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Yoona Lifts Tiffany’s Skirt, Fans React



A fancam taken before SNSD peformed ‘Etude’ on Music Core last June 27 captured Yoona lifting Tiffany’s skirt and looking so shocked at what she saw underneath. Yoona then can be seen mouthing ‘You didn’t wear it?’. She was of course referring to their ‘shorts’ that they have to wear underneath their skirts to avoid flashing the audience during their performance. Yoona obviously worried, Sooyoung who’s standing next to her grabbed Tiffany and turned her over to check if anything’s visible. After checking, Sooyoung and Yuri who’s behind Yoona assured an embarrassed Tiffany that ‘it’ won’t show.

When the video was uploaded over the internet, fans had mixed reactions over this issue. Some fans were appalled that Yoona would dare lift Tiffany’s skirt in public and on stage! They thought she was rude for doing this especially since she’s younger than Tiffany. Others though defended her, saying Yoona looked genuinely worried and that she was just being a good friend trying to prevent possible ‘accidents’ to happen. Other fans also criticized Tiffany for being ‘slutty’, not wearing the shorts on purpose, etc. Sigh. Koreans are so hard to please.

If you ask me, this seems a perfectly normal situation between these 9 girls – checking and making sure that they’re all ok and everything’s workin fine. As for Yoona flipping Tiffany’s skirt, she probably notice that something’s amiss that’s why she checked but she shouldn’t have lifted her skirt right then and there. And Tiffany should have worn the shorts if she didn’t want her panties exposed to the world. Hope they’re careful next time.

Check out the video and decide for yourself. The ‘lifting’ starts at 2:00.

credits: sookyungie@YT + Kbites


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Yoona Disappointed With Her Acting


Yoona who transformed into an actress through MBC drama ‘Cinderella Man’ expressed her disappointment of her acting rather than the viewers’ rating.

Yoona who just recently finished working with ‘Cinderella Man’ revealed her thoughts of her period as an actress during the interview with MyDaily. Yoona had received much love from her role as Saebyuk in the KBS daily drama ‘You are My Destiny’ even before ‘Cinderella Man’.

Yoona stated, “The filming for ‘You are My Destiny’ lasted a long time, but the filming for ‘Cinderella Man’ seemed like it ended too quickly. It doesn’t feel like I filmed and it all flew by like a dream”. Unlike the usual half year filming for typical daily dramas, the filming for ‘Cinderella Man’ was short experience with big impact.

To the question of, “Aren’t you disappointed about the rating”, Yoona replied, “The only disappointment that I have is about my acting”. Yoona also stated, “It was really nice filming with such wonderful oppas and unni. It’s still a surprise to me that I know such people” as she revealed the importance of meeting new people through this drama.

Yoona will be showing off her appeals once again not as an actress but as a singer with the release of So Nyuh Shi Dae‘s 2nd mini album on the coming 29th.

credit: MyDaily
translation by: kkbluvv and

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SNSD 10 Years from Now


So Nyeo Shi Dae members did an interview recently, and they were asked the question ‘Where do you picture yourself 10 years down the road?’. And the answers ranged from ‘married lady’ till ‘advancing in America’.


To be true, until then I don’t know if I will be singing as part of So Nyeo Shi Dae. But even if we become ajummas, ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ will never change. Right now it is So Nyeo Shi Dae, in the future and forever it will be.


I think it will be forever ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’. I will continue to do music and I think that it will be fun to be advancing into America.


Won’t I be married and living happily? kkk


I think it would be great that I become more matured knowing and understanding things that I still don’t right now. I have a big dream about getting married, so I think I would be married and living happily with my partner. I would be great that I’m doing a variety of things like MC, DJ, acting etc.


Hmm. There is a possibility that I’m married, or that I’m still studying. I have always wish to study. But studying on what? That’s secret! kk


I wish to grow up freely and be the So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun as ever. And I want to do the things I want to do.”


I think I would still be promoting in the name of So Nyeo Shi Dae. No hesitation. And giving others energy.


I think I will be getting along well with the members. I think I will grow well as ‘me’ and ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’.

credit: Kbites

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Our ‘We Got Married’ Dream Couples


“She is like my ideal type – Son Yae Jin – her elbow and Son Yae Jin’s elbow look alike” – Eunhyuk’s reason for ‘proposing’ to WG’s Yoobin

Old Cyworld Messages

Jessica: Babo, I’m here!
While I was practicing on my vocals you said hi right?
But as soon as I turned to look, you were gone. What’s with that?
Anyhow, I came to oppa’s homepage.
Please come to mine.

DongHae: Alright Pretty Sica. I will come visit.


“Really, honestly speaking, SNSD’s Seohyun. I know she’s one year younger than me so…I want to hear her say ‘Seungri oppa’ and then give me chocolates.”Seungri on who he wants to receive chocolates from

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‘Cinderella Man’ Kissing Scene


credits: TY_KSW + zahieyjunki@soompi + as tagged

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Yoona Not Joining MBC Sunday Show


Yoona is not likely to join MBC Sunday Show immediately.

SNSD became MCs of Horror Movie Factory and are currently working hard to be a Horror Queen. However Yoona couldn’t join them due to Cinderella Man, and only 8 members are participating now.

Now that Yoona finished shooting Cinderella Man, can she join the members? People are curious if she’s joining Sunday Show since HMF is ending and new segment will begin soon. Unfortunately it’s impossible for Yoona to join Sunday Show right now.

A representative of SM Entertainment says, “Although Yoona wants to join the members, she has to concentrate on recording her parts which was delayed.”

In fact, she had no time to relax since she had to record Cinderella Man right after KBS You Are My Destiny.

The representative also says, “It’s not possible to join immediately, but she will be together with the members soon. We will send her when she finishes her recordings.”

Meanwhile, SNSD is planning a new album this summer. The representative says, “The release date isn’t fixed yet. You can expect good news soon.”

credits: Newsen + bossa747@soshified

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Yoona’s University Look Revealed


SNSD‘s Yoona, who has become a freshman in university, has attracted many people’s attention through a photo that was taken during class. It is widely being spread through the Internet.

This year, Yoona is attending Dongkook University, taking classes in drama as a university student. However, she has been engaged in activites through SNSD‘s hit song “Gee” and is also taking part in the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Cinderella Man”. The situation right now is that she barely has the time to attend her classes.

During this time, the picture that Yoona took during class has been on the Internet and drawing attention. Even though she’s a modest celebrity, she comes into class for her lecture with simple make-up and a nice ensemble. This side of Yoona gives a favourable reaction to the netizens.

One source recently said, “Her schedule is obviously busy so it’s true that it’s hard to fit school in there” however, “Whenever she has time, she makes the effort to come to class”.

Of course, only a few days before, Yoona met with a reporter and said, “Although it’s true that I don’t have the time to attend school, I’m trying my hardest to make it” and she also said, “Attending school is a lot more fun than I thought.”

credits: Newsen + Sosiz + kkbluvv@soshified (trans)

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Yoona Receives Love from Fans All Over the World


So Nyuh Shi Dae‘s Yoona received a special present from fans.

SNSD‘s fancafe “Hwa Soo Eun Hwa” submitted a birthday ad to a daily newspaper to congratulate Yoona’s 19th birthday on the 30th of May.
You can see various special ideas and efforts from all the Yoona fans behind the congratulation messages and Yoona’s face was drawn by a fan too.Yoona posted a message on their official homepage with the title “It’s me Yoona~” on June 1st at 10:21pm where she revealed her gratitude to the fans.

She uploaded a photo of her face without makeup and she was holding a cake which she received for her birthday. She got people’s attention by writing “During our Gee promotion, I realized that there are many people who love us…” and “This picture is…me with no make-up…so it’s embarrassing…it’s me with pretty HaHaHa Yoona…thank you” in her message.

Source: Newsen
Written by: Lee Mihae
Translated by: Xeth@soshified + cathode@soshified
Edited by: mannie@soshified

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Kwon Sang Woo Kisses Yoona



SNSD member Yoona gets some kissing action with ajusshi Kwon Sang Woo in an upcoming episode for their drama ‘Cinderella Man’. S♡NEs are definitely not happy about it. Oh well, that is bound to happen. They are the lead characters and they’re supposed to fall in love and stuff right? The two of them kissing shouldn’t be an issue at all.

credits: allkpop + as tagged

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Yoona’s Birthday Message to Fans


So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA had her 19th birthday on 30th May.

And to thank her fans for her birthday, she had revealed the ‘fresh face authentication photo’.

YoonA posted on So Nyeo Shi Dae’s homepage on 1st June a post titled ‘This is YoonA“.

It is a shame that I don’t get many chances to meet fans because of my drama filming lately. 30th May was my birthday. I’ve seen many birthday wishes on the internet and I’ve received many letters from fans, and also presents. Thank you all very much for that.”

We celebrated my birthday yesterday at dawn, and I’ve received many well wishes from everyone, I feel so blessed. It’s so amazing that many people have known my birthday after debut.

It is a shame that I can’t join the So Nyeo Shi Dae members sometimes to show everyone the 9-member strong group. I’m currently on a recharge after the drama has ended. And I look forward to seeing everyone again.”

With our ‘Gee’ promotions this time, we have received much love from our fans and we are really thankful. The strength of fans are really big.

We will work harder on our album thinking of all the love and support given to us. The photo.. it’s embarrassing but it’s really really pretty ha ha ha YoonA’s fresh face. Thank you♡

credit: Kbites

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