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Reactions to SJ and SNSD’s Appearance on ‘Music Trip Lalala’


There have been many opinons on the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala,’ especially on their homepage bulletin board.

On the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared on ‘Lalala,’ following the theme of  ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit.’ From Super Junior, Leeteuk, Kangin, Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun performed, and from SNSD, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun. The two groups sang each other’s hit songs such as ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Gee’ in a different style.

The problem is that the fans of ‘Lalala’ are becoming disappointed in the program. So far, ‘Lalala’ had a concept of having the best quality music, with singers like Lee Seungyul, Lee Janghyuk, Black Skirt, and more skilled musicians who aren’t widely known. As a program that is broadcasted at a late hour, it is true that it’s free from the competition of viewers’ rates.

However on the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared together as idol groups from the same company. Technically, idol singers are put into the category of musicians, but compared to the quality of their music, their commerciality is more considered and emphasized. On the 18th, singer Son Dambi appeared, but Shin Munhee, Jiteun, and Ran appeared also, keeping a balance in the commerciality.

That is why on ‘Lalala’s internet bulletin board, there are many voices speaking up. Many opinions such as “Lalala has given up” and “Will Lalala break down like this?” are on the bulletin board. However, there are other remarks opposing them, saying, “A skilled idol group’s appearance” and “Let’s break the stereotype of idol groups.”

original source
translation by daisykim@soshified

I don’t know what their problem is but I thought Super Junior and SNSD did a great job singing live in that show. They may be idols but they have impressive vocals like the rest of the other musicians, too.  Sigh. Guess you can’t please everyone.

Anyway, according to reports, the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’ boosted the show’s ratings. The rating was 3.2% which is actually high for a show aired at midnight. This is higher than their previous 3 episodes wherein they only got 1.7% (June 3), 1.4% (June 10) and 2.1% (June 17).

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SJ, SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’

Super Junior together with SNSD guested on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala’ last June 24 for a special episode of ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’. They’re the first idol groups to appear on the show.

Both groups practiced for at least one month and as a result they were able to do covers of famous movie OST such as Notting Hill’s ‘She’ and 200 Pound Beauty’s ‘Beautiful Girl’ without any problem. Highlights of the show is Super Junior doing an acoustic cover of SNSD‘s ‘Gee’ and the latter doing ‘Sorry Sorry.

SNSD feat Sungmin – Beautiful Girl / Honey Honey

SNSD – Beautiful Restriction

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Taeyeon Feels Sad Without Kangin


So Nyuh Shi Dae‘s Taeyeon who has been left alone on her radio show that she has been working together with Super Junior‘s Kangin expressed her disappointment on his leave as well as her mind set on creating a radio show with her own distinct color.

Taeyeon has been protecting the radio booth alone for over a month since Kangin stepped down from the FM4U ‘Kangin Taeyeon‘s Chinhan Chingoo’. Taeyeon stated during her interview with MyDaily, that she will probably DJ for the radio show by herself for a while and wants to steer to program to have her distinct color.

Taeyeon expressed her sadness as she stated, “It’s really lonely after Kangin stepped down. There were lots of things to laugh about when I was working with Kangin“. She also revealed her difficulties when she stated, “It’s very physically tiring because I have to carry on two hours worth of radio by myself”.

However Taeyeon also showed an optimistic side by saying, “It’s nice to be able to make it into my own style”. She also stated that the program changed, “As the DJ changed, the guest that appeared on the show and the atmosphere of the show also changed” and also “The basis of the program remained the same but the style of songs that play have changed”.

credit: MyDaily
translation by: kkbluvv and

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SNSD 10 Years from Now


So Nyeo Shi Dae members did an interview recently, and they were asked the question ‘Where do you picture yourself 10 years down the road?’. And the answers ranged from ‘married lady’ till ‘advancing in America’.


To be true, until then I don’t know if I will be singing as part of So Nyeo Shi Dae. But even if we become ajummas, ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ will never change. Right now it is So Nyeo Shi Dae, in the future and forever it will be.


I think it will be forever ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’. I will continue to do music and I think that it will be fun to be advancing into America.


Won’t I be married and living happily? kkk


I think it would be great that I become more matured knowing and understanding things that I still don’t right now. I have a big dream about getting married, so I think I would be married and living happily with my partner. I would be great that I’m doing a variety of things like MC, DJ, acting etc.


Hmm. There is a possibility that I’m married, or that I’m still studying. I have always wish to study. But studying on what? That’s secret! kk


I wish to grow up freely and be the So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun as ever. And I want to do the things I want to do.”


I think I would still be promoting in the name of So Nyeo Shi Dae. No hesitation. And giving others energy.


I think I will be getting along well with the members. I think I will grow well as ‘me’ and ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’.

credit: Kbites

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Leeteuk Chosen as Best Idol Group Leader


Super Junior Lee Teuk has been chosen as the best leader for idol group.

A survey ‘Idol group leader who has shown the most leadership’ on community site DCInside from 16th till 23rd June  and Super Junior Lee Teuk came in #1 with 15,724 votes out of 45,928 votes (34.2%).

#2 goes to TaeYeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae with 10.171 votes (22.1%). The group’s popularity and support can be shown especially with their comeback ahead.

#3 goes to Dong Bang Shin Ki YunHo with 9,850 votes (21.4%), followed by SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, SHINee Onew, and 2PM JaeBum.

credit: Kbites

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Taeyeon, from Make-Believe Girlfriend to Make-Believe Mom


SNSD, who are about to make a comeback, are taking the challenge again, this time in a real childcare variety show.

SNSD‘s new program, KBS JOY “SNSD‘s Hello Baby”, is a real childcare variety show where they will leave behind their image as pure and young girls and show the viewers a more mature side of them. Especially Taeyeon, who already experienced being a girlfriend in MBC’s “We Got Married”, will now have the good fortune(?) of experiencing life as a mother. In this program, she will learn how to raise a nine-months old baby.

In the first recording, which took place on the 15th, there are rumors saying that SNSD had difficulties trying to sooth the crying baby. But it was reported that, amid this problem, Taeyeon took care of it by saying, “I raised my 9 years old younger sister, too,” and showing her natural child rearing skills, surprising her other group members.

In “SNSD‘s Hello Baby,”SNSD members will personally visit university, working, or celebrity married couples who have an interesting situation, taking care of their babies for a day and showing the viewers the child rearing process and how do deal with the problems that may arise.

Turning from young girls into mature ladies, the program where the nine pretty SNSD members will challenge themselves and turn into real mothers,”SNSD‘s Hello Baby”, will have it’s first broadcast on the 23th of June.

[Newsen Reporter Kim Hyungwoo]

Source: Newsen

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Taeyeon Grieves for ex President Roh’s Death


So Nyeo Shi Dae member TaeYeon was said to have teared in grieving for the death of ex President Roh Moo Hyun.

She said during the broadcast of her MBS radio ‘TaeYeon’s ChinChin’ radio show on 29th May, “When there is a road where there is no one, everyone avoids it. Most people choose the safer route, but there are times when people chooses the direct opposite of everyone else. With the lead that you took today, it will be followed by everyone in no time.”

“Today is the funeral ceremony of ex President Roh Moo Hyun. His car slowly move through the crowd and leaves, with so many people following behind, he makes a new route. From when he was alive and after he left, he is a man who always walk a different path.”

After saying that, TaeYeon went a little teary and said, “I want to sing today” and she sang Kim Yeon Woo’s ‘The common words of I Love You’ live.

source: Kbites

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SNSD Appears on an Actual Test Question


As popular stars began to appear on the actual test papers of middle and high schools, fans have been very supportive of the idea.The usual TV stars that show their image, characteristic, or personality through ordinary actions were portrayed by the character names of Chulsoo and Yunghee in a given writing, but now, they are being replaced by the current popular stars that are active on T.V.

The names and personalities of the imagined couples on MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’s popular corner ‘We Got Married’ are appearing on questions while MBC ‘Infinity Challenge’s members, Noh Hongchul, Park Myungsoo, Yoo Jaesuk, Jung Junha, Jung Hyungdon’s names have seemed to appear on objective test questions.

In particular, the problems with the popular idol groups SNSD, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, and etc have been the most popular among students. In 2008 at a high school in Busan, SNSD members Tiffany, Yoona, and Taeyeon were mentioned in a difficult science problem that was related to artificial satellites and made the students laugh.

In another school’s music test, there was a question asking “Who is this girl group of 5 members that monopolized their popularity by singing the addictive song, ‘Tell Me’ with their shoulder dance?” The available answer choices for this problem were Papaya, Circle, SNSD, Baby VOX, and Wonder Girls. Big Bang also appeared in a Japanese test of a middle school.

Recently on a social studies test of a middle school’s midterm exam, there was a question about the actor, Lee Minho, who leaped into fame through the KBS drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ who appeared under his character name, Goo Junpyo.

Thus due to the appearance of the celebrities on test questions, teachers have been able to take out the burdens of the students and the students themselves are able to relieve their strain through the appearance of the familiar star names and characters.

credits: sosiz + newsen + blingbling9@soshified (trans)

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SNSD Wants to Receive Perfume and Roses

On the Coming-Of-Age Day, SNSD members said, ” I’m no longer a girl. ”

Amongst the popular group, SNSD, there are 6 members who, on the 18th which is the ‘Coming-Of-Age Day, have turned into adults. They are Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, and Hyoyeon. These girls have grown from ‘girls’ to dignified ‘ladies’, carrying an even bigger dream which they plan to achieve. This year, they created a ‘Soshi Gee storm’ and how will their Coming Of-Age-Day turn out?


Taeyeon: I don’t think there was any big change. As much as I’ve grown into an adult, I’m burdened because I have to be responsible for myself and everything I do. I don’t have any gift that I especially wanted to receive, but I want to try to get a driver’s licence.

Tiffany: I think I have to be responsible for a lot more things now. On the other hand though, I also feel that I’ve become younger, like a small child. I want to receive typical Coming-of-Age Day gifts like perfume and roses. I also want to take a break from everyday life by traveling to places on my own.
Yuri: I think I have to be a bit more responsible and be a more mature person. I’m also looking forward to the future. I wish I received a camera as a gift so I could record precious memories while I’m in the 20’s. I want to do fun and exciting things that only someone in their 20’s can do.


Jessica: I look foward to the coming days now that I’m an adult more than I have for the days that have already passed. I want to receive a camera, just like Yuri. I want to travel places with my camera while I’m still energetic and able to enjoy myself.

Sunny: I think this is another good opportunity to think about my responsibilities again. I want to have a lovable pet to have with me, even though I know it would be hard to take care of it with busy schedules and a lot of members in the dorm. I also want to learn how to drive with Taeyeon.

Hyoyeon: I can’t believe that I’ve already reached this age. I still feel young, but I’m burdened by the word “adult”. I also want to receive roses and perfume from a boyfriend. I want to go on a trip with my close friends on “Coming-of-Age Day.”

source: Sosiz + Focus News + Hyunjin808@soshified & mishybear@soshified (trans)

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SNSD Attends Yoo Se Yun’s Wedding


On May 17th, comedian Yoo Se Yun (28) finally tied the knot with his lovely noona of 7 years, Hwan Kyung Hee (32), who is a kindergarten teacher and is also 4 years older than him.

SNSD members (Sunny, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Taeyeon) were there to celebrate Yoo’s happiest day.





credits: sportsseoul + orinneko@soshified + and as tagged

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