More on SHINee’s Movieweek Interview & Pics


☆ Last year’s “SHINee Yunhanam” was really entertaining. (laughs) Honestly, it was real, right?
Jonghyun: Yes, of course it was real. The production team allowed us to freely do what we want; they only controlled the cameras.
Onew: They only told us to “Please use this way to initiate”.
Minho: When we first started, we had no idea what to do. So for the first episode, we followed what the writer told us to do.
Jonghyun: Yes, but when the first episode came out, we said, “It shouldn’t be like this”. So the members gathered together – we even had a meeting – and from then on, we decided to show our true selves. So towards the end of the series, it became more meaningful.

When fighting to be the “noona’s” choice, was there any fighting?
Everyone: Of course not. (laughs)
Onew: The one that was chosen would go on the date. The rest of us were together and still had fun.
Jonghyun: We also made many memories together. Of course, we also had fun with the noona. (laughs)

☆ After this kind of “on-camera dating”, one must want a real date. What are the dream dates of each member?
Onew: Bungee jumping.
Jonghyun: So the both of you would jump down together?
Onew: You can do that? Ah, then it should be that way. There’s also flying boat, scuba diving, and rock climbing!
Jonghyun: You might as well go into the universe. (laughs)

☆ Things that you want to do with the girl you like.
Jonghyun: It’s very difficult. (laughs)
Key: I…well…shopping? After seeing/meeting each other, we can talk comfortably to each other. We can watch performances….time to relax and space would also be nice.
Jonghyun: I want to turn off our cellphones after meeting up with each other and ride on the public bus together to the final stop.
Key: Why turn off your cellphones?
Jonghyun: So that we won’t be distracted/annoyed. And not on the subway because you can’t see outside; it’s suffocating.
Everyone: Oh~ so nice!
Jonghyun: Ah, I’m a true pro! (laughs)
Taemin: I want to go on many vacations. I also want to go to foreign countries & play at amusement parks.
Key: Then you must wear sunscreen.
Taemin: I also want to go to the theater to watch movies. And to go to the seaside.
Minho: I also want to go to the theater. Although this is very common for normal couples, I’ve never experienced it before. We can go shopping together, each dinner. And my favorite sport – it may be too tiring, so we can just go watch baseball or soccer games together. Recently, there are many sporting events.
Jonghyun: Yeah, and when your team wins, you can kiss. (laughs)
Minho: If we really won, then the atmosphere might be so that I have to kiss the girl no matter what. (laughs)

☆ Like Minho’s favorite game “Winning Eleven”, how about playing together?
Minho: I also want to play it…
Onew: It might not be very good if Minho’s girlfriend played “Winning Eleven” with him. They might fight! Minho’s competitive-ness is very strong. (laughs)
Minho: Of course I wouldn’t treat my girlfriend the same way.
Everyone: Oh~!
Key: We can only know when he finally meets her.
Jonghyun: Yeah, we can only know after he gets a girlfriend. Minho is only saying this because he’s never experienced it/had a girlfriend before. (laughs)

☆ After revealing SHINee‘s dorm, it became a hot topic. I can’t believe that the home of 5 guys can be that neat. Usually…
Onew: We usually are that neat!
Jonghyun: The reason why is because no one is really messy. When we finish using something, we know where to put it back.

☆ Everyone sleeps in one room; the positioning of the beds are also really unique. How did you decide on who sleeps where?
Jonghyun: There wasn’t any method that we used to decide. We just chose whichever bed we wanted.
Onew: All five of us chose.
Jonghyun: There are two bunk beds, so the ones who wanted a bunk bed didn’t have to fight. Why? Because in the beginning, everyone thought that any bed would be okay. (laughs)

☆ What would you do in the dorms?
Jonghyun: Our lifestyle is really unique, and everyone’s interests/hobbies are different.
Onew: Really different.
Jonghyun: Minho really likes reading and reading books related to sports. He would also go online to watch sports games/tournaments and play soccer games.
Key: Minho really reads a lot of books.
Jonghyun: (looks at Taemin) So what does Taemin do?
Onew: He probably reads THJ’s script. (laughs)
Key: Up until he goes to sleep, he is really always practicing his lines.
Jonghyun: I would listen to music and write lyrics.
Key: I would also listen to music. I also like watching movies and taking pictures.
Jonghyun: At the top of Key’s bed, he hangs the pictures on a line.

☆ And Onew?
Onew: I like listening to quiet songs. If I’m lying down and listening to the songs, then I would fall asleep. (laughs) I think that taking care of your body is the most important thing, so I relax a lot.

☆ I heard that Minho really likes “Slam Dunk” (manga series).
Minho: Ah, yeah.
Jonghyun: Because he is a fiery/flaming boy (laughs)
Onew: It’s Hisashi Mitsui (Slam Dunk character).
Jonghyun: He even has “I am a man that will never give up” written on his cellphone. He also has Hisashi Mitsui’s picture in there.
Key: Oh, it has a lot of feel.
Jonghyun: Why…really? It has a really manly feel.
Key: Yeah, I like shopping. (laughs)
Minho: I started watching “Slam Dunk” in elementary school. This time, fans gave it to me as a gift, so I re-read it.

☆ Finally, what does “SHINee” mean to you?
Jonghyun: It is a “beginning”. From having dreams of wanting to become a singer, SHINee was formed. Through SHINee, we will have many more ‘beginnings’ in the future.
Onew: SHINee is…
Key: A lot of responsibility (?)
Onew: It is an “opportunity”. It was a really huge opportunity and it also gave us the chance to show new concepts to our fans.
Taemin: SHINee is “power/strength”. Members have always given me strength. Everyone on the staff is the same. They really give me a lot of strength. And it is because of that strength that I am able to work harder.
Key: I think it is a “dream”. It is what I’ve always hoped for, and in SHINee, many of my dreams came true. No matter what I do from now on, this experience has really taught/helped me a lot.
Jonghyun: To Minho, SHINee is a “flame”, right?
Key: Is it “soccer”? (laughs)
Minho: I think that SHINee is like “One Movie”
Everyone: Wow~! Oh~!
Jonghyun: It’s not just a movie, it’s “one” movie!
Minho: A movie can be meaningful, happy, and moving. There are many emotions in a movie. So once you say “SHINee“, I can really feel it. During the first TV performance after debut, I was really happy. When we won number one, I was really moved. SHINee‘s activities are played out as if we’re filming one movie.
Onew: Wow~ the ending is really good!
Jonghyun & Key: So handsome!
Onew: Ah, SHINee is “transformer”. Because we are constantly changing!
Minho: Haha.
Jonghyun & Key: Ah, that one isn’t bad either!








credits: amourette@soompi (trans) + movieweek


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  1. shineejjang

    funny xD

  2. bunk beds should be made from strong materials like steel or better yet composite fibers-.:

  3. bunk beds are quite comfortable specially if you use them in a tightly packed room or in a limited spaced room `~,

  4. I Would travel with taemin because i like goin to the theaters and go on vacations with him and do fun stuff and take their group on a trip to but me and him spend the time together and our self

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