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SJ’s Kyochon Chicken CF Ver 2

Now this look more like a chicken commercial than the other one! Kangin, Yesung, Heechul, Siwon and Sungminnie look so cute. It’s actually refreshing to see them not in suits. I sure hope they come out with the third version with Eunhyuk in it really soon.

Click here to watch the 1st version.

video credit: EuNteUk@YT

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Donghae vs Eunhyuk vs Heechul





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Heechul and Kangin’s ‘Date at 2PM’ Interview Transcript 090617




Park Myung Soo (P): How have you been these days?
Kangin: We’ve been promoting the new album.
P: “Sorry Sorry” has produced good responses, right?
Kangin, Heechul: Yes, the responses have been great.
P: Have the new album promotions ended yet?
Kangin: Not yet.
Heechul: We’re preparing for concerts right now.
P: I see. Actually, there isn’t many chances for members to see each other these days, right?
Heechul: Yes, not that many.
P: Leeteuk’s the one with the most individual activities, right?
Kangin: Leeteuk Hyung and Shindong. Actually, me and Heechul Hyung often meet individually. I can just say, “Hyung, let’s eat together” and we’ll meet, and then we’ll even drink. We meet pretty often, chatting together, so we’re close.
Heechul: The other members don’t drink very much. I think that as a man, it’s good to be able to drink a little.
P: Oh, I think so too. Where do you often go to drink?
Heechul: I like to go to places where there’s not a lot of people. Actually, I virtually don’t meet my seniors in the entertainment business at all. I don’t go out often, I just raise my cat at home and drink with the kitty. Hehehe
P: This…doesn’t look very good. Staying at home with your cat at such a young age..You should go outside and meet a girlfriend.
Heechul: Aigoo, I really want a girlfriend. Even teacher Lee Sooman told me, “Hm, you should get a girlfriend.”

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Super Junior to Attend Taiwan’s 20th Golden Melody Awards


Before bringing their The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show II to Taipei, fans of Super Junior will be delighted to know that their idols (the only foreign artist invited as the special guest) has been confirmed for the 20th Golden Melody Awards on 27th June. This will be Super Junior’s 2nd time at the awards ceremony, having previously attended the 18th edition in 2007. It will however still be only 12 instead of 13 members of Super Junior who will be attending. Kim Heechul missed the 2007 trip because of filming commitments and this time, Kim Kibum will be the one missing because of his acting preparations.

Super Junior was undoubtedly honored to be invited again, especially since it’s a significant milestone for the Golden Melody Awards which is into it’s 20th year of running. They will be performing their new songs, It’s You and Sorry, Sorry for the first time in Taiwan and handling out awards as well.

Pretty boy, Kim Heechul was pretty excited about his first trip to Taiwan, as his fellow Super Junior members and DBSK seniors have kept feeding him with information about how delicious the Taiwan delicacies were like Xiaolongbao and pearl milk tea. Heechul said, “I am definitely going to try out all kinds of Taiwan delicacies!” Other members who will be coming for the 2nd time have expressed their desire to challenge the legend of the spicy hot pot. They also hope to meet Patty Hou again, who had interviewed them twice last time. Eun Hyuk especially, refers Patty Hou as an angel.

The 20th Golden Melody Awards will be held on 27th June at the Taipei Arena and broadcast live on Azio TV cable channel. The red carpet show will begin at 5PM with the actual ceremony starting at 6.30PM (all times indicated are in Taiwan local time).

Source: Allkpop

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Heechul Reveals Taking Nude Photos of Himself

Super Junior member Kim Heechul has surprised everybody when he revealed that he often used his cellphone to take nude photos on the show KBS2TV “Shin Dongyup & Shin Bongsun’s Champagne” which will be aired at 11.20PM on June 20th.

Kim Heechul said without hesitant that “HanKyung is often the member who take nude photos (of me), he was quite annoying at first but in the end he still did it for me”. He aslo said he had felt like fainting when his cellphone get lost once before.

Also on that show, Heechul revealed that because of him, DBSK‘s U-Know Yunho had to breakup with his girlfriend once before. He said “By training together, I was close to DBSK‘s Uknow Yunho and thus, made him broke up with his gf”, “When we were still trainees, there was a time I was in my natural hairstyle & wearing flower pattern clothes. I sat next to Uknow Yunho at home and ate hamburger with him, his gf saw me then and mistake me with a girl”

original article are here & here
translated by
may take out with full credits

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Heechul’s Fancafe Message 090619

ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
09.06.19 23:17

I haven’t leave messages for a long time (-┏)Left (message) in winter.. now it’s already summer!!

Some time ago, I came here very sadly..

Crying all day long and thus falling asleep because of tiredness..(유_유)

(In Naruto, my favourite Itachi, his heartache.. Heuk Heuk*.. Those who watch Naruto will know..)



Nowadays, Chocoball has become the topic of discussion

Needless to say, this is a little exaggerated..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Heechul’s ‘Chocoball’ Group Revealed

Singer Jo Sungmo has talked about his group ‘Chocoball’ which included him and other hoobae singers on public.

On the recent filming of “Star Golden bell”, Jo Sungmo said “I want to introduce a group of AB blood type people called ‘Chocoball’ which included myself and Kim Heechul (Super Junior), Lee Hongki (FT Island), Mithra (Epik High), Jonghyun (SHINee), Natsun, total 6 members” and ‘Chocoball’ means ‘Although we’re a bit psychotic but the more you see us the more charming you’ll find (about us)’ ” which made the whole studio burst out laughing.

Kangin said “I had a chance to attend Chocoball’s meeting but there isn’t any room (for other people) for a while” and “They all talked about each other’s story, they’re all busy people”

The show will be aired at 5.15PM on June 20th

original article is here
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Our ‘We Got Married’ Dream Couples


“She is like my ideal type – Son Yae Jin – her elbow and Son Yae Jin’s elbow look alike” – Eunhyuk’s reason for ‘proposing’ to WG’s Yoobin

Old Cyworld Messages

Jessica: Babo, I’m here!
While I was practicing on my vocals you said hi right?
But as soon as I turned to look, you were gone. What’s with that?
Anyhow, I came to oppa’s homepage.
Please come to mine.

DongHae: Alright Pretty Sica. I will come visit.


“Really, honestly speaking, SNSD’s Seohyun. I know she’s one year younger than me so…I want to hear her say ‘Seungri oppa’ and then give me chocolates.”Seungri on who he wants to receive chocolates from

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Heechul on Looking Like ShinAe


Super Junior HeeChul has revealed that he had heard people said that he looked like ShinAe.

Heechul said on the show “Quiz Prince” of June 7th’s “MBC Sunday Sunday night” that “I had heard people said that I look like ShinAe” and “I dont want to hear that I’m beautiful, I cut my hair because I want to hear that I’m cool and handsome”.

On that day, Heechul talked about all kind of part time jobs that he did back then to pay for his university tuition fee. When Park JiYoon asked him “Dont you look like a prince?”, Heechul said “I’ve heard that a lot too” which made everybody burst out laughing.

Heechul also revealed that among Super Junior members, Choi Shiwon is the richest.

credits: Newsen + (trans) + sapphirepearls

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Fancam: Heechul Stole Eunhyuk’s Part

This was taken last May 22 when Super Junior won #1 position on K Chart that week for ‘It’s You’.

Heechul was very happy and so hyper! He even pulled Eunhyuk to the front to dance with him but the poor guy was busy crying. So he just stole Hyukie’s chest pumpin’ part and even flipped his shirt! LOL

They seem closer now after guesting in Intimate Note . I read somewhere that they even call each other “Intimate Mate’ now. How cute.

credit: GemieSJ @YT

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