SHINee Wins Their 1st Mutizen


I’m so glad SHINee finally won their first Mutizen for their single ‘Juliette’ last June 28 on SBS Inkigayo. After the scary Music Bank incident that had Onew fainting and being carried away on his manager’s back, I think noone deserves this award more than them.

But more than the award, I’m happy to see Onew back on the stage again, dancing, singing and smiling. Thank God he has recovered already.

Here’s their winning moment:

Onew screeching ‘Genie ahh, sarang haeyo…’ at 1:20 cracked me up! Onew Sangtae! LOL

You could just see SNSD members jumping with joy and congratulating  SHINee after it was announced that they won. Don’t you just love the whole SM Family? I like how they support one another and how they’re genuinely happy with each other’s success . No rivalry at all! Congratulations!

Here’s their ‘Juliette’ performance:

video credit: CodeMonmonSeason3@YT

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