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Super Junior Once Performed in front of Ex-President Roh MooHyun


Super Junior member Leeteuk has revealed that they had once performed in front of the ex-president Roh MoohHyun when they were rookies.

Leeteuk & Kangin who attended in the show “Shin Dong Yup & Shin Bongsun’s Champagne” which was aired on June 27th had said “When we were rookies, we had once performed in front of ex-president Roh MooHyun”, “After the performance, we had gone down the stage. We wanted to greet him so much that we had run toward him and shouted ‘We are Super Junior’ so he can know about us”

Leeteuk also said “On that day, everybody said that we’re so brave”

Also on the show, Kangin said “Leeteuk is very stingy. He rarely spends money, he just uses about 100,000 won (about $80) every month in his credit card”

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SJ’s Kyochon Chicken CF Ver 2

Now this look more like a chicken commercial than the other one! Kangin, Yesung, Heechul, Siwon and Sungminnie look so cute. It’s actually refreshing to see them not in suits. I sure hope they come out with the third version with Eunhyuk in it really soon.

Click here to watch the 1st version.

video credit: EuNteUk@YT

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Reactions to SJ and SNSD’s Appearance on ‘Music Trip Lalala’


There have been many opinons on the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala,’ especially on their homepage bulletin board.

On the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared on ‘Lalala,’ following the theme of  ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit.’ From Super Junior, Leeteuk, Kangin, Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun performed, and from SNSD, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun. The two groups sang each other’s hit songs such as ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘Gee’ in a different style.

The problem is that the fans of ‘Lalala’ are becoming disappointed in the program. So far, ‘Lalala’ had a concept of having the best quality music, with singers like Lee Seungyul, Lee Janghyuk, Black Skirt, and more skilled musicians who aren’t widely known. As a program that is broadcasted at a late hour, it is true that it’s free from the competition of viewers’ rates.

However on the 25th, Super Junior and SNSD appeared together as idol groups from the same company. Technically, idol singers are put into the category of musicians, but compared to the quality of their music, their commerciality is more considered and emphasized. On the 18th, singer Son Dambi appeared, but Shin Munhee, Jiteun, and Ran appeared also, keeping a balance in the commerciality.

That is why on ‘Lalala’s internet bulletin board, there are many voices speaking up. Many opinions such as “Lalala has given up” and “Will Lalala break down like this?” are on the bulletin board. However, there are other remarks opposing them, saying, “A skilled idol group’s appearance” and “Let’s break the stereotype of idol groups.”

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I don’t know what their problem is but I thought Super Junior and SNSD did a great job singing live in that show. They may be idols but they have impressive vocals like the rest of the other musicians, too.  Sigh. Guess you can’t please everyone.

Anyway, according to reports, the appearance of Super Junior and SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’ boosted the show’s ratings. The rating was 3.2% which is actually high for a show aired at midnight. This is higher than their previous 3 episodes wherein they only got 1.7% (June 3), 1.4% (June 10) and 2.1% (June 17).

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SJ, SNSD on ‘Music Trip Lalala’

Super Junior together with SNSD guested on MBC’s ‘Music Trip Lalala’ last June 24 for a special episode of ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’. They’re the first idol groups to appear on the show.

Both groups practiced for at least one month and as a result they were able to do covers of famous movie OST such as Notting Hill’s ‘She’ and 200 Pound Beauty’s ‘Beautiful Girl’ without any problem. Highlights of the show is Super Junior doing an acoustic cover of SNSD‘s ‘Gee’ and the latter doing ‘Sorry Sorry.

SNSD feat Sungmin – Beautiful Girl / Honey Honey

SNSD – Beautiful Restriction

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Heechul and Kangin’s ‘Date at 2PM’ Interview Transcript 090617




Park Myung Soo (P): How have you been these days?
Kangin: We’ve been promoting the new album.
P: “Sorry Sorry” has produced good responses, right?
Kangin, Heechul: Yes, the responses have been great.
P: Have the new album promotions ended yet?
Kangin: Not yet.
Heechul: We’re preparing for concerts right now.
P: I see. Actually, there isn’t many chances for members to see each other these days, right?
Heechul: Yes, not that many.
P: Leeteuk’s the one with the most individual activities, right?
Kangin: Leeteuk Hyung and Shindong. Actually, me and Heechul Hyung often meet individually. I can just say, “Hyung, let’s eat together” and we’ll meet, and then we’ll even drink. We meet pretty often, chatting together, so we’re close.
Heechul: The other members don’t drink very much. I think that as a man, it’s good to be able to drink a little.
P: Oh, I think so too. Where do you often go to drink?
Heechul: I like to go to places where there’s not a lot of people. Actually, I virtually don’t meet my seniors in the entertainment business at all. I don’t go out often, I just raise my cat at home and drink with the kitty. Hehehe
P: This…doesn’t look very good. Staying at home with your cat at such a young age..You should go outside and meet a girlfriend.
Heechul: Aigoo, I really want a girlfriend. Even teacher Lee Sooman told me, “Hm, you should get a girlfriend.”

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Taeyeon Feels Sad Without Kangin


So Nyuh Shi Dae‘s Taeyeon who has been left alone on her radio show that she has been working together with Super Junior‘s Kangin expressed her disappointment on his leave as well as her mind set on creating a radio show with her own distinct color.

Taeyeon has been protecting the radio booth alone for over a month since Kangin stepped down from the FM4U ‘Kangin Taeyeon‘s Chinhan Chingoo’. Taeyeon stated during her interview with MyDaily, that she will probably DJ for the radio show by herself for a while and wants to steer to program to have her distinct color.

Taeyeon expressed her sadness as she stated, “It’s really lonely after Kangin stepped down. There were lots of things to laugh about when I was working with Kangin“. She also revealed her difficulties when she stated, “It’s very physically tiring because I have to carry on two hours worth of radio by myself”.

However Taeyeon also showed an optimistic side by saying, “It’s nice to be able to make it into my own style”. She also stated that the program changed, “As the DJ changed, the guest that appeared on the show and the atmosphere of the show also changed” and also “The basis of the program remained the same but the style of songs that play have changed”.

credit: MyDaily
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Shindong Got Caught Naked


See I’m wearing jammies now! ^^

Super Junior member, Kangin has revealed the real story behind the “Shindong naked disturbance” incident.

On the 20th June episode of KBS2TV Star Golden Bell. Kangin said, “Shindong often sleeps naked. One day, while all the other members were out with schedules, Shindong was sleeping alone in the dorm. The cleaning lady came into the room and started her cleaning duties. Nothing seemed amiss until she opened the curtains and saw that Shindong was stark naked and started screaming.”

Kangin continued, “After that happened, the cleaning lady apologized to Shindong, but Shindong himself felt sorry instead for the cleaning lady.

credit: allkpop

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Heechul’s ‘Chocoball’ Group Revealed

Singer Jo Sungmo has talked about his group ‘Chocoball’ which included him and other hoobae singers on public.

On the recent filming of “Star Golden bell”, Jo Sungmo said “I want to introduce a group of AB blood type people called ‘Chocoball’ which included myself and Kim Heechul (Super Junior), Lee Hongki (FT Island), Mithra (Epik High), Jonghyun (SHINee), Natsun, total 6 members” and ‘Chocoball’ means ‘Although we’re a bit psychotic but the more you see us the more charming you’ll find (about us)’ ” which made the whole studio burst out laughing.

Kangin said “I had a chance to attend Chocoball’s meeting but there isn’t any room (for other people) for a while” and “They all talked about each other’s story, they’re all busy people”

The show will be aired at 5.15PM on June 20th

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Super Junior Becomes Uncles for One Day


Super Junior EunHyuk, Leeteuk, Shindong & Kangin have become child star Wang SeokHyun’s uncles for one day.

On the filming of KBS2TV entertainment show “I Got an Uncle” recently which is Wang SeokHyun’s 7th birthday, but since Lee HwiJae is busy with his schedule, he had asked Super Junior for help. Therefore, Shindong, Kangin, Leeteuk & Eunhyuk had become Wang SeokHyun’s uncles for one day.

For his birthday party, 4 members had prepared different gifts. Shindong did magic, Eunhyuk had learnt balloon art, Kangin inhaled the helium gas and sang a children comic song, Leeteuk prepared a video message of Wang SeokHyun’s most favorite member in SNSD.

The show will be aired at 6.30PM on June 20th

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What’s Up With Yesung’s Hair?


Evil stylist who’s probably responsible for Kangin’s grey hair has apparently gotten her evil hands on Yesung’s hair.

Super Junior‘s crack dancer is now sporting a new hairstyle that not only looks like somebody poured flour on his head but also makes him look like he’s competing with Kangin for the role of resident ajusshi in the group.

Yesung’s two-tone hair color makes his previous flaming head looks so much tamer and way better. And to think I had a hard time getting used to that orange hair and now this?

Somebody please fire that stylist before she gets her hands on my Eunhyuk’s hair.



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