Jaejoong’s New Drama Teaser Released, Fans React

After Yoona’s controversial kiss with Kwan Song Woo, here’s another SM artist who’s about to break the hearts of 800,000 fans with another much-hated kissing scene.

A teaser for Jaejoong’s upcoming new drama “Heaven’s Postman” has just been released and it shows the DBSK hottie kissing ‘Spring Waltz’ star Han Hyo Joo. As expected, Cassies are not too happy about it. In a way I can symphatize with the fans because if my Eunhyuk had to kiss someody, I’d go berserk too.

I’ve been a fan of Han Hyo Joo after watching her in Spring Waltz. Well, I had to watch it too because Siwon’s there. But I thought she did a great job on that drama. I also watched her in “High as the Sky, Wide as the Earth” and I totally fell in love with her and Park Hae Jin. They looked so cute together.

Now I feel a little sorry for her. She just multiplied her anti fans like a million times. Heard Cassies left a message on her webpage telling her to avoid NGs in the kissing scene and to finish it in just one shot. Sounds like a deadly threat to me. I seriously wish her luck.

Check out comments left by fans on Youtube. Some just cracks me up. lol

  • oh goodness, i wish that girl luck because all the cassies are going to come after her
  • Well, the Kiss Scene turned out better than I thought. I personally think that girl’s ugly… but that’s my opinion.
  • the first thing when i saw your video is gasp and go into shock for 5 seconds…
    now i’m in a coma and am in a vegetative state, lol
  • jaejoong is sexxxxy…the girl seems stupid lmao.
  • i don’t think it’s real, since they made it in a silhouette mode and all
  • oh my god..i cried.
  • Reply to above – Save your tears for a funeral…
  • …Couldn’t the writer just leave out that scene. It’s totally redundant…
    Am wondering why HHJ is still alive though.

credit: dirah9302@YT + allkpop

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One response to “Jaejoong’s New Drama Teaser Released, Fans React

  1. they need to get over it. it’s not like they like each other, it’s just acting.

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