Leeteuk’s Sister Chosen to Play Lead


Super Junior member Leeteuk’s older sister, Park Inyoung, was chosen to be in the popular play ‘New Boeing Boeing’. This play has been performed for the past 7 years (since 2002) in Universities*

Park Inyoung (26 years old) caught the attention of the viewers when she came out on a special Star Family episode of MBC ‘Introducing Stars’ Friends’, and she will be co-starring in ‘New Boeing Boeing’ as ‘Hyesoo’ at Doore Hall 3.

Park Inyoung aka ‘Hyesoo’ (previously played by Wootchasa’s Jang Kyunghee,Gag Concert’s Sung Hyunjoo, etc.) is experiencing betrayal, has violently emotional ups & downs, and is a passionate Air China flight attendant. She’s in love with a playboy, but she leaves said playboy without regrets for true love.

With a Drama Major in Chung-ang University, and in the midst of pursuing an acting career, Park Inyoung went through tough competition at formal auditions to be picked for the play ‘New Boeing Boeing’, and fairly earned the female role.

Before performing, Park Inyoung said “Plays are truly entertaining, and since I received so much help from the other participants, I feel happy and ready,” and “I’m still lacking in certain areas, but I’m preparing meticulously to show a perfect image once I’ll be performing on stage.

Starting from July 1 until December 31, for a double casting of the duration of 6 months, Super Junior members are encouraged to visit during the performance as well.

* Not really sure about the Universities part.


Original Source: segye.com+ newsen
Credits to La’MISS:fairy at SJ-WORLD.NET

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