soshified + allkpop

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  1. SuperGeneration

    super coooool from SNSD..
    1% hate SNSD 99% love SNSD..

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