Super Junior’s Flight Back to Korea Delayed for 6 Hours

Popular South Korean boyband Super Junior were supposed to take their flight back to Korea last June 28, but due to a problem with the airplane’s deicer system, the 12 of them were stuck in the VIP waiting room for 6 hours, only successfully leaving in the evening, leading to the staff and security personnel to nickname them as “The Longest Sending-Off In History”!

After the Golden Melody Awards on Saturday, Super Junior then proceeded to the Fuhsing branch of KiKi for their supper, and the Taiwanese branch of the recording company even specially arranged for a birthday celebration for Leeteuk, Heechul and Ryeowook, the July babies.

Less nervous after their performance, the twelve of them were extremely rowdy and played to their hearts’ content. Kangin even ran around scaring people with a string of party-poppers, and the party ended only at around 1 in the morning.

Early yesterday morning, many fans rushed to the airport to grab hold of the last chance to be in close contact with Super Junior. They cleared customs at 11 in the morning, but no one expected the sudden announcement of the delay in flight time because of the deicer problem. The twelve members therefore had to amuse themselves in the VIP waiting room, and many of them were cheekily asking to “stay behind”.

The sole Chinese member, Han Geng, was once again the vocal speaker for Super Junior. Born in the province of Heilongjiang, Mudanjiang City, he was an avid lover of dance and was picked by SM through the H.O.T China auditions in 2001. He then proceeded to Korea alone to begin his training in SM, and is now the leader of the sub-unit Super Junior M, which is focused on the Chinese music market.

Han Geng professed that this was actually his third time visiting Taiwan, the first being when he was a teen and a performer for an ethnic dance performance. He also expressed his wish for SJ-M to be able to promote in Taiwan someday.

Source: UDN
Translated by: hazel@

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