SHINee’s Interview for Inside United July Issue


Soccer and the entertainment industry are definitely two different worlds, but they both share a common point: Fans. The 5 shining members of SHINee who have always been working hard with their fans were very excited about the visit of Manchester United to Korea after 2 years. Let’s listen to the Manchester United love of Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key.

Really happy to meet you all! What do you first think of when ‘Man United’ is mentioned?

Onew: Player Park Ji-Sung! I heard that Park Ji-sung has flat foot, and it’s very difficult for those with flat foot whether in terms of their lifestyle or in sport, so I really like his hardworking side.

Taemin: Player Park Ji-sung is someone who represents us as he work overseas. He lets the world know about Korea, he’s handsome and I really respect him.

SHINee has also met fans through overseas activities right?

Jonghyun: It’s very interesting. We are very happy to see fans overseas, each country has its own uniqueness.

We know that Minho-goon really likes soccer, so when Park Ji-sung dons the Man United attire, how does he feel?

Minho: I am very exctied. I will think that ‘Even a Korean player can be selected into Premier League’. I watched the match through live streaming that time and he looked very moved before the official entrance. At that time I was a trainee, so I felt that I needed to work harder in what I do.

What are your impressions of Man United?

Minho: Because Park Ji-sung is in the team, so the team’s impression in Korea is good. They play their matches well and have won a lot of matches. Looking from a more objective view, they are a very good team with an outstanding coach and wonderful players.

Jonghyun: Because of player Park Ji-sung, so I feel that they are confident.

Man United has always been associated with victory. SHINee has received first place upon comeback, don’t you want to continue receiving first place in subsequent competitions?

Jonghyun: Of course. I will be very happy to get first place.

Onew: When we were standing on our first comeback stage, we were very nervous because we were in contention for first place, and in the end they really awarded us first place. When I think that ‘We receieved so much love from everyone’ so I feel more determined to work even harder.

Jonghyun: When we got the award I was very touched, and very shocked. Because it’s such a big award, so must work even harder to make this more meaningful.

Onew: I believe that with hard work there will be fruits of labour to be reaped.

On 24th July, Man United will be playing a friendly match in Korea after 2 years, excited right?

Minho: 2 years ago when they came I really wanted to go watch, but because I had practice then so I couldn’t go. I already arranged to go with my friends but it was the period when we were preparing for our debut, so even though it was a pity but I really couldn’t go. Even after so long, I still want to go watch, it’s a world renowned football club. Having a world class football club in Korea must be something very glorious. If there is the chance, of course I cannot miss the chance to go watch.

The tickets for the Man United match has been sold out in just 10 hours.

Jonghyun: It’s really incredible. I can feel the passion of the fans. To hold such an important match in Korea, it seems very interesting, so I really anticipate it.

Do you usually watch the telecast of Man United matches?

Minho: I watched a lot of telecasts on cable TV. If the time allows, I will watch the live telecast. I will also watch the exciting parts online.

Jonghyun: Minho also watches soccer at times when he is supposed to be sleeping. Also when he goes to school. (laughs)

Onew: He is always propping his chin up when watching, even though he already wanted to sleep beforehand. Sometimes when I wake up in the wee hours, I got a shock seeing him still watching soccer.

You only end your activities at midnight, but still watch soccer in the wee hours, don’t you feel tired?

Minho: If it’s something that I like, I must definitely watch it, so I can endure the exhaustion. When I watch something I like, it also helps to relieve my fatigue.

Did you watch the finals of 08/09 Champins League?

Minho: I watched the live telecast. Man United’s playing is such a pity. Even though Barcelona played really well, but Man United’s teamwork was lacking. Even though it’s quite regrettable for Man United but I want to give player Park Ji-sung 10 marks for his performance.

Player Park Ji-sung did not go on court in last year’s finals, did you get a shock?

Minho: All the talks and news came out the day before the match. Coach Ferguson also hinted that Park Ji-sung played really well in the previous match, so he will let him play. But in the end, he was not even in the reserve team, so I was really sad. It’s good if he gets in this time. (laughs)

If he doesn’t get to go on court this time too?

Minho: I will be quite upset I guess. It’s really a pity.

Minho-goon also like Henry, so during the finals, when the 2 players that you like, Park Ji-sung and Henry go up against each other, who will you support?

Minho: I won’t support either teams and just watch the fan. I think as a fan, I will happily congratulate whichever team that emerges the winner.

We hear that in SM, there are a lot of singers such as Xiah Junsu and Super Junior who likes soccer.

Onew: In our company, we have SM United. We haven’t had a official match before but we are very happy to be together, it’s very interesting.

Minho: We only just entered the team, when we debuted, we automatically got a place in the team. (laughs) We even have our attires already but because of our individual schedules, we haven’t gotten together to play soccer. Soccer is something that I like the most, if I play I must play midfielder, the hyungs gave me the Number 10 shirt. Number 10 is the symbol of the midfielder, I was really happy to when I got Number 10.

Do you usually talk to other singers about soccer?

Minho: I watch soccer with the hyungs of Super Junior, we talk while we watch, and when we play soccer together we talk about things related to it too. I also play winning game with the Dong Bang Shin Ki hyungs, and also talk a lot about soccer.

Any type of sport is important in the education of youths. We heard that singers also received tough education when they were trainees. Wasn’t it hard during your trainee period?

Taemin: I am the maknae, so I find it the most difficult, but I feel very happy at the same time so it doesn’t feel as tough. It appears to be the same for the hyungs too.

Jonghyun: As long as it’s something that I want to do I will be happy. It’s very interesting, because from such a young age I got to enter such a good organization, isn’t it such a good opportunity?

Key: I spent about 3 years as a trainee. Every weekend I returned to my home in Daegu from Seoul, it’s very interesting so I don’t find it difficult. Even though it can be tiring, but every week feels as if I am going traveling.

You have been onto many different performance stages. Man United and player Park Ji-sung has also played many large and small scaled matches. So in this area, you should share the same feelings as player Park Ji-sung?

Jonghyun: The stage does not just belong to us, it also belongs to the fans, the audience, and the staff who work together to give the stage existence. Even though no matter how you see it there may be no connection, but hearing the fans’ cheers and encouragement can give us cheer. To be able to breath with the fans, it really can generate a very powerful strength.

Your new album has been released in end may, introduce it.

Onew: Our second mini album titled ‘ROMEO’ with the title track “Juliette’ has been released. The songs tell the love story of Romeo & Juliette, when you listen to it you will feel happy.

Your activity plans for the entire year is?

Jonghyun: With our previous album, our goal was the Newcomer Award. This time, our goal is to display our new image, and to show our unique music, colour, pop and other things.

‘Juliette’ has a very different mood to your debut song ‘Noona, You Are So Pretty’.

Jonghyun: We are a contemporary band who is always looking to display the trends in the world, so there is something different but through this, we come up with the style and colours that only belongs to us SHINee.

Taemin-goon’s image has changed a lot too.

Taemin: I am studying in High School now, so I grew taller by a lot. My hairstyle changed this time, and I also lost baby fats, so my image has changed.

Is there anything that you want to say to the Man United players, including Park Ji-sung, who will be visiting Korea?

SHINee: We feel very honoured to have world class football club Man United to come to Korea. To be able to see Man United up close in Korea, if there is the chance, we will really want to go the the match itself. Also, we also want to say that thanks to Park Ji-sung and the other players, we are able to watch such a good match.

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Chinese Translation: bobohero@闪耀星球
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Credits: SHINee Forums


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