Super Junior and Ariel Lin Present Award at GMA


Held last June 27, the 20th Golden Melody Award was truly an exciting one for all Taiwanese ELF. Super Junior was invited not only to perform their hit singles ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘It’s You’ but also as presenter together with Ariel Lin. This is their second visit to Taiwan and the second time they were invited to Taiwan’s most prestigious award ceremony. The first was during the 18th Golden Melody Award last 2007.

Taiwanese ELF are so loud! Kinda feel sorry for the other artists. LOL


MC: Let’s welcome Super Junior and Ariel Lin
Ariel :Hello eveybody, I’m Ariel Lin.
Han: Hello everybody, we’re Super Junior.
Ariel: Annyonghaseyo
Han: even though we talk loudly, the audience scream louder than us.
Ariel: Annyonghaseyo [Teuk was waving fans biggrin.gif]
Han translated for others that she said hi to them
Others: Annyonghaseyo
Ariel: People say that the relationship is really important, especially in a group or team.
Han: Us, too. Our group has many members so understanding each other is really important.
Ariel: I’m curious to know that your group is so big and the members are funny…
Han: right.
Ariel: So I will ask you some question. I will count 1, 2, 3 and u will point out who is the weirdest person?
Suju members chose Heechul.
Ariel: Why did u choose him? Why is he the weirdest person?
Han: Because, his personality often change…in performance sometimes he holds the mic differently from others and the way he talk is different like that. His nickname is the person that comes from Mars.
Ariel: The person come from Mars.
And who is the member who often easily feel tired when working? 1 2 3
Suju members chose Leeteuk
Ariel: Why does he often complain about feeling tired? Why?
Hae: Because, Leeteuk is old.
Han: Chinese idiom say that “there is an old person in your family, he will be a precious thing”
Ariel: Right.
Han: Thus, he is our precious thing.
Teuk: Right, right.
Ariel: Now we will take a look on the screen….[after that they announced the winner]

credits: jmjgno@YT + denny_liz (trans from Chinese)

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