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Sooyoung Loves Campus Life


“I feel as free as when I went to school. Being a celebrity while going to school on campus made me happy.”

In March, Sooyoung was accepted to JoongAng University for Acting. She expressed how much fun she was having on campus while promoting “Tell Me Your Wish” with SNSD in this interview.

Sooyoung said, “Although it’s fun studying your favourite drama, everytime I go to school, I feel free.” She also said, “I ride the subway and buses and I also go eat in the student cafeteria. People never say ‘Isn’t that SNSD‘s Sooyoung’ and it made me feel more comfortable to walk around.”

Tiffany said, “Sooyoung attends school regularly” and revealed, “She doesn’t even sleep, but she studies for her exams.”

Thanks to attending school faithfully, Sooyoung was also able to make many new friends.

The members said, “Out of our members, nobody really meets and talks on the phone with their friends so we were jealous of Sooyoung” They laughed by saying, “There have been times when we were in the car, she talked for so long on the phone with her friends that out of jealousy, we yelled at her to ‘be quiet’.”

credits: Yonhap News (reported by Lee Eunjung)
translation by: kkbluvv and


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SNSD 10 Years from Now


So Nyeo Shi Dae members did an interview recently, and they were asked the question ‘Where do you picture yourself 10 years down the road?’. And the answers ranged from ‘married lady’ till ‘advancing in America’.


To be true, until then I don’t know if I will be singing as part of So Nyeo Shi Dae. But even if we become ajummas, ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’ will never change. Right now it is So Nyeo Shi Dae, in the future and forever it will be.


I think it will be forever ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’. I will continue to do music and I think that it will be fun to be advancing into America.


Won’t I be married and living happily? kkk


I think it would be great that I become more matured knowing and understanding things that I still don’t right now. I have a big dream about getting married, so I think I would be married and living happily with my partner. I would be great that I’m doing a variety of things like MC, DJ, acting etc.


Hmm. There is a possibility that I’m married, or that I’m still studying. I have always wish to study. But studying on what? That’s secret! kk


I wish to grow up freely and be the So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun as ever. And I want to do the things I want to do.”


I think I would still be promoting in the name of So Nyeo Shi Dae. No hesitation. And giving others energy.


I think I will be getting along well with the members. I think I will grow well as ‘me’ and ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae’.

credit: Kbites

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Sooyoung Not Attracted to 2PM’s Nickhun


SNSD Sooyoung made remarks that she is not fond of guys like Nickhun who have white faces.

On MBC ‘Fantastic Duo’ that aired on the 7th, Kim Jaedong asked Nickhun “What do you think of Sooyoung if she was your girlfriend?” Nickhun responded, “She’s very pretty, but I want to talk about it later.” Sooyoung gave laughter by replying, “I myself don’t really like guys whose face is whiter than mine.”

On this day, Nickhun said, “When I was young, I liked cute and chubby girls” and shared his ideal type of girl. Lee Sangbyuk who also appeared on the show said, “I think Nickhun will look good with a boyish type of girl.” He also suggested saying “Jo Hyeryun does boxing and so, I think it will be good if you had a sister like Jo Hyeryun.”

In the mean time, Nickhun who appeared twice on ‘Fantastic Duo’ surprised the MCs with his improvement in Korean compared to his first appearance on the show.

Source: 이미혜
Translated by:

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SNSD Meets Horror Film Teacher Lee Bumsoo


SNSD met with Lee Bumsoo as their first acting teacher.

SNSD met with with the actor Lee Bumsoo in order to receive extensive training on the ways of traditional acting during the show which will air on the 24th, on MBC ‘Horror Film Factory’. This training will help them in their progress towards becoming a horror queen.

MC Yoo Saeyoon conducted ‘Scoring of Lee Bumsoo’ and casually carried out a conversation by asking the girls what they normally thought of Lee Bumsoo. However, Lee Bumsoo was hidden on the bus and was able to hear what each of the girls had said about him.

On this day Tiffany fully expressed her acting skills that she had been practicing, and Seohyun surprised everyone with her superb acting when she screamed at Lee Bumsoo then started crying.

Also each of the girls prepared a gift for Lee Bumsoo with the 20,000 won (approx. $20) each had been given. Tiffany purchased a swimming trunk for the upcoming summer, Sooyoung purchased a fake wife pillow to prevent him from becoming lonely, and Hyoyeon purchased ramen noodles and a tin pot which brought laughter to Lee Bumsoo.

The one girl that Lee Bumsoo chooses as the best student will be given the chance to film a test film along with Sooyoung who was chosen in the previous haunted school episode.

The show will air at 6:20 pm on the 24th.

credits: newsen + k_Taevid@soshified (trans)

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SNSD Chosen as Models for Cereal Brand


Female group SNSD‘s Sooyoung, Sunny, Seohyun, together with Shin Aera became CF models for the product ‘Post Cranberry Almond Granola.’

From the 16th of this month the new commercial for ‘Post Cranberry Almond Granola’ was revealed on television, asking the consumers, ‘If there is a delicious cereal, how good does it have to be…?’


In this commercial, the already established ‘face’ of Post Cornflakes, Shin Aera asks ‘Do you know? Which cereal is popular nowadays?’ and shows SNSD members eating the product by themselves.

The brand spokesman, An Kyongho, stated “This product aims to change the thoughts of the regular consumers that cereal is only for children,” and “hence for this product we chose SNSD, who are popular stars that are recognized by people of all ages, to be the models.”

credits: Donga + Cph@Soshified

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SNSD Attends Yoo Se Yun’s Wedding


On May 17th, comedian Yoo Se Yun (28) finally tied the knot with his lovely noona of 7 years, Hwan Kyung Hee (32), who is a kindergarten teacher and is also 4 years older than him.

SNSD members (Sunny, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Taeyeon) were there to celebrate Yoo’s happiest day.





credits: sportsseoul + orinneko@soshified + and as tagged

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Sooyoung Plays Baseball


Sooyoung of SNSD will be making an appearance as a batter for the Samsung vs. Dusan baseball game on the 15th.

In celebration of Teacher’s Day also designated as ‘Joongahng University Day’ which is on the 15th, Sooyoung will be cheering the teams during the game at Jamsil Stadium.

This celebratory event was created to get not just the college students and staff, but also all related workers of Joongahn University Hospital and middle/high school students of that region to come to Jamsil Stadium in order to cheer on the Dusan Bears. The total estimated number of invited audience is 6,100 people.

The celebratory pitching for ‘Joongahng University Day’ will be done by the vice principal of Joongahng University, and Sooyoung of SNSD, who is currently a student at the theater department of Joongahng University will be in charge of the celebratory batting.

One the other hand the Dusan group has become one family with Joongahng University after numerous community service activities and donations to the school on May 14th of last year.

credits: + k_Taevid@soshified (translation)

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