‘SM vs YG’ Online War

A scene from YG TV, the new reality program that takes fans into the everyday lives of YG artists such as Big Bang and 2NE1, has caused an uproar among netizens.

The scene showed G-Dragon’s negative response when he and the rest of the Big Bang members were watching SBS Inkigayo and Super Junior won that week’s Mutizen Award over 2NE1.

Accordingly, after Super Junior was announced the winner, G-Dragon uttered:

  • ‘Oh my’
  • ‘What the, SM’

Check out the video. Scene starts at 0:18

This of course did not escape the attention of  netizens who were outraged by Big Bang’s reactions and heated debates over the incident filled every internet forum. Angry fans were saying that YG is trying to put SM down, etc. VIPs, Big Bang’s fanbase, apologized for what happened but some netizens continue to fight over this.

Honestly, the first time I saw the video, I was kinda ticked off by GD’s reaction but after reviewing it a couple of times, I thought maybe he was merely disappointed that 2NE1 didn’t win and I don’t think he’s stupid enough to say anything to offend Super Junior or SM while filming.

I hope this whole ridiculous ‘SM vs YG’ war thing stops already. This is the last thing that we need – a nasty fandom war that will only hurt our idols. I don’t think Super Junior or Big Bang would be happy if they knew we’re fighting over this. So let’s all stop making a big deal out of this and just chill ok? ^^

credits: CieloNataly@YT + Kbites


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3 responses to “‘SM vs YG’ Online War

  1. TaeJeon

    I’d be kinda disappointed too if someone in my music family didn’t win either. GD was probably thinking the same.

  2. seoulroks

    i like SHINee and BIGBANG and i really cant choose just YG or SM. They both make really great music. but YG’s logo looks very cool

  3. ShuJu

    hope GD changed this attitude.
    but i really love Super Junior!!

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