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Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 090629


2009.06.29 19:02

1. Ah so hot!!
2. Flies

This summer is really hot, all flies are coming out ^^

Source: Hyukjae’s Cy
Translated by: Cinderella @ Sj-

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Boys Generation Performs Gee


One of the highlight’s of KBS’s Music Bank’s Mid-year Special last June 26, was Boys Generation’s cover of Gee. The special group composed of Super Junior members Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, SHINee member Key, 2PM members JaeBum, Taec, and Nich Khun, and the official diva of the group, 2AM member JoKwon.

I really thought they were gonna do a performance similar to what the Wonderboys did last year, you know acting girly and stuff. Although I’m pretty sure it would still turn out good if they did perform something like that but I just think they don’t have to resort to that to make their versio of ”Gee’  entertaining. They have enough talents to pull off a successful performance. Thank God all they did was wear colored skinny jeans and add a few special touches to the song. And they totally pawned it!


Everyone looks so cute. I love Eunhyuk‘s rap and he looked uber hot with the hat. Shindong was cute as always but he’s starting to look like an ajusshi. Move over Kangin! LOL. Yesung did great but I’m still not digging his two-tone hair color. I think it’s about time he change it. Sungmin must have been in a lot of pain because of his earlier accident during their rehearsal but he still insisted on performing though he just stayed at the back most of the time. What a professional! And Key was so adorable in his pink pants!  SNSD coming out at the end was a bonus treat. Miss the girls and their Gee, gee, gee, gee, baby, baby…

Truly a successful performance. Great job guys!

video credit: CJWTown@YT

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Eunhyuk Not Recognizable Without Super Junior


Super Junior member Eunhyuk said when filming MBC “Fantasy partner” recently that “There are many members in Super Junior so that if I’m alone, people cant recognize me”.

Also on the show, Eunhyuk will talk about his incident just after debut, he went to a CD store to buy a CD and the shop assistant there didn’t recognize him so he felt quite humiliated then.

The show will be aired on June 28th

original article is here
translated by
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Donghae vs Eunhyuk vs Heechul





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Eunhyuk Eating Chicken Pics



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SHINee’s Surprise Visit to Sukira

Awww. SM family is the BEST! Leeteuk couldn’t hide his excitement when he saw SHINee. Apparently, Minho felt the same way. Couldn’t help but smile when he attacked and hugged Teukie at the beginning. Just shows how close they all are. Super Junior are such good hyungs to their dongsaengs.

Super SHINee hwaiting! ^^

video credit: only13suju@YT

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Super Junior to Attend Taiwan’s 20th Golden Melody Awards


Before bringing their The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show II to Taipei, fans of Super Junior will be delighted to know that their idols (the only foreign artist invited as the special guest) has been confirmed for the 20th Golden Melody Awards on 27th June. This will be Super Junior’s 2nd time at the awards ceremony, having previously attended the 18th edition in 2007. It will however still be only 12 instead of 13 members of Super Junior who will be attending. Kim Heechul missed the 2007 trip because of filming commitments and this time, Kim Kibum will be the one missing because of his acting preparations.

Super Junior was undoubtedly honored to be invited again, especially since it’s a significant milestone for the Golden Melody Awards which is into it’s 20th year of running. They will be performing their new songs, It’s You and Sorry, Sorry for the first time in Taiwan and handling out awards as well.

Pretty boy, Kim Heechul was pretty excited about his first trip to Taiwan, as his fellow Super Junior members and DBSK seniors have kept feeding him with information about how delicious the Taiwan delicacies were like Xiaolongbao and pearl milk tea. Heechul said, “I am definitely going to try out all kinds of Taiwan delicacies!” Other members who will be coming for the 2nd time have expressed their desire to challenge the legend of the spicy hot pot. They also hope to meet Patty Hou again, who had interviewed them twice last time. Eun Hyuk especially, refers Patty Hou as an angel.

The 20th Golden Melody Awards will be held on 27th June at the Taipei Arena and broadcast live on Azio TV cable channel. The red carpet show will begin at 5PM with the actual ceremony starting at 6.30PM (all times indicated are in Taiwan local time).

Source: Allkpop

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Minho Praises Eunhyuk

“He has a smile that girls can’t just pass over.”

Oh I couldn’t agree more. Eunhyuk is the MAN! This was a cut from ‘Introducing Stars’ Friends’.

credit: cchungalung@YT

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Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 090620

2009.06.20 토 Saturday 04:14

3 Jib activities are going to end…

To us…To me…Very memorable 3 Jib activities…^^

Probably around before the last day of broadcast…I couldn’t sleep well;;

Don’t know why I felt so lonely^^

credits: OnlySJ13 +

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Super Junior Becomes Uncles for One Day


Super Junior EunHyuk, Leeteuk, Shindong & Kangin have become child star Wang SeokHyun’s uncles for one day.

On the filming of KBS2TV entertainment show “I Got an Uncle” recently which is Wang SeokHyun’s 7th birthday, but since Lee HwiJae is busy with his schedule, he had asked Super Junior for help. Therefore, Shindong, Kangin, Leeteuk & Eunhyuk had become Wang SeokHyun’s uncles for one day.

For his birthday party, 4 members had prepared different gifts. Shindong did magic, Eunhyuk had learnt balloon art, Kangin inhaled the helium gas and sang a children comic song, Leeteuk prepared a video message of Wang SeokHyun’s most favorite member in SNSD.

The show will be aired at 6.30PM on June 20th

original article is here
translated by
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