Super Junior Once Performed in front of Ex-President Roh MooHyun


Super Junior member Leeteuk has revealed that they had once performed in front of the ex-president Roh MoohHyun when they were rookies.

Leeteuk & Kangin who attended in the show “Shin Dong Yup & Shin Bongsun’s Champagne” which was aired on June 27th had said “When we were rookies, we had once performed in front of ex-president Roh MooHyun”, “After the performance, we had gone down the stage. We wanted to greet him so much that we had run toward him and shouted ‘We are Super Junior’ so he can know about us”

Leeteuk also said “On that day, everybody said that we’re so brave”

Also on the show, Kangin said “Leeteuk is very stingy. He rarely spends money, he just uses about 100,000 won (about $80) every month in his credit card”

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