Boys Generation Performs Gee


One of the highlight’s of KBS’s Music Bank’s Mid-year Special last June 26, was Boys Generation’s cover of Gee. The special group composed of Super Junior members Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin and Eunhyuk, SHINee member Key, 2PM members JaeBum, Taec, and Nich Khun, and the official diva of the group, 2AM member JoKwon.

I really thought they were gonna do a performance similar to what the Wonderboys did last year, you know acting girly and stuff. Although I’m pretty sure it would still turn out good if they did perform something like that but I just think they don’t have to resort to that to make their versio of ”Gee’  entertaining. They have enough talents to pull off a successful performance. Thank God all they did was wear colored skinny jeans and add a few special touches to the song. And they totally pawned it!


Everyone looks so cute. I love Eunhyuk‘s rap and he looked uber hot with the hat. Shindong was cute as always but he’s starting to look like an ajusshi. Move over Kangin! LOL. Yesung did great but I’m still not digging his two-tone hair color. I think it’s about time he change it. Sungmin must have been in a lot of pain because of his earlier accident during their rehearsal but he still insisted on performing though he just stayed at the back most of the time. What a professional! And Key was so adorable in his pink pants!  SNSD coming out at the end was a bonus treat. Miss the girls and their Gee, gee, gee, gee, baby, baby…

Truly a successful performance. Great job guys!

video credit: CJWTown@YT

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  1. aira ysabel mariquit

    i want girls generation and boys generation team

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