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SM Releases Official Statement Over DBSK’s Case

SM Entertainment has released their official stand on the case.

They said on 1st August morning, “It is true that Xiah, Hero and Micky made the application for provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive rights effects from their contract on 31st July at the district court. With that the company is very taken back by the action, we are trying to get confirm all the truth from them currently. “

They continued, “But as a representative group to the country and to Asia, our stand is that activities for Dong Bang Shin Ki have to continue even with this disposition application. And about the problems arising from the discussion to do a cosmetic entreprise, we plan to talk over them and sort out the problems as soon as possible.”

It has been know that members YunHo and ChangMin has decided not to take part in this lawsuit. Both of them are currently preparing for their drama debut this September and year-end.

credit: Kbites

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Mnet Super 100 You’re My Boyfriend

Jonghyun #32

Minho #55

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Changmin’s Old Diary


Hamburgers. Pizza. Ddeokbokgi. Black pudding. Sundae. Kamaboko. Kimbab. Bibimbap

Spaghetti. Jjajangmyeon. Sweet and sour pork. Dumplings. Kkanpunggi. Capsicum Donburi

Tofu. Sobulgogi Donburi. Omelet rice. Rabokgi. Jjajangbap

Champon. Jjolmyeon. Seolreongbap. Bulgogi. Bulgalbi. Galbitang

Galbijjim. Sashimi. Hoedeopbap. Squid. Octopus. Salmon. Shrimps

Kimchi stew. Miso soup. Tempura. Udon. Sweets. Drink. Ham. Cheese

Cake. Sandwich. Yakitori. Dalgalbi. Chicken. Pork cutlet

Candy. Fruit. French fries. Daljjim. Daldoritang. Gulbi. Potatoes

Sweet potatoes. Chestnut. Quails eggs. Duck. Haejangguk woogeoji. Curry

Meatballs. Soup. Yukgaejang. Bread. Cookies. Noodles. Kimchi fried rice

Fried rice. Twinkies. Gamjatang. Seafood stew. Mushroom stew and ice cream.

Sushi. Tofu stew. Tofu fries. Buchimgae. Bindaetteok. Gimchijeon. Scallion pancake

Buchujeon. Gyeranjjim. Gyeranmalgi. Boiled eggs. Tuna. Rice cake. Tteokguk

Beef. Kimchi. Yubuchobap. Dumpling soup. Kim. Crabs. Yukhoe. Gejang

credit: ohmicky
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Changmin must have been really hungry at that time. LOL

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DBSK and Their Dogs

Yunho’s dog Taepung
Yunho and his dog 'Taepung' (Siberian Husky)

Yunho and his dog 'Taepung' (Siberian Husky)

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