Sungmin Injured During Music Bank Rehearsal


Super Junior‘s Sungmin injured his knee during a KBS Music Bank rehearsal (June 26) after tripping up on one of the stage props. An observer mentioned, “Sungmin fell during rehearsal and hurt his ankle. He needed help getting off of the stage and needed to receive medical treatment.

SM Entertainment also revealed, “During the rehearsal, his knee also ripped because of his fall. He was evacuated quickly and sent to the hospital to receive stitches.

Despite his injuries, Sungmin stood on the stage as was originally planned. A viewer admired, “Sungmin’s desire to stand on the stage is really shining through. Even with his injury, he planned on performing on stage during the live performance.

Kibum I hope you’re aware of this news. And I don’t mean anything by that.

credit: allkpop


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