SHINee’s 1st Photo Book to be Released on July 15th


Contemporary band SHINee, who’ve been become popular with ‘Juliette’ will release a photo book

From the 2nd to the 14th, preorders of the photo book will be available on Kyobobook, Yes24, Interpark, UFO Town & website, and Offline Hottracks Store. It is planned to be released on the 15th.

This photo book was prepared so that it will not only include music performances, but will also have SHINee showing their various charms and them taking the lead in fashion. In order to really express their attractiveness, SHINee traveled to the vast, natural scenery of New Zealand. They worked for one week without any time for breaks. In these pictures, you can feel SHINee‘s various images from innocence to coolness to sleek city men.

This simple photo book is expected to be a popular “It Item” for SHINee fans.

credit: kimchi hana@soompi

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