Yoona Lifts Tiffany’s Skirt, Fans React



A fancam taken before SNSD peformed ‘Etude’ on Music Core last June 27 captured Yoona lifting Tiffany’s skirt and looking so shocked at what she saw underneath. Yoona then can be seen mouthing ‘You didn’t wear it?’. She was of course referring to their ‘shorts’ that they have to wear underneath their skirts to avoid flashing the audience during their performance. Yoona obviously worried, Sooyoung who’s standing next to her grabbed Tiffany and turned her over to check if anything’s visible. After checking, Sooyoung and Yuri who’s behind Yoona assured an embarrassed Tiffany that ‘it’ won’t show.

When the video was uploaded over the internet, fans had mixed reactions over this issue. Some fans were appalled that Yoona would dare lift Tiffany’s skirt in public and on stage! They thought she was rude for doing this especially since she’s younger than Tiffany. Others though defended her, saying Yoona looked genuinely worried and that she was just being a good friend trying to prevent possible ‘accidents’ to happen. Other fans also criticized Tiffany for being ‘slutty’, not wearing the shorts on purpose, etc. Sigh. Koreans are so hard to please.

If you ask me, this seems a perfectly normal situation between these 9 girls – checking and making sure that they’re all ok and everything’s workin fine. As for Yoona flipping Tiffany’s skirt, she probably notice that something’s amiss that’s why she checked but she shouldn’t have lifted her skirt right then and there. And Tiffany should have worn the shorts if she didn’t want her panties exposed to the world. Hope they’re careful next time.

Check out the video and decide for yourself. The ‘lifting’ starts at 2:00.

credits: sookyungie@YT + Kbites


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83 responses to “Yoona Lifts Tiffany’s Skirt, Fans React

  1. hye mi

    i heard Tiffany is a slut..so it make sense for her not to were short or even panties. as for yonna is to late she cant help that slut

    • K

      I think you are a jealous bitch. That’s so sad.. I think it’s better to be known as a slut than a jealous bitch..

    • soshilove

      Jealous bitch! Can’t even spell Yoona’s name right.

      • hye mi

        fuck you peeps who called me a Jealous bitch! bet you are both slut who think its better to be a slut what a dumb ass. and i saw the radio thing and i can so tell that they were trying to cover up that slut.

    • HOLLY

      she did were shorts and underwear she just forgot the special thing to pin her skirt down so it wouldnt fly up when she turned and yoona was checking to see if it was pinned thats why she went u didnt wear it i mean come on why would tiffany all the sudden decide to not wear underwear and shorts out of all the perfomances she has done in skirts plus u can tell that yoona did it in a way to make sure no one saw tiffanys behind

    • ngeeeeee… u slut! using hye mi name suddenly// slutty bitch.. please go fuck urself. hahaha

      • Rikuo takamasheshi

        God what’s wrong with you people scolding each other with profanities (vulgar words) just in case some of you don’t know the meaning you saw it clearly she (yoona) was doing something hard wait a minute that’s what she said.


      Tiffany is not a Slut. you don’t even know her. So your comment is like whatever..


      STFU. She forgot to clip her skirt. People make mistakes. Dun fcking tell me you dun fcking make mistakes. Perhaps she was late? Fcking jealous bitch.

      • Rikuo takamasheshi

        I never make mistake because in my school of 8 ninjas, if you make mistake you will be punished by no food for two days and you can only drink one liter of water for the 2 days and my zen sensei would poke needles in my body that;s how perfection is achieved in every ninjas life

    • kimkyu

      Your just an anti of tiffany get out of here you sl*t, tiffany is christian, why would she do that on purpose, she forgot it, and you write it like yoona not yonna lol go to school b*itch

      • Rikuo takamasheshi

        Doesn’t mean if a person is a christian that person can’t be slutty it’s simple logic

  2. anonymousone1

    The girls came up to explain about it on ChinChin Radio yesterday saying that YoonA had said, “You didn’t clip your skirt” instead of “You didn’t wear shorts?”.

  3. TaeJeon

    What’s past is past.

  4. Hey , Yoona’s just protecting the reputation of her unnie . What if an ‘accident’ happened and Tiffany will have SO MANY issues and SNSD’s affected , too ? Yoona’s just being kind , and Tiffany’s mistake is just a mistake anyone from the group can do . Maybe she just forgot to do the clipping of her skirt or wearing of her shorts because of some reason .

  5. Bong Quisha

    This is so sad and PATHETIC. look at the video. Nietzens make the BIGGEST DEAL off of Small ass things! Wtf. It’s not even a big deal! The way it’s described through words make it sound worst than it realy is. Seriously people, get over yourselves and stop trying to find stupid stuff to make a whole controversey out of it. Grow the fuck up.

  6. epic fail people, SNSD are all sluts, especially yoona :O

    but i like them anyway.

  7. izyanraziff

    Ooo..that so thoughtful of Yoona to be worried about Tiffany but you have to admit it kinda wrong and rudeb lifting up your friend skirt in front of many fans….She should have just ask Tiffany if she had wear the shorts and not lifting her skirt…But still Yoona and the other SNSD members are very kind and thoughtful towards Tiffany…

  8. JKH

    yoona could whisper in tiffany ear instead of pulling that skirt up. what the fucking hell is she thinking? did she ever think before doing something that might humiliate ( sorri if wrong spelling ) the girl. Hey Yoona ever heard of RESPECT. maybe you should go to kindergardent to learn what is the true meaning of respect. Yah, maybe you guys out there think that what she did is for the good but people, have you guys ever heard of WHISPER TO SOMEONE EAR. Basically, Yoona never used her brain when she did that. Sorry to Yoona lovers and fans but this is just a fact. So live with it!

    • Rikuo takamasheshi

      I agree with you man or girl whatever your’e gender may be but yeah she could have just whispered does she needs to go to kindergarten to learn basic respect.

  9. Julmeoni

    LOLOLOL anyone notice Sooyoung’s merong and eyeroll near the end? Do ALL the members hate Tiffany? XD

  10. woah yoona and tiffany are sluts they do that everytime to finger their own butts yoona was suprised as tiffany was wearing shorts so she could not be fingered!

    • Rikuo takamasheshi

      What they masturbate they are supposed to be good people no wonder they get punished for all their sins

  11. Hui Mei

    :(] I can’t believe yoonA did that!

  12. Gimbly

    Yoona is stupid for doing that. Even if Tiffany doesn’t wear her panties, that’s her problem. She doesn’t have to reveal it in public. She can just ask. HATE YOONA, LOVE TIFFANY!!

  13. Mika

    on a radio show yoona and tiffany had talked about this
    tiffany was wearing a underwear and a short but yoona lifted tiffanys skirt up because the short were clipped on tiffanys dress
    it’s all only a big misunderstand

  14. one person

    the comments are abit too childish, come on stop fighting over yoona and tiffiny.if you are a sone you would love the whole group not some people in the group

  15. TammyLoves SnsdSHINee

    Yoona was trying to protect Tiffany,not a pervert. She was making sure her unnie was wearing shorts to prevent the skirt from flipping and starting a commotion. Yoona is a good person making sure her unnie wears a skirt to protect herself. To all Yoona haters after watching this, Yoona was only trying to protect her unnie and preventing a commotion. So, please don’t hate Yoona. All sones should love all SNSD members. Tiffany has already forgave Yoona. So, to all Tiffany lovers, let’s be like Tiffany and forgive Yoona.

    • ThatsBull

      I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY! It doesnt matter if Yoona was doing this out of kindness or whatever. I understand that she did this because she was worried and didnt want this little problem to turn into a huge commotion, i get that. But anybody with sense would know not to lift up her skirt. At the apprepriate timing she could have whispered in her ear. She knows shes infront of a whole bunch of fans and press i mean duh THEY ARE RIGHT THERE INFRONT OF HER! She should know better, young or not. Your suppose to make sure that skirt doesnt get lift up so why would you go and lift it up yourself and “claim” that you did it out of “love”

      you go and lift it up anyway and then claim you did that because you were being “kind”

      • secrebleu

        You brought up some fantastic points!!! 🙂 but yes, she’s not too young to realize that it is wrong to do that in public, she could’ve discreetly fixed the problem (if there ever was one, which just seems too unlikely at this point) by whispering in Tiffany’s ear to tell her, and not show off what’s under Tiffany’s skirt when Yoona is claiming to be hiding it.

    • Rikuo takamasheshi

      That’s a cock and bull story i know i know it’s a better way to say bull shi*t but what i i was yoona and you were tiffany and i pull your skirt up what would first strike your mind im sure you will be upset so eat it

  16. Keith

    Maybe Yoona made the mistake. But please don’t go overboard by saying she’s a flirt or say anything bad. Yoona is still quite young at that point and sometimes being young, made you forgot to think. But I’m not saying that she’s dumb or whatever cause she isn’t. Yoona was just worried about Fany. And besides Fany was wearing shorts that time and she just forgot to Clip it. And I guess nothing was seen when Yoon lifts it, Right ? :))

  17. Mi

    Really embarrassing if that were me, but people make mistakes… I hope Yoona doesn’t do that again. She could’ve just asked her instead, they are in the public eye…but shouldn’t tiffany know if she is wearing shorts or not? xD

  18. all you overeacting people i’m so disappointed.

  19. Amber

    Wow…The people who leave really hateful comments about both Yoona and Tiffany (love you girl! :3), half some serious issues. You can’t deal with your own problems, so you take it out on them, whom you’ve never met. You say they’re whores and sluts and whatever bad name you can think of, but have you really met them to know that? And it takes one to know one, so I guess if you “know” they are what you call them, that must make you guys sluts and bitches as well. It only makes sense, if you can tell that from a clip that you guys look way to into.

  20. CM

    I agree with Keith.
    They already said on the radio show what actually happened. Tiffany was wearing both underwear and shorts, but she didn’t clip it to her dress.
    Yoona did make a mistake by lifting Fany’s dress in front of the people, but it was just an accident and them, like you all have to let it go.
    Would you lose your friend just because of something like that? I don’t think so…
    And like Keith said, Yoona was still really young and sometimes it’s normal to see this kind of things between girls their age.
    It was wrong that Yoona lifted her skirt, but it was just for the purpose of making sure Tiffany was ok.
    If I was them I would just erase and rewind. Just pretend nothing ever happened, because this is not an excuse to start a fight.
    And I wanna set this clear: I’m not on Tiffany’s side either in Yoona’s. I’m just expresing my point of view and how I would have acted in their place.

  21. TiffanyCassiSONE

    I HATE yoona Love TIFFANY i’m a SONE i love SNSD but i HATE yoona i’m support only 8 member i hate yoona not change yoona is stupied TIFFANY IS THE BEST

  22. Humsikk

    Even if Tiffany didn’t pin her skirt, Yoona wasn’t right to do that in front of the crowd. It just like you embarass someone and poor my tiffany. She always being a victim of another member acts.

    • secrebleu

      OMG- I cannot believe that anyone else noticed that!!! If you’d look at my post on this page, you’d see I said the same thing. I feel so sorry for Tiffany because of that.

  23. yushing lin

    yo fuckfaces! the shit happened like fucking 3 yrs ago! so get over it, get a life and die you white trash nigger infested race!!

  24. kissme

    i don’t think it should be blown out of proportion. girls in the philippines do that to make sure that other people won’t be perverting over what was underneath a girl’s skirt… what’s the matter with that. yoona didn’t purposely do it to embarrass tiffany and isn’t a slut ladies and gentlemen. yoona cleared it out that tiffany forgot to CLIP the skirt and a cloth underneath and got worried that it might show nt because tiffany wasn’t wearing any shorts..

  25. tiffany is not a slute yoona is .
    yoona is jealosu beacuse tiffany is a better singer than her
    and prettyer than yoona.
    i hate that bitch yoona

    • secrebleu

      I love Tiffany, and I don’t really like Yoona either. However, to make your point stronger, you ought to use actually evidence to back up your point, like how are Yoona’s actions promiscuous (how would you define that) and so on….

  26. anna

    actually, yoona is probably the nicest member ik. yoona isnt a slut, people make her look like it. and yeah this happened 3 yrs ago. and plus, how do you know if tif or yoon are sluts? do u have proof? no? then shut up

  27. snow-59347

    While, it’s Yoona’s fault. She shouldn’t lift it in front at the stage and it’s really very rude.She
    should check it behind the stage where nobody sees. She flipped in front, all thr Tiffany’s fans will no longer are Tiffany’s fans anymore. Only some. follow. to Tiffany. Honestly, what we usually do before heading for the stage, we check everything fir
    st rite? Then, why shouldd Yoona check it in front at the stage. Is she just purposely do that? She didn’t has a mind of her own. A straightforward answer from me. Sorry to all Yoona’s fans. And if Yoona didn’t start first, I will never blame Tiffany about this. Tiffany should also wear something inside her skirt.

    • Rikuo takamasheshi

      Dude i have no idea what are you saying you should improve on you’re english cause you know………………. you know it i don’t have to tell u

  28. Anonymous

    Why are you people so immature and as to make matter even worser, you’re a bunch of SONEs. Like seriously?! They had their reasons to do what they did because they wanted to for whatever personal and private matters it is. Heck, how’d you like it if you were the one in Yoong or Fany’s place? You wouldn’t like others bashing on you and to bash about you about something that’s already happened and been over with for how many years now?! TWO YEARS!!! Just drop the freakin conversation and let whatever happen in the past stay in the past for goodness sake. Stop making a big deal out of one small little thing like it’s the end of the world!

  29. snow-59347

    I’m not their sones.. I’m telling the truth.. And pls, people, don’t write bad words here..

  30. snow-59347

    ok, I’ve understand.. So, it’s not anyone’s fault.. That solves the prob.. waht’s sones?

  31. Minoru Hanezawa~


  32. secrebleu

    Yoona always seems to go out of her way to be mean to Tiffany. In nearly every SNSD show or video I’ve seen, Yoona goes out of her way to bother or even be mean to Tiffany. However, as we know, shows are always edited to improve an idol’s image. They would never hurt someone like Yoona by showing her being anything else than “likable”. The same applies to Sooyoung, which upsets me. I’ve always felt that there was something off about Yoona, especially after seeing videos of her where she shows slightly narcissistic characteristics, signs of a bully, and other things. However, I have always liked Sooyoung. She helps to lighten the mood, no matter the situation, with her quirky humor and she seems to be kind (a kindness that isn’t forced or fake, which is rare to see in people that are celebrities in Korea). She helps to loosen people up in surprising ways and does things like visit near-death patients when the other members didn’t- without cameras or media attention. That’s extremely admirable and considerate. However, we all slip up from time to time, and unfortunately we can see that in this incident.

    If you watch the video, it looks like Yoona is even scheming before lifting Tiffany’s skirt. When Yoona actually lifted the skirt, she looked like she was mocking Tiffany. I don’t know about you guys, but I love Tiffany. That’s the exact reason why it pains me to see this happen to her. In other things I’ve seen, Yoona seems to be bullying Tiffany. I know that many people may be disagreeing with me there, but please view their interactions and ignore the out-of-place perky sound effects, laughter, and smiley-faces that the producers pop up on screen to make it seem like everything is a joke. Also, while watching this, keep in mind that the producers only show what SNSD and SM would need you to see. For example, I believe that everyone knows of Block B. In case you haven’t seen their show, it consists of nearly nothing but beeping to cover their cussing, them looking at inappropriate pictures of women, chasing down their producers to “punish” them for waking the members up, fighting and then making dirty jokes in Korean, and many more things. One thing I found to be interesting was the fact that the producers came to Block B’s company to say that they were extremely sorry. They said that no matter how hard they tried, the producers couldn’t find anything that would protect Block B’s image. That’s something that is completely normal anywhere (except Jersey Shore :p ); protect the idols image. For “Korea’s Representative Girl Group, the protection of SNSD’s image is extremely important. Korea, which is trying extremely hard to get a standing in the world as a great place for tourists, needs engaging people to represent them. To do this, Korea will focus more on protecting and covering up anything negative about an importan idol group.

    With that said, if Yoona was meaning to help Tiffany, wouldn’t we see a “thank you” from Tiffany? I think that we didn’t because Yoona was, once again, being unkind to Yoona. Not only that, but SNSD has always been persecuted with the labels like “sluts” and “whores”. SNSD wouldn’t forget to do something as important as making sure that their underwear won’t show. Tiffany would’ve made sure that she would have her safety shorts on securely, and before lining up. She would’ve gotten herself ready, whether it’s in the dressing room or even walking out onto stage. If there was anything wrong with Tiffany’s attire and Yoona was meaning to help, Yoona wouldn’t have stood there making a shocked or mocking face. She would’ve immediately helped her out and explain to her quickly the situation. Then, we would’ve seen SNSD helping each other out and looking out for each other. Sadly, we didn’t witness that.

    Another thing I’ve noticed was Sooyoung’s place in the incident. I love Sooyoung and Tiffany do much, but I’m afraid that Sooyoung doesn’t treat Tiffany any better than Yoona. I’ve seen videos where Sooyoung showed a different side of herself through her interactions with Tiffany. Whether its Sooyoung elbowing Tiffany’s face or grabbing Tiffany’s wrist while giving her dirty looks, it isn’t difficult to see that Sooyoung doesn’t really treat Tiffany all too well all of the time. I feel like this, and maybe Sooyoung’s concern for the group, made her take Tiffany aside and say a few words to her. Meanwhile, Yoona turns around to talk to Yuri. I believe that she did this to avoid any confrontation from Tiffany. It would be extremely embarrassing to have that happen to you, and a response like “WTH?” or “why did you do that?!” would be completely acceptable.

    Now, I know many of you probably are saying,”but they cleared it up”. To that, my response is to open up a new tab and search “signs of a liar”. Once you’ve finished going through enough things to have a good idea of what to search for, then look up the interview in the radio station and any follow-up interviews about that. Please notice how Yoona changes her story a little bit every time, her suddenly awkward hand movements, how she laughs at things that aren’t funny and is serious at light topics being discussed, the other members actions, like looking down, etc. With this new information you will have, I feel like once you look at those interviews in a way that the media doesn’t want see, analyze these situations in a new way that the media doesn’t want you to think, and make judgements based on your own thoughts, not the media’s plan for what you should think, that you’ll probably see something off here and in many other situations (if you use the method later)

    Sorry for writing so much 🙂

  33. :D

    Tiffany didn’t CLIP her shorts, she WORE it. Obviously she would have enough common sense to wear it right? and this incident have been cleared up at the radio station, you may check Youtube.

  34. I appreciate Yoona’s Kindness to Tiffany but the problem is.. She doesn’t have to lift Tiffany’s skirt INFRONT OF THE PUBLIC… she should just WHISPER IT FROM HER EAR..

  35. snsdjjang

    Everybody ever made a mistake, can all of you forgive it?! If we’re true SONE, I think will be better if we forget about it, Em I just dont want they are feel hurt because bad comments and misunderstandings which continue until now (All of SONE dont want too, I think).. Im sure they are was learn from that’s incident. the incident was 3 years ago and I think yoona and tiffany unnie hope anybody won’t talking about it again, moreover they’re have been cleared up about it at the radio (chin2 radio). Now, just let it go, we ever make a mistake and I wish everybody ll understand them, hm just imagine if we’re in their position?!
    Sorry if my english is bad. SNSD FIGHTING!! 😉

  36. MeyingLoveSNSD

    Honestly, i don’t hate Yoona but this action was too much. Some people said that Tiffany is a slut because of that. So if Yoona didn’t lift Tiffany’s skirt, would netizens call Tiffany that?
    Yoona ,who did it to Tiffany, just stood and looked at Yuri while having a mocking expression. Do you think she felt sorry for Tiffany because she lifted up Tiffany’s skirt on front of the public? Did she advise Tiffany? It looked like she just mocked and blamed her.
    Sooyoung, who turned Tiffany to face her not to let the audiences saw it, seemed to blame Tiffany. But she is younger than Tiffany. She should at less respect her. She should just said calmly with a worried look. But Sooyoung just blamed or it was kinda like she scolded Tiffany. Because of this video, it make me don’t really like Sooyoung.
    – Please don’t hate me if I said this but Sooyoung is disrespectful. Want proof?
    Do you that Sooyoung is the third maknae? (of course you know, right?)
    She never calls her sister ‘unnie’, she just calls their name. E.g: taeyeon instead of taeyeon unnie.
    Tiffany, who got scolded by the maknaes, was being called as a slut because of this incident (i mentioned already) and she got more and more antis.
    Tiffany is the member who has the most antis.

    To conclude, I think Yoona was OUT OF HER MIND to did something like this to Tiffany. And Tiffany should at least checked her suit carefully.
    But they mentioned on T.V show that Tiffany forgot to clip her short. See??? Tiffany was the one who was wrong again. Why?
    Well, for me I think it because Yoona is more popular and she is also the center of SNSD.
    If Yoona was Seohyun, i think Seohyun would whisper Tiffany.
    Or maybe when she lifted up Tiffany’s skirt, she would have a sorry face and apologized Tiffany.
    Because I know Seohyun is very respectful UNLIKE Yoona.

    Again I don’t hate Yoona but I just don’t like her. Just I am not just put all the fault to Yoona but I just reason it.
    Do you think so?
    Don’t hate me, it just my opinion.

    • Yoonaddict

      I don’t hate you for your opinion. But i pity you. You & secrebleu. or maybe you’re the same person with different usernames. Your post style is similar.
      Every few months, you’ll be here posting the same stuff about how mean Yoona is & how badly she treats Tiffany. Reviving a topic that’s almost 4 years ago. Yes, we get that you don’t like Yoona. Give it a rest, will you? so much bitterness even if it’s on somebody’s behalf can’t be good for you. This misunderstanding has nearly affected their friendship & there was even awkwardness due to fans’ misunderstanding of the incident. Fans like you are not good for SNSD, because you’ll split them apart analyzing them according to your limited & bias understanding

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