Jessica’s Fun Collaboration with Park MyungSoo


Gag man Park Myungsoo had a duet collaboration with SNSD‘s Jessica. Jessica told us her feelings about singing with him.

Jessica did a collaboration with Park Myungsoo and MyungSica participated on MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge – Olympic Duet Music Program’. MyungSica made an appearance through the song “Nengmyun (Cold Noodles)”, a song by E-TRIBE that also made SNSD‘s ‘Gee’. With their duet, they are competing with the best like Yoo Jaesuk and Yoon Mirae-TigerJK, Jung Joonha and After School, Jung Hyungdon and Epik High, Noh Hongchul and No Brain, Junjin and Lee Junghyun, Gil and Yoon Dohyun Band.

After already finishing recording, Jessica said in her MyDaily interview, “Through E-TRIBE, Park Myungsoo asked for me as a favour. It was fun.” She started expressing her feelings about her experiences of doing a duet with Park Myungsoo. Because the song was not broadcasted, she couldn’t say anything about the results of the music industry, but once the song was broadcasted, the sound would be resolved.

“When the ‘Infinity Challenge’ members did a parody of SNSD, Park Myungsoo wore my blue hat and pretended to be me”, said Jessica, “I think that’s the reason why he asked me to do a duet with him” she concluded.

“It was fun”, she said, remembering that time of recording. “Because of me, Park Myungsoo’s style of singing was very clean. Park Myungsoo went and matched with me”, she said with a thankful heart. In closing, Jessica gave us more of an expectation and said, “Because of the fun lyrics and adlibs (you will like it very much)”.

credit: MyDaily (reported by Lim Eerang)
translation by: kkbluvv and

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