Taiwanese ELF Turns GMA to Super Junior Concert


Super Junior is not only the guest performers for this year’s Golden Melody Award but also as award presenter with Ariel Lin for the first award. But the glamour of these few guys are just too amazing, every movement of them will just make fans screaming away, this was lead to dissatisfied of the TV viewer who felt that the fans doesn’t have any manner.

This year, two sides of the red carpet venue were filled up with fans holding Korean languages signboard and these fans are here because of Super Junior. Once Super Junior arrives, fans on both sides were screaming their lungs out and all the fans were getting lesser and lesser when Super Junior was inside the hall, almost half of it was gone. Because almost half of the fans were there because of Super Junior.

Once the ceremony starts, the first group of people who came out as a presenter was Super Junior and Ariel Lin. Hangeng who was the speaker throughout the first award with Ariel Lin as he is the only one in Super Junior who can speak Chinese and the rest of the members just stood at the back. Viewers notice that expect for Hangeng, the rest of the members were chit chatting away at the back, pointing at the audiences, waving to their fans and so fans started to scream again.

Presenters voice was even being cover up due to those screaming and shouting by the fans which made the audiences and netizens think that the fans doesn’t even have manners. But some believe that this are what fans are called with those screaming that they did. Super Junior who flew all the way from Korean to Taiwan which mean that they respect Taiwan too. Super Junior doesn’t have any other intentions but they just wanted to have good atmosphere.

Netizens think that fans should try to calm down as they consider this as an important award show and not Super Junior concert or at least not to disturb the award show.

Original source + Baidu
Translate by: summer❤@sj-world.net
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I agree that fans should have retrained themselves a little bit since it was an important award ceremony but if I were in their shoes, I would have screamed my head off the whole time, too. Organizers should have anticipated this considering Super Junior is a very famous International boyband and chaos is bound to happen when you invite them over. They’ve got loads of fans all over Taiwan who are just dying to see them! I’m pretty sure ELF from nearby countries probably flew over there too just to catch a glimpse of them. Lucky fans! But I’m so happy Super Junior‘s getting a lot of love from all over the world and the boys deserve it.  And I love the loud Taiwanese ELF! Super Junior hwaiting!

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