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#1 Artist Fans Would Like To Share an Umbrella With


SNSD‘s Jessica was picked as the #1 artist who fans would like to share an umbrella with.

On, the poll “Which artist would you like to share an umbrella with” was enforced and over 50% chose Jessica, and the results were overwhelming.

Recently, SNSD has been regaining popularity through ‘Tell Me Your Wish’. Netizens made wishes through the song title that “They want to give Jessica the umbrella and get hit by the rain”.

Second place was Lee Seungki, participating in shows like KBS 2TV ‘Happy Sunday’, ‘1 Day 2 Nights’, and SBS Special Weekend Project ‘Splendid Heritage’, and is rising to fame. Netizens even displayed their affection by saying, “I would even hold the umbrella for him.”

Third place was 2NE1’s Sandara Park. From a new girl group and as much as receiving stable fame, she received the most number of votes as a new star. Fourth place was SHINee‘s Taemin, who was able to grab female fans’ hearts through ‘Juliette’. Fifth place was 2PM’s Chansung and sixth place was 4minute’s Hyuna.

[Newsen Lee Mi Hye Reporter]

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Taemin as an Actor

“I want to become an actor that everyone can love…an actor that the whole Korean nation can recognize.” – Taemin

video credit: cchungalung@YT

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Taemin Being Bullied in School


Rumors about SHINee‘s youngest member Taemin being bullied in his school (ChungDam High School) is all over the internet. What’s worse, there have been accounts and even photos to support this.  Poor maknae. Shouldn’t the school authorities do something about this serious issue?

Here’s the story of a girl who exposed her bullying and stalking on her diary:

From bea_chan22

..Today was rainy, so I was going to give up seeing Lee Taemin, but then the Taemin spy came in and told me “Noona, in 9 minutes, Taemin’s leaving” or something like that… So I ran like fire but it’s raining like crazy… But Lee Taemin has an umbrella. He also had a beanie in his other hand so my friend stuck to him and started talking to him when I was just taking pictures. Just then as he went to the gym he almost fell.. I was laughing so I couldn’t take the picture then he went to the teacher’s office. I followed him in then the homeroom teacher said “Did you come just now?”. Taemin looked kind of disappointed and misunderstood and said “No, I came at period 1.” Then the teacher goes into the Principle’s office with Taemin. Whatever/ So I prepared my continuous 9 shot camera. Just then Lee Taemin came out in his beanie. He looked at the mirror before he left ㅠㅠ…

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Jonghyun and Taemin Sighted on the Streets


Pictures of SHINee members Jonghyun and maknae Taemin walking on the street were recently uploaded in a Chinese forum last June 24. They’re in their school uniforms so I guess it’s either they’re on their way to school or on their way home from school. Chinese fans are not sure though who is who but if you ask me, the one in the red cap is Taemin and the other one’s Jonghyun.

Fans were all saying “AFKGHSJLKJ how come they are so brave to just be wandering on the streets in public/broad daylight where everyone can see them?!”

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Funny Incidents at SHINee Fansign Events


Fan: Jo…Jong…Jonghyun oppa, I have something to give to you^^?
Jonghyun: What is it?
(Fan rumages around in her pockets)
(Suddenly flashes a heart sign with her hands)
Fan: It’s here ^^
Jonghyun: Hahahaha….
(Then suddenly goes quiet as he signs his autograph)


There was a noona fan who intentionally used her tummy to push the table out of place as she was asking for Minho’s autograph.
Minho simply pushed the table back in place with a calm expression on his face.


There was a fan who actually gave something from LV as a present??
It was something that was put in the LV shopping bag.
Minho: 0_0
(Looks up at the fan because there was quite a few bags of presents)
Fan: Have some eye contact with noona please..
(Minho smiles and looks at fan for 10 seconds)

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SHINee Talks About Love


5 member group SHINee honestly talked about love. On KBS Cool FM “Maybee” SHINee members talked about love.
DJ Maybee asked Onew,”If your girlfriend was mad/pissed off at you, how would you make her feel better?” He answered,”I would sing to her to make her feel better.” He sang K. Will’s ‘Teardrops are Falling.’

DJ asked Jonghyun,”What do you think of older girlfriends?” He answered,”In love, I don’t care about anything (age).” He also said,”I don’t care if she’s 12 years older than me (basically older than him). This made the staff nunas all happy(?).

DJ asked Key,”What would you do if your girlfriend had a fashion disaster and came out to meet you?” He answered,”We would go shopping together and I would buy everything she wants.”
Minho was asked,”What if you found out that your girlfriend was talking/flirting (showing interest) to your best friend?” Minho answered,”I would tell her to stop talking to him because she has me.”
Finally the DJ asked Taemin,”What if your parents didn’t approve your girlfriend? What would you do?” He answered,”I would use egyo (cuteness) and nag all day. This made the people laugh.

SHINee is promoting their song, ‘Juliette’.

credit: stalkingfraud@soompi

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Missing Mushroom Boy


It’s amazing how one can look so different with just a simple change of hairstyle. SHINee member Taemin’s no exception and looking at the picture, it seems he’s changed and grown up a lot since their debut. His boyish and innocent charm that goes with the old mushroom hair is gone. Instead what we have is a totally mature but definitely hotter Taemin. But I kinda miss his old bowl cut. Hmm…guess it might take a while before he goes back to being the ‘mushroom boy’ that we all adored.

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SHINee’s Most Precious Items


Onew’s netbook was given to him as a gift from his company. It’s just like his other self. The netbook contains Onew’s diaries and his favorite music. He would regularly use it to communicate with fans. Onew says, “When we go somewhere to perform or to another country, I need to bring this small netbook with me. It contains all of my favorite music and movies. When I have it, I feel really secure, no matter where I am.” When asked, “What will happen if you lose your netbook?”, Onew laughs and says, “Then it would be a huge problem! To replace all of the things in my netbook would take a lot of effort.”

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SHINee, “We have never dated anyone.”


SHINee, the group who stole all of the noona’s hearts away with their hit song “Noona, You’re So Pretty” is making their comeback. With other hits such as ‘Love Like Oxygen” and “AMIGO”, SHINee swept up all of the newcomer awards at the end of last year. Since their debut, SHINee has now gained much more influence in the music industry.

The members themselves have also changed a lot. Their average age is still not yet legal, averaging out to be just 18.2 years old. The youngest members of the group, Minho (18) and Taemin (16) are still growing, and Key has also grown a lot. Taemin also became a high school student.

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