Controversy Over SNSD’s Mini-Album Cover


Ahead of their comeback, So Nyeo Shi Dae has been drawn into criticisms by bloggers for their new minialbum cover.

Revealed on the 22nd, the album cover was said to have the image of a Japanese fighter plane associated with a bad reputation. The image of the airplane was planted near the waist of members YoonA and Yuri in the album cover.

Bloggers said that this type of Japanese airplanes were used during the Japanese occupation by the Japanese soldiers for suicide attacks in the air. The name of this type of Japanese fighter aircraft is ‘Type Zero War Machines’. The photos of the aircraft highlighted out of the original album cover have been uploaded online by many bloggers.

They also compared the photo with pictures of the real Type Zero-Sen aircraft and came to the conclusion that the 2 looked the same.


With this Zero-sen aircrafts, it had contributed to the Japanese’s victory over the Americans during the World War 2. The Americans then developed the F6F which was more superior to the Zero-Sen which helped them end the war with their kamikaze suicidal attack on the Japanese.

Many netizens have commented about this, “As the country’s representative idol girl group, they have damaged much of the sentiments of us country people. Not just the fighter planes, they even wore what seems like the uniform of the imperialism period.”

While fans said, “This is the problem with the person who designed the poster not the girls’ mistake at all.”

One also said, “The plane in the picture is the same as the Japanese fighter planes. This is neither the American planes nor the UN’s confirmed.”

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment explained, “This is just for the military marine look concept, it has no other intended meaning to it.”

credit: Kbites

You gotta hand it to the Korean netizens! Such sharp eyes! Even I didn’t notice that there was a plane on the cover. But they seriously need to relax because it was all an honest mistake. SNSD should not be blamed for this mishap and hopefully this won’t affect their comeback.

Anyway, accordingly SM will be changing the cover design now because of all the complaints so let’s all chill and just enjoy the girls’ music. Ok netizens? ^^


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4 responses to “Controversy Over SNSD’s Mini-Album Cover

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  3. Nice post. One thing, i’m running Win 7 with the Firefox 4 Beta browser and your columns are overlapping a little. Though you may want to fix it 🙂

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