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Fan Donates 7 Million Won in Seohyun’s Name


So Nyuh Shi Dae is garnering a lot of attention with the new ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ after their ‘Gee’ Syndrome. A dedicated uncle fan and his unique fandom led to a beautiful donation.

On the past June 28th, the birthday of So Nyuh Shi Dae‘s maknae Seohyun, an uncle fan who introduced himself as Im Changrok (30) donated 7 million won (approx. $5,500 USD) to the International Charity Association, World Vision then presented the receipt to Seohyun as a birthday gift.

Im Changrok who is a member at the So Nyuh Shi Dae fancafe ‘Hwa Soo Eun Hwa 2030’ stated, “I was trying to think of a unique gift idea to congratulate So Nyuh Shi Dae‘s Seohyun’s birthday and got the idea to make a special donation to World Vision in Seohyun’s name.”

The 7 million won that Mr. Im donated will be sent to the World Vision site in Bangladesh and used to make drinking water pumps. The caring heart of an uncle fan will supply clean water to the children in Bangladesh.

Mr. Im stated, “I hope that Seohyun will think of building wells in her name as a thoughtful gift” and “The thoughts of how happy Seohyun would be to receive a birthday gift as well as the happy children who will be able to access clean water brings smiles to my face”.

The secretary of the special donations at World Vision, Im Yoonson, stated, “I think that such loving fan with his intense fandom leading to a beautiful deed such as this is so thoughtful” and “I hope that this event will lead to further spreading of the idea of ‘special donations'”.

Credits: Newsen

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Fans Publish Newspaper Ad to Greet Seohyun on her Birthday


SNSD‘s fancafe published a birthday congratulation ad in the newspaper on Maknae Seohyun’s birthday.

The ad from SNSD‘s fancafe “Hwa Soo Eun Hwa” says: “The 28th of June is SNSD member Seohyun’s 18th birthday. We, the fans, from the “2030” meeting (Note: fans at the age of 20-30) from SNSD‘s fancafe “Hwa Soo Eun Hwa” are delivering our congratulation messages for Seohyun through a birthday congratulation ad in the “Hankyoreh”-newspaper. Because Seohyun’s birthday falls on a Sunday, we published the ad already on Saturday, the 27th”.

And they added “In this time’s congratulation ad, we came up with a funny story called “Seohyun’s miracle”. We don’t know if we can make you laugh but it would be great if we could deliver happiness to Seohyun and all the people reading it.”

Furthermore, they explained the purpose behind the event: “Besides Seohyun’s congratulation ad, we donated and delivered a bag of rice, clothes, and the chickens promoted by SNSD as presents to the Seoul YMCA youth shelter. The youth shelter is a home for teenagers who experienced violence at home, had serious familial problems or couldn’t live any longer at home due to the financial situation. It would be great if the community would listen and pay attention to small wishes from difficult and neglected neighborhoods since this time SNSD‘s comeback title track is called “Tell Me Your Wish”.

For “Hwa Soo Eun Hwa”, this is already the fifth time that they published a birthday congratulation ad as they already released birthday congratulation ads for SNSD members Sooyoung, Jessica, Sunny, and Yoona in the past.

Source: Newsen
Written by Song Yoonsae
Translated by
Edited by

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Reactions to SJ and SNSD’s Appearance on ‘Music Trip Lalala’


There have been many opinons on the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala,’ especially on their homepage bulletin board.

On the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared on ‘Lalala,’ following the theme of  ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit.’ From Super Junior, Leeteuk, Kangin, Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun performed, and from SNSD, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun. The two groups sang each other’s hit songs such as ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Gee’ in a different style.

The problem is that the fans of ‘Lalala’ are becoming disappointed in the program. So far, ‘Lalala’ had a concept of having the best quality music, with singers like Lee Seungyul, Lee Janghyuk, Black Skirt, and more skilled musicians who aren’t widely known. As a program that is broadcasted at a late hour, it is true that it’s free from the competition of viewers’ rates.

However on the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared together as idol groups from the same company. Technically, idol singers are put into the category of musicians, but compared to the quality of their music, their commerciality is more considered and emphasized. On the 18th, singer Son Dambi appeared, but Shin Munhee, Jiteun, and Ran appeared also, keeping a balance in the commerciality.

That is why on ‘Lalala’s internet bulletin board, there are many voices speaking up. Many opinions such as “Lalala has given up” and “Will Lalala break down like this?” are on the bulletin board. However, there are other remarks opposing them, saying, “A skilled idol group’s appearance” and “Let’s break the stereotype of idol groups.”

original source
translation by daisykim@soshified

I don’t know what their problem is but I thought Super Junior and SNSD did a great job singing live in that show. They may be idols but they have impressive vocals like the rest of the other musicians, too.  Sigh. Guess you can’t please everyone.

Anyway, according to reports, the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’ boosted the show’s ratings. The rating was 3.2% which is actually high for a show aired at midnight. This is higher than their previous 3 episodes wherein they only got 1.7% (June 3), 1.4% (June 10) and 2.1% (June 17).

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SJ, SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’

Super Junior together with SNSD guested on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala’ last June 24 for a special episode of ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’. They’re the first idol groups to appear on the show.

Both groups practiced for at least one month and as a result they were able to do covers of famous movie OST such as Notting Hill’s ‘She’ and 200 Pound Beauty’s ‘Beautiful Girl’ without any problem. Highlights of the show is Super Junior doing an acoustic cover of SNSD‘s ‘Gee’ and the latter doing ‘Sorry Sorry.

SNSD feat Sungmin – Beautiful Girl / Honey Honey

SNSD – Beautiful Restriction

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Seohyun Dyes Hair for the First Time


SNSD‘s maknae, Seohyun on 22nd with an interview with Newsen said, “This is my first time dying my hair after debut” and smiled. SNSD commented about their new concept saying “Marine girl got everyone’s attention, but we are thinking of showing army, navy, and air force look as well” and added “You are going to be able to see a brighter look of SNSD this time than before. All of the members except for Yuri decided to dye their hair brown.”

They also went on talking about their song and the new promotion concept saying “It’s more mature and refined”. They said, “We became more mature. You will be able to see a different side of SNSD from ‘Gee’.

On the other hand, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is a trendy song with a fantastic intro that plays smoothly into the bright and refreshing chorus. This song is about how So Nyuh Shi Dae will become the ‘Goddess of Luck’ to give energy to encourage those who are exhausted from a busy schedule or depressed after losing self-confidence.

will show their first performance of their title song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ on the upcoming 26th at KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ and on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 27th, as well as ‘Inkigayo’ on the 28th and start their regular activities.

Translated by:

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SNSD 10 Years from Now


So Nyeo Shi Dae members did an interview recently, and they were asked the question ‘Where do you picture yourself 10 years down the road?’. And the answers ranged from ‘married lady’ till ‘advancing in America’.


To be true, until then I don’t know if I will be singing as part of So Nyeo Shi Dae. But even if we become ajummas, ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ will never change. Right now it is So Nyeo Shi Dae, in the future and forever it will be.


I think it will be forever ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’. I will continue to do music and I think that it will be fun to be advancing into America.


Won’t I be married and living happily? kkk


I think it would be great that I become more matured knowing and understanding things that I still don’t right now. I have a big dream about getting married, so I think I would be married and living happily with my partner. I would be great that I’m doing a variety of things like MC, DJ, acting etc.


Hmm. There is a possibility that I’m married, or that I’m still studying. I have always wish to study. But studying on what? That’s secret! kk


I wish to grow up freely and be the So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun as ever. And I want to do the things I want to do.”


I think I would still be promoting in the name of So Nyeo Shi Dae. No hesitation. And giving others energy.


I think I will be getting along well with the members. I think I will grow well as ‘me’ and ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’.

credit: Kbites

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Our ‘We Got Married’ Dream Couples


“She is like my ideal type – Son Yae Jin – her elbow and Son Yae Jin’s elbow look alike” – Eunhyuk’s reason for ‘proposing’ to WG’s Yoobin

Old Cyworld Messages

Jessica: Babo, I’m here!
While I was practicing on my vocals you said hi right?
But as soon as I turned to look, you were gone. What’s with that?
Anyhow, I came to oppa’s homepage.
Please come to mine.

DongHae: Alright Pretty Sica. I will come visit.


“Really, honestly speaking, SNSD’s Seohyun. I know she’s one year younger than me so…I want to hear her say ‘Seungri oppa’ and then give me chocolates.”Seungri on who he wants to receive chocolates from

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Lee Bumsoo Shares Sincere Friendship with SNSD


A middle-aged actor, Lee Bumsoo built a sincere relationship with the 8 members of SNSD during his guide as an actor.

On May 31st, MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ aired ‘Horror Movie Factory’ where it clearly showed a different side of the SNSD members as being more nervous than their usual liveliness when they met the formidable teacher, Lee Bumsoo.

Eight members of SNSD followed Lee Bumsoo’s guidance of asking oneself the question, ‘Who am I?’ to individually understand the person they are and were trained to develop a unique talent of themselves. Girls were able to overcome their weaknesses by acting, dancing, and doing other things with Lee Bumsoo and also understand ways to bring out their strengths.

Seohyun, who especially struggled to emotionally express herself, was even given the name as ‘ggook ggook ee’ (which means someone who holds everything in). Seohyun was able to demonstrate anger through both a cold look and a cynical talk through her 1 on 1 lesson with Lee Bumsoo. This different side of Seohyun was so surprising even to a degree that it startled the other members. Lee Bumsoo, however, did not stop, but made Seohyun bring out a strong rage in her acting, showing a new side of the ‘ggook ggook ee’.

SNSD‘s Horror Movie Factory’ is needed and for SNSD. Meanwhile, the eight girls have received attention to see if they will be able to produce a good movie after systematically learning all steps to prepare for the production of the horror film.

credits: 이언혁 leeuh@newsen + blingbling9@soshified

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SNSD Meets Horror Film Teacher Lee Bumsoo


SNSD met with Lee Bumsoo as their first acting teacher.

SNSD met with with the actor Lee Bumsoo in order to receive extensive training on the ways of traditional acting during the show which will air on the 24th, on MBC ‘Horror Film Factory’. This training will help them in their progress towards becoming a horror queen.

MC Yoo Saeyoon conducted ‘Scoring of Lee Bumsoo’ and casually carried out a conversation by asking the girls what they normally thought of Lee Bumsoo. However, Lee Bumsoo was hidden on the bus and was able to hear what each of the girls had said about him.

On this day Tiffany fully expressed her acting skills that she had been practicing, and Seohyun surprised everyone with her superb acting when she screamed at Lee Bumsoo then started crying.

Also each of the girls prepared a gift for Lee Bumsoo with the 20,000 won (approx. $20) each had been given. Tiffany purchased a swimming trunk for the upcoming summer, Sooyoung purchased a fake wife pillow to prevent him from becoming lonely, and Hyoyeon purchased ramen noodles and a tin pot which brought laughter to Lee Bumsoo.

The one girl that Lee Bumsoo chooses as the best student will be given the chance to film a test film along with Sooyoung who was chosen in the previous haunted school episode.

The show will air at 6:20 pm on the 24th.

credits: newsen + k_Taevid@soshified (trans)

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SNSD Chosen as Models for Cereal Brand


Female group SNSD‘s Sooyoung, Sunny, Seohyun, together with Shin Aera became CF models for the product ‘Post Cranberry Almond Granola.’

From the 16th of this month the new commercial for ‘Post Cranberry Almond Granola’ was revealed on television, asking the consumers, ‘If there is a delicious cereal, how good does it have to be…?’


In this commercial, the already established ‘face’ of Post Cornflakes, Shin Aera asks ‘Do you know? Which cereal is popular nowadays?’ and shows SNSD members eating the product by themselves.

The brand spokesman, An Kyongho, stated “This product aims to change the thoughts of the regular consumers that cereal is only for children,” and “hence for this product we chose SNSD, who are popular stars that are recognized by people of all ages, to be the models.”

credits: Donga + Cph@Soshified

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