GMA’s Chief Judge Praised Super Junior on his Blog


“like Super Junior’s performance very much. An elderly man like me unexpectedly fell in love with their dance and songs. You won’t be able to feel 1% of the excitement of Super Junior’s live performances through tv. Especially when the camera focuses on a member, you can’t feel the overall tendency of their dance. The best part of this Korea super idol boy group is their overall dance moves. With this standard of choreography, I wonder is there anyone in Taiwan that can match with them? The boy did not idle their time away, all of them don’t have the same dance moves, and yet they were able to pose individually in order to “attract our eyeball”. The choreographer is really amazing!

They have so many members in a group. Can an entertainment company in Taiwan produce and train so many people? The wages they earned when they were newcomers have to be divided into so many equal parts, and the company have to pay several times of cost in producing them. Even the thought of that shudders me.” Chief Judge Chen Le Rong

credits: Chen Le Rong+ rachelicious@soompi

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