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Sungmin’s ‘Oppa Band’ Doing Good in Ratings


According to TV measurement company TNS Media Korea, the rating of June 28th’s MBC Ilbam is 5.6% for part 1 (We got married) and 4.5% for part 2 (Oppa band). Last week, the rating was 3.6% for part 1 and 3.5% for part 2.

Above all, viewers seem like the new corner “Oppa Band” most. Viewers can see the members of the band hard working in practicing despite of their old age, that’s why the corner was received satisfaction from viewers.

Especially, on the episode which was aired on June 28th, “Oppa Band” had invited their families, friends to a performance and showed their abilities, thus making a warm scene.

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Boys Generation Performs Gee


One of the highlight’s of KBS’s Music Bank’s Mid-year Special last June 26, was Boys Generation’s cover of Gee. The special group composed of Super Junior members Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, SHINee member Key, 2PM members JaeBum, Taec, and Nich Khun, and the official diva of the group, 2AM member JoKwon.

I really thought they were gonna do a performance similar to what the Wonderboys did last year, you know acting girly and stuff. Although I’m pretty sure it would still turn out good if they did perform something like that but I just think they don’t have to resort to that to make their versio of ”Gee’  entertaining. They have enough talents to pull off a successful performance. Thank God all they did was wear colored skinny jeans and add a few special touches to the song. And they totally pawned it!


Everyone looks so cute. I love Eunhyuk‘s rap and he looked uber hot with the hat. Shindong was cute as always but he’s starting to look like an ajusshi. Move over Kangin! LOL. Yesung did great but I’m still not digging his two-tone hair color. I think it’s about time he change it. Sungmin must have been in a lot of pain because of his earlier accident during their rehearsal but he still insisted on performing though he just stayed at the back most of the time. What a professional! And Key was so adorable in his pink pants!  SNSD coming out at the end was a bonus treat. Miss the girls and their Gee, gee, gee, gee, baby, baby…

Truly a successful performance. Great job guys!

video credit: CJWTown@YT

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Sungmin Injured During Music Bank Rehearsal


Super Junior‘s Sungmin injured his knee during a KBS Music Bank rehearsal (June 26) after tripping up on one of the stage props. An observer mentioned, “Sungmin fell during rehearsal and hurt his ankle. He needed help getting off of the stage and needed to receive medical treatment.

SM Entertainment also revealed, “During the rehearsal, his knee also ripped because of his fall. He was evacuated quickly and sent to the hospital to receive stitches.

Despite his injuries, Sungmin stood on the stage as was originally planned. A viewer admired, “Sungmin’s desire to stand on the stage is really shining through. Even with his injury, he planned on performing on stage during the live performance.

Kibum I hope you’re aware of this news. And I don’t mean anything by that.

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SJ’s Kyochon Chicken CF Ver 2

Now this look more like a chicken commercial than the other one! Kangin, Yesung, Heechul, Siwon and Sungminnie look so cute. It’s actually refreshing to see them not in suits. I sure hope they come out with the third version with Eunhyuk in it really soon.

Click here to watch the 1st version.

video credit: EuNteUk@YT

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SJ, SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’

Super Junior together with SNSD guested on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala’ last June 24 for a special episode of ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’. They’re the first idol groups to appear on the show.

Both groups practiced for at least one month and as a result they were able to do covers of famous movie OST such as Notting Hill’s ‘She’ and 200 Pound Beauty’s ‘Beautiful Girl’ without any problem. Highlights of the show is Super Junior doing an acoustic cover of SNSD‘s ‘Gee’ and the latter doing ‘Sorry Sorry.

SNSD feat Sungmin – Beautiful Girl / Honey Honey

SNSD – Beautiful Restriction

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Sungmin’s Oppa Band to Produce Album


MBC Ilbam’s new corner “Oppa Band” has become a long-term project.

One person from the show’s production team said “Firstly, they’ll have to improve their instruments playing skill and write songs that attract people. We’ve planned to make an album with those songs, also let them appear on Music core and other music shows, as well as there might be a national tour”

He also said “Although there is Yoo Youngseok who is capable of writing songs and mainly do it but every members of the band will have their own chance to show their ability of working to make songs”

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Sungmin Confirmed as Member of MBC’s ‘Oppa Band’


Sungmin along with The TRAX’s Jungmo, Yoo Youngseok, Park HyunBin, Tak JaeHoon, Shin DongYup, Kim Kura will be the 7 MCs for the new corner of “MBC Sunday Sunday night” called “Oppa band”

7 people will create a rOck band with Sungmin and Jungmo are guitarist, Yoo Youngseok is band master, ParkHyun is main vocal, Tak JaeHoon is drummer, Shin DongYup is guitar bass & band leader and Kim KuRa will be the band’s manager.

This is the Sungmin’s first individual entertainment show that he is one of the MC. The first episode will be aired at 6.20PM on June 21st. Besides that, “Oppa band” were the guests of radio show MBC “HyunYoung’s music party” on June 15th and performed live some songs there.

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Check out the preview!

credits: kyunerdful@YT + –MIN.tifUl@soompi

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Sungmin’s Short Hair


I don’t understand why they have to chop off Sungmin’s ‘Sorry, Sorry’ hair. I thought he never looked so good – it’s his best hairstyle actually. Also his hair flip was the best!

True he needed a change for their  ‘It’s You’ promotion but they didn’t have to cut it so short. He look years younger though. Anyway, guess I’ll just have to wait for his hair to grow back. Now Kangin’s grey hair? LOL

credits: snowdrop@ivyro and plusa@ivyro (pics)

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Cosmopolitan Interview: Time To Play


If you find one, another disappears,
If you make two sit down, another two disappears.
Ah, there’s no answer. I’ll just have to play with them.

By: Yoon Mi Cho

Editor (E): Phew.
Leeteuk (LT): Why are you sighing?

E: I’m worried. 8 members of SJ are looking at me that I feel faint. I’m a woman too. I wonder if the interview will go well today.
LT: Hehehehe

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Super Junior Does Cosmopolitan






Super Junior took a break from their 3rd album promotion to pose playfully for  next month’s issue of Cosmopolitan. They all look so good and so…well-rested? They’ve been working so hard.

I can’t take my eyes off Eunhyuk. He is so smexy!

credits: cosmopolitan + allkpop

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