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SM Releases Official Statement Over DBSK’s Case

SM Entertainment has released their official stand on the case.

They said on 1st August morning, “It is true that Xiah, Hero and Micky made the application for provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive rights effects from their contract on 31st July at the district court. With that the company is very taken back by the action, we are trying to get confirm all the truth from them currently. “

They continued, “But as a representative group to the country and to Asia, our stand is that activities for Dong Bang Shin Ki have to continue even with this disposition application. And about the problems arising from the discussion to do a cosmetic entreprise, we plan to talk over them and sort out the problems as soon as possible.”

It has been know that members YunHo and ChangMin has decided not to take part in this lawsuit. Both of them are currently preparing for their drama debut this September and year-end.

credit: Kbites

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Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun did request a disposition (note: not a lawsuit yet) asking SM to release them from their contracts. Yunho and Changmin aren’t involved. This isn’t just a rumour, it’s FACT. What remains a rumour is DBSK breaking up, although if the three win (which they are very likely to – read below) then it is a possibility. ‘DBSK‘ and ‘DBSK Disposition’ are hot issues on Korean portal sites right now and articles keep being uploaded, and it looks like SM is removing old posts by the members on their official website.

Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun’s side of the story (straight from the mouth of the lawyer representing them):

  • The three members and the lawyer have been in contact discussing this issue for over 2 months now.
  • They tried to negotiate a deal with SM Entertainment to resolve this issue in the best way possible but they could not reach an agreement.
  • Therefore, they were forced to request a provisional disposition on the 31st against SM Entertainment to have them released from their contracts.
  • The main reasons for them wanting to be released from their contracts include the fact that their contracts were basically like slave contracts.
  • Their contracts were for 13 years.
  • Their earnings are split 8:2 or 9:1 (with the smaller numbers being the five members and the larger numbers being SM Entertainment. For comparison, JYP Entertainment splits 5:5 with their groups even the new ones.).
  • *Other reasons being mentioned, though not by the lawyer, include the members being overworked and SM Entertainment not being happy with the make up business the three started with their parents.
  • If SM Entertainment does not release them from their contracts, they are prepared to file a lawsuit and go to trial.
  • An official statement regarding this issue will be released by the three members soon.

SM’s side of the story (straight from the mouth of their representatives):

  • They admit that there has been some disagreement between them and DBSK recently but they are ‘shocked’ that DBSK took the issue to court.
  • They are currently having an emergency meeting and will release an official statement soon.

While DBSK probably makes the most money in SM Entertainment, don’t think for a second that SM Entertainment is smart enough to keep them. Look at H.O.T. (LSM denied they were breaking up when articles began to appear about them breaking up just like they are now about DBSK; a few days later H.O.T. announced they were breaking up) and Shinhwa (SM only wanted to negotiate new contracts with two of the members; they are amazing for being able to leave SM Entertainment TOGETHER and buy the name Shinhwa from SM Entertainment).

On the other hand, note that the three asked to be released from their current contracts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that DBSK are breaking up or that the members are leaving SM Entertainment (they could sign new contracts).

The only thing you can be sure of is the fact that the three members are not happy with their current contracts and would like to be released from them.

Please DO NOT copy and paste this post to other forums/websites/etc without the author’s permission.

credit: stellar.remnants@soompi

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Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu File Lawsuit Against SM!


One of Asia’s biggest group Dong Bang Shin Ki, has 3 of its members in a possible lawsuit against their own company SM Entertainment.

Dong Bang Shin Ki members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong had gone to Seoul Central District Court to hand in an application for provisional disposition to terminate all effects of their exclusive belonging rights contract with SM on 31st July.

It has been known that their reasons for doing so is that the contract with SM Entertainment has many irrelevant conditions attached. It is also known that the content to the contract the 3 members cannot agree to includes having them belonging exclusively to SM Entertainment for 13 years and also unhappiness over profit allocation.

The lawyer responsible for this case said, “We are currently preparing for a lawsuit against SM for this contract. (About the reasons to why) We cannot reveal the details now.”

There has also been saying that the 3 members have differing views to SM on their upcoming ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki cosmetic enterprise expansion’.

Currently out of the 3 members, JunSu is already doing a cosmetic business with his parents. It is said that there were plans for the company to operate a cosmetic business, with sheep placenta as the main ingredient, using the group’s name as the brand name in Seoul GangNam and GyeongGiDo IlSan. It is said that there were also plans for the business to be launched in China bringing in hundreds millions KRW in profit.

But it has been said that the 2 sides are having some differing views and also complications arose through their discussion on how the product and brand will go.

One of the Korean new media has known through phone call from SM and SM said, “We are aware that some of the DBSK members have some disagreements with the company, but we do not know that they have sparked a lawsuit with the company. The director board of the company is currently having an urgent meeting in an undisclosed place in Seoul to discuss about their countermeasures.”

They also added, “We will have our official stand asap”.

credit: Kbites

Korean fans are in chaos right now! I, myself, am having a hard time digesting this news. I was hoping this was all a rumor but SM released a statement so I guess that pretty much confirms it. I know I shouldn’t panic but this is just simply terrifying. Accordingly, Yunho and Changmin intend to stay with SM so it ‘s highly possible that DBSK might DISBAND! God I hope not!

Let’s all pray they’ll be able to resolve this. And let’s try not panic until we hear the official statements. God what a mess!


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H.O.T Leader Talks ABout Jaejoong


Moon Hee Jun a former H.O.T member told his feeling about TVXQ member Youngwoong Jaejoong.

In one interview, Moon Hee Jun was asked about his opinion towards his hoobae (junior) “I have good relationship with all TVXQ members, but Jaejoong is the one who loves my music the most. I hope we’ll have this good relationship between us continues.”

Moon Hee Jun revealed that before debuted, Jaejoong was one of H.O.T fans. When H.O.T held concert, once he saw him among the crowd, Jaejoong instantly caught his attention. “Among all audiences’ faces, I only could see Jaejoong very clearly from stage, so I always noticed his existence. While in the other hand, we didn’t have that many fan boys, so among all those fan girls who were screaming our names, of course Jaejoong stood out. I didn’t know who Jaejoong was, at that time. I even thought myself “is he a fan of mine?”

“After TVXQ debut, Jaejoong greeted and introduced himself as H.O.T fan. When I met his father, he said to me, “Jaejoong adores Moon Hee Jun a lot, he even has your poster on his room’s wall, listens to your song, and has a dream to be a singer too.” From that point, I started to hang out with Jaejoong. We talk about music while are drinking. Surprisingly, Jaejoong has the same music taste as me, which makes us bonding even better.”

In the end Moon Hee Jun stated, “Just after TVXQ debut, as they’re still at the same company SM entertainment, our music were kinda similar. However, as time goes by, now they’re building up their own unique music.”

credits: Baidu + Mr.TVXQ
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Our ‘We Got Married’ Dream Couples


“She is like my ideal type – Son Yae Jin – her elbow and Son Yae Jin’s elbow look alike” – Eunhyuk’s reason for ‘proposing’ to WG’s Yoobin

Old Cyworld Messages

Jessica: Babo, I’m here!
While I was practicing on my vocals you said hi right?
But as soon as I turned to look, you were gone. What’s with that?
Anyhow, I came to oppa’s homepage.
Please come to mine.

DongHae: Alright Pretty Sica. I will come visit.


“Really, honestly speaking, SNSD’s Seohyun. I know she’s one year younger than me so…I want to hear her say ‘Seungri oppa’ and then give me chocolates.”Seungri on who he wants to receive chocolates from

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Jaejoong’s New Drama Teaser Released, Fans React

After Yoona’s controversial kiss with Kwan Song Woo, here’s another SM artist who’s about to break the hearts of 800,000 fans with another much-hated kissing scene.

A teaser for Jaejoong’s upcoming new drama “Heaven’s Postman” has just been released and it shows the DBSK hottie kissing ‘Spring Waltz’ star Han Hyo Joo. As expected, Cassies are not too happy about it. In a way I can symphatize with the fans because if my Eunhyuk had to kiss someody, I’d go berserk too.

I’ve been a fan of Han Hyo Joo after watching her in Spring Waltz. Well, I had to watch it too because Siwon’s there. But I thought she did a great job on that drama. I also watched her in “High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth” and I totally fell in love with her and Park Hae Jin. They looked so cute together.

Now I feel a little sorry for her. She just multiplied her anti fans like a million times. Heard Cassies left a message on her webpage telling her to avoid NGs in the kissing scene and to finish it in just one shot. Sounds like a deadly threat to me. I seriously wish her luck.

Check out comments left by fans on Youtube. Some just cracks me up. lol

  • oh goodness, i wish that girl luck because all the cassies are going to come after her
  • Well, the Kiss Scene turned out better than I thought. I personally think that girl’s ugly… but that’s my opinion.
  • the first thing when i saw your video is gasp and go into shock for 5 seconds…
    now i’m in a coma and am in a vegetative state, lol
  • jaejoong is sexxxxy…the girl seems stupid lmao.
  • i don’t think it’s real, since they made it in a silhouette mode and all
  • oh my god..i cried.
  • Reply to above – Save your tears for a funeral…
  • …Couldn’t the writer just leave out that scene. It’s totally redundant…
    Am wondering why HHJ is still alive though.

credit: dirah9302@YT + allkpop

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Jaejoong as ‘Best Face in Asia and SK’


For 8 straight years, Bae Yong Joon has held the title for the ‘Best Face in Asia and South Korea’. This year, Bae did the most shocking thing when he was offered the award again. He declined and offered it instead to DBSK member Jaejoong.

According to him, the best face “should always look handsome whenever you look at them, always look cute, always look pretty, to be chic and always look good.” Sounds like he is indeed describing Jaejoong.

credit: allkpop

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DBSK and Their Dogs

Yunho’s dog Taepung
Yunho and his dog 'Taepung' (Siberian Husky)

Yunho and his dog 'Taepung' (Siberian Husky)

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Jaejoong’s Louis Vuitton Collection



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Jaejoong Dating Jessica?


Netizens spot another evidence pointing to Dong Bang Shin Ki member JaeJoong and So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica’s dating truth.

They discovered that the 2 have similar rings on their right hand index finger.

Netizens ask, “Are they really dating?”

Well, no one can answer the question except for the 2 themselves.

What the netizens say about the ‘couple ring’:

“If I’m JaeJoong, I wouldn’t date Jessica“
Reply to above, “If I’m Jessica, I wouldn’t date JaeJoong“
“Having the same ring means you are dating?”
“They can date, but I won’t allow for them to get married”
“I thought JaeJoong just gave it as a present to her? And why can’t it be that this symbolises their good friendship?”
“They look good together”
“I have no interests if they are dating or not. Let them be”
“I mean, if they are really dating…. why not?”

source: sookyeong@wordpress


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