Sungmin’s ‘Oppa Band’ Doing Good in Ratings


According to TV measurement company TNS Media Korea, the rating of June 28th’s MBC Ilbam is 5.6% for part 1 (We got married) and 4.5% for part 2 (Oppa band). Last week, the rating was 3.6% for part 1 and 3.5% for part 2.

Above all, viewers seem like the new corner “Oppa Band” most. Viewers can see the members of the band hard working in practicing despite of their old age, that’s why the corner was received satisfaction from viewers.

Especially, on the episode which was aired on June 28th, “Oppa Band” had invited their families, friends to a performance and showed their abilities, thus making a warm scene.

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One response to “Sungmin’s ‘Oppa Band’ Doing Good in Ratings

  1. ..ahmm,nice band sungmin oppa!!!!!!!but dont live super junior band..huh!!!!!

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