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Ariel Lin’s ‘Fireflies’ MV Feat Siwon & Donghae Released

I’ve always been a fan of Ariel Lin but I gotta say it would have been better if they just paired her to Joe Cheng in this music video. They have really great chemistry together and I don’t know…just don’t like her being paired with Siwon and Donghae. But that’s the jealous fangirl in me talking. LOL

Still, the MV was great albeit a little sad and the Suju boys are such cuties.

credits: yuriyuri1111@YT

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Siwon on Elle Magazine July Issue


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Siwon Reveals Secret to Sexy Bod


Being the hottest guy with the hottest body , well no.1 in the group of-course, Super Junior Siwon reveals the secrets to how he got body that every men wants.

Aired on KBSTV May 27, Siwon reveals how ‘To be the best at having a perfect body, and become the Idol on every Men’s Health Magazine.’

He shivered, ‘I only exercise.’ Yesung then revealed ‘The exercise he does is really hard and really tough for me.’ The accusation caused laughter amongst the members.

Siwon also revealed that eating the most delicious foods gives you the body and figure that you want. He also said its easy to see the strengths of the other members when the light is on them when performing on stage.

When the group was performing ‘It’s You’ on KBS Music Bank, Siwon was one of the first one’s to cry when they won an award. He said ‘I loved being on the stage and being with the fans, its exciting.’ He confessed that sometimes he has a teary moment even though he a strong man.

Source: MTV Korea
Translations: I♥소녀시대 @

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Ariel Lin’s ‘Fireflies’ MV Preview

A teaser for Taiwanese Ariel Lin’s new music video ‘Fireflies’ has just been released and it features no other than  Super Junior hotties  Siwon and Donghae. The boys were secretly invited by Avex Taiwan to appear on Ariel Lin’s MV for her new album ‘Xin Fu Yu Jian’. They stayed in Taiwan for almost 3 days and shot the MV until the wee hours of the morning. Can’t wait to see the whole music video.

video credit: EternalAngelBoo@YT

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Onew Hospitalized after Music Bank Accident


After Sungmin‘s unfortunate accident during their rehearsal at KBS Music Bank last June 26, it was totally unexpected that another accident will occur and the victim was again another SM artist.

During the finale of Music Bank Special where all the performers were gathered on stage, apparently one of the huge lighting structure fell towards SHINee member Onew who was standing nearby. Fortunately, Super Junior sunbaes Siwon and Kyuhyun were able to prevent the whole structure from hitting him and possibly causing serious damage. Onew who was thankfully not harmed, fainted instead due possibly to the shock and mental distress brought by the whole scary incident. He was carried by his manager backstage and was rushed to the hospital to make sure he’s ok. Earlier on the show, Onew has slipped during their performance due to the slippery floor caused by 2Ne1‘s wet ‘Umbrella’ performance. Poor leader Onew. KBS should seriously streghten their safety measures to prevent another accident like that to happen. What if nobody was there to save Onew? I shudder at the thought of  what might have happened.

Watch the video to see the whole incident:

1:08 – The huge lighting structure starts to fall
1:30Onew fainted already and you can see his manager holding him
2:26Onew being carried on his manager’s back. Taemin & Minho were right behind them.
2:46 – Worried Leeteuk running after them. Behind him was Jonghyun.

video credit: kahboon@YT


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SJ’s Kyochon Chicken CF Ver 2

Now this look more like a chicken commercial than the other one! Kangin, Yesung, Heechul, Siwon and Sungminnie look so cute. It’s actually refreshing to see them not in suits. I sure hope they come out with the third version with Eunhyuk in it really soon.

Click here to watch the 1st version.

video credit: EuNteUk@YT

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Siwon Chosen as Best Cover Model by Mens Health


8eight’s Lee Hyun, Lee BumSoo and Siwon

…Actor Lee Bum Soo, Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon, and 8eight’s Lee Hyun were up for the 4th annual Men’s Health Cool Guy contest. All the aforementioned names have been featured on the cover for Men’s Health magazine in the past year and thus competed against one another. The winner was chosen by voting from the readers and the magazine’s committee. Past winners were Lee Seojin and Alex.

This year, the title of “Cool Guy” for ’09 belongs to 40 year old Lee Bum Soo who proves you don’t have to be young to have a pretty amazing body. But the other competitors will not be leaving empty handed. Choi Siwon won the “Best Cover Model” award and 8eight’s Lee Hyun won “Best Cool Guy Singer.” Lee Siyoung, who isn’t even a man to begin with, managed to snag an award for herself as well. She won the “Best Sexy and Healthy Woman” title for ’09. Congrats to all the sexy people mentioned!

credit: Allkpop

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Mens Health Speed Interview with Siwon


Name: Choi Siwon
Birth year, month, day: 1987, February 10th
Height, weight: 183 cm, 75kg
Blood type: B
Favorite fashion brand: No specific favorite.
Favorite car: No specific favorite
Favorite perfume: Many, because he likes perfume
Favorite number, color: 1 and 7, white and black
If you have a jinx? Lip balm must always be in left pocket when going up on stage. On the rare occassion that he doesn’t have it, he will mess up the choreography.
Favorite female star during childhood: Catherine Zeta-Jones
The role model in my life: Father ( later wants to become a person like his father )
Most precious item: Bible ( Instructions/Guidelines for my life )
The item you want to buy most right now: Vitamins. ( I’m in Thailand right now, but my vitamins dropped )
Most memorable movie or music: Tony Bennett’s “The Way You Look Tonight” (Favorite song for 15 years)
I would be happiest if only I had this! At this time, personal time and space
Other people think of me as this. Old man (But I am just conservative)
The thing I worry about most is: My self-confidence. ( How can I become a good son, as well as a good father? )
The thing that makes me most sad is: Parting from people, Seperating for a long time, seperating for a short time ( It was difficult ever since I was young )
The thing that makes me most mad is: when I lose to my confidence.
When I start a new thing, I: Always start with a prayer.
Something I want to change a little in my personality is that whether it’s because I’m still young, I don’t know, but I feel that I lack a lot of patience and perserverence.
I do this when I fight with another person: I go first to apologize.
When I go shopping, I: Choose what I want quickly.
If I could have a new life I would want try this. I’m always thankful for everything I have at any moment.
When a problem occurs, I: Always pray first.
When I have someone as good as myself to compete against I double my effort to work hard.
I think women need to be understood and protected.
I think men should be strong, but weak.
This kind of man is a cool man: He’s cool even to a man. *
If I were to list money, love, and success in order: Love, Success, Money

* — The original word was 멋저 (Mutjuh), which can be translated in several different ways, but I translated it as “cool”.

Source: Mens Health
Translated by vanilla.teaa @

Click here and here for more Siwon hotness on Mens Health.

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Siwon, Donghae to Film MV with Ariel Lin



For Ariel Lin’s new album “Xin Fu Yu Jian,” [the record company] secretly invited two of the most famous guys among the 13 from the South Korean super-idol band Super Junior – Siwon and Donghae – to come to Taiwan and appear in her MV. Yesterday morning the three met in secret at Ilan’s Dasi Station and immediately started shooting a departure (separation) scene, conveying a picture of perfect understanding.

Siwon and Donghae’s secret trip to Taiwan
Sources said this collaboration was made on condition that it be confidential. To keep it confidential, even Siwon and Donghae’s bodyguards – who are usually dressed in suits changed to casual clothing — to accompany them. But fans are very resourceful and were heatedly discussing on PTT the MV shoot in Ilan. Sources said the news originated from Baidu.

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Siwon Harassed on Star King

This video cracked me up so much. The girl is probably on drugs but gotta love her though. It’s not everyday you see someone shock the senses out of Super Junior or scare the sh*t out of Siwon. He looks so harassed and genuinely freaked out. lol

credit: SoopieSan@YT

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