Tiffany on SNSD’s New Album


– If you were to personally introduce your new song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.
▶ It’s an album where we are able to come back with another new side of us ^^. This album truly has songs that I’ve been cherishing, so I’m very happy. The title song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ makes me feel like I’m actually telling my wish. Hehe.

– In ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ what is a dance part we should focus on?
▶ In this song, there are a lot of faithful lyrics. I remember there is a dance part where we shake our hands as if we are doing aerobics. ^^

– The new album released pictures of the “marine look”, which is a hot topic. ‘Changed into maturity’ was the special meaning behind the picture.
▶ It means that SNSD went from being simple and cute to wanting to become polished?

– These days, people are saying SNSD got sexier. Do you think that you are sexy and what are your thoughts on this evaluation?
▶ I think the sexiness came from simply being natural. Rather than feeling sexy, I would say more mature?^^

– Your last mini album title track ‘Gee’ did phenomenally well. Following this, do you feel any kind of burden with this new album?
▶ There is some burden, but ‘Gee’ has its own ‘Gee’ charm and ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ has its own different charm. So truthfully, I am confident^^!

– This year, it seems like you guys are running to become the best singers. Related to this part, what is a goal you want to achieve?
▶ Even after 10 years, when I think of 2009, I want to make sure I think of SNSD!

– 2NE1, 4minute are new girl groups and your juniors, and Kara and Brown Eyed Girls are also making a comeback during the summer. This summer could possibly be called the ‘Battle of the Girl Groups’. During this period, what do you think is SNSD’s strongest point?
▶ I have confidence in our team work. Our passion for being on stage is also very strong.

– Say one last thing to your fans.
▶Tell Me Your Wish~!^^

Credits: Tiffanism + Star News (reported by Gil Hyesung)
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