SMTown Live ’09 Concert Songlist

01 OPENING! ‘SHOW TIME’ – TVXQ / Super Junior
02 Real – SHINee
03 Amigo – SHINee
04 Honey – SNSD
05 Wrong Number – TVXQ


06 Hug – TVXQ
07 Twins – Super Junior
08 Timeless – Zhang Li Yin Feat. Xiah TVXQ
09 Into The New World – SNSD
10 Replay – SHINee

11 One Love – EunHyuk SuJu Feat. Xiah TVXQ
12 매력적인 21세기 – Uknow / Micky / ShinDong / Key
13 I’m Alone –Tiffany SNSD
14 In My Room – SHINee
15 I Will – Zhang Li Yin

16 Complete – SNSD
17 1 Year Later – SNSD Feat. Onew SHINee
18 Mirotic – TVXQ
19 Purple Line – TVXQ
20 You’re My Miracle– TVXQ

21 SORRY, SORRY – Super Junior
22 A Man In Love – Super Junior
23 Let’s Not – Super Junior KRY
24 I Believe – TVXQ
25 Love Like Oxygen – SHINee

26 Talk To You – SHINee
27 One More Try – Zhang Li Yin
28 다음겨울 – RyeoWook / YeSung / Onew
29 Snow Dream – SM TOWN
30 Can You Hear Me – TaeYeon SNSD
31 Way Go Go – SNSD
32 Etude – SNSD

[Dance Battle]
DongHae / Uknow / HyoYeon / EunHyuk / ShinDong / Xiah / YuRi
33 Special Guests Time
34 Show Me Your Love – TVXQ & Super Junior


35 It’s You – Super Junior
36 Juliette – SHINee
37 Tell Me Your Wish – SNSD
38 사랑이 금지됐다 – Zhang Li Yin
39 U – Super Junior
40 Love In The Ice – TVXQ
41 Gee – SNSD
42 Balloon – TVXQ
43 Let’s Go On a Trip – SM TOWN

credit: kpopjjang


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SMTOWN Live ’09 in August


The annual SM Entertainment extravaganza, SMTOWN Live 09 has been confirmed for 16th August at Seoul’s Jamshil stadium, starting from 5pm and ending at 10 at night.

Other than BoA who is busy in America (no CSJH either), all other artistes under the SM label like TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Zhang Li Yin, SHINee plus special guests (not revealed yet) will be entertaining fans throughout the night.

A SM Entertainment representative said, “This is a concert that’s highly anticipated by fans in Korea and the whole of Asia. All sorts of interesting performances by each group and individual artistes have been planned and can only be seen at SMTOWN Live 09. In addition, we have also prepared for special guest performers on that day.”

Pre-orders will begin at 8pm on 23rd July through GMarket ticketing website.

source: allkpop

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More on SHINee’s Movieweek Interview & Pics


☆ Last year’s “SHINee Yunhanam” was really entertaining. (laughs) Honestly, it was real, right?
Jonghyun: Yes, of course it was real. The production team allowed us to freely do what we want; they only controlled the cameras.
Onew: They only told us to “Please use this way to initiate”.
Minho: When we first started, we had no idea what to do. So for the first episode, we followed what the writer told us to do.
Jonghyun: Yes, but when the first episode came out, we said, “It shouldn’t be like this”. So the members gathered together – we even had a meeting – and from then on, we decided to show our true selves. So towards the end of the series, it became more meaningful.

When fighting to be the “noona’s” choice, was there any fighting?
Everyone: Of course not. (laughs)
Onew: The one that was chosen would go on the date. The rest of us were together and still had fun.
Jonghyun: We also made many memories together. Of course, we also had fun with the noona. (laughs)

☆ After this kind of “on-camera dating”, one must want a real date. What are the dream dates of each member?
Onew: Bungee jumping.
Jonghyun: So the both of you would jump down together?
Onew: You can do that? Ah, then it should be that way. There’s also flying boat, scuba diving, and rock climbing!
Jonghyun: You might as well go into the universe. (laughs)

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SHINee’s Interview for Inside United July Issue


Soccer and the entertainment industry are definitely two different worlds, but they both share a common point: Fans. The 5 shining members of SHINee who have always been working hard with their fans were very excited about the visit of Manchester United to Korea after 2 years. Let’s listen to the Manchester United love of Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key.

Really happy to meet you all! What do you first think of when ‘Man United’ is mentioned?

Onew: Player Park Ji-Sung! I heard that Park Ji-sung has flat foot, and it’s very difficult for those with flat foot whether in terms of their lifestyle or in sport, so I really like his hardworking side.

Taemin: Player Park Ji-sung is someone who represents us as he work overseas. He lets the world know about Korea, he’s handsome and I really respect him.

SHINee has also met fans through overseas activities right?

Jonghyun: It’s very interesting. We are very happy to see fans overseas, each country has its own uniqueness.

We know that Minho-goon really likes soccer, so when Park Ji-sung dons the Man United attire, how does he feel?

Minho: I am very exctied. I will think that ‘Even a Korean player can be selected into Premier League’. I watched the match through live streaming that time and he looked very moved before the official entrance. At that time I was a trainee, so I felt that I needed to work harder in what I do.

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Charming Analysis Between SHINee and 2PM


“If you compare them in terms of colors, then SHINee is white and 2PM is black.”

I couldn’t agree more! I love both groups but they have completely different styles, hence, they shouldn’t be pitted against each other. They’re quite the opposite actually – SHINee being soft, sweet and oh so cute while 2PM’s more rough and manly.

But if we’re just talking about charm, then SHINee wins hands down! ^ ^

video credit: cchungalung@YT

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SHINee’s Interview for Movie Week Magazine



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Inside SHINee’s Bags for High Cut



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