Yoona Disappointed With Her Acting


Yoona who transformed into an actress through MBC drama ‘Cinderella Man’ expressed her disappointment of her acting rather than the viewers’ rating.

Yoona who just recently finished working with ‘Cinderella Man’ revealed her thoughts of her period as an actress during the interview with MyDaily. Yoona had received much love from her role as Saebyuk in the KBS daily drama ‘You are My Destiny’ even before ‘Cinderella Man’.

Yoona stated, “The filming for ‘You are My Destiny’ lasted a long time, but the filming for ‘Cinderella Man’ seemed like it ended too quickly. It doesn’t feel like I filmed and it all flew by like a dream”. Unlike the usual half year filming for typical daily dramas, the filming for ‘Cinderella Man’ was short experience with big impact.

To the question of, “Aren’t you disappointed about the rating”, Yoona replied, “The only disappointment that I have is about my acting”. Yoona also stated, “It was really nice filming with such wonderful oppas and unni. It’s still a surprise to me that I know such people” as she revealed the importance of meeting new people through this drama.

Yoona will be showing off her appeals once again not as an actress but as a singer with the release of So Nyuh Shi Dae‘s 2nd mini album on the coming 29th.

credit: MyDaily
translation by: kkbluvv and k_Taevid@soshified.com/forums

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