Heechul and Kangin’s ‘Date at 2PM’ Interview Transcript 090617




Park Myung Soo (P): How have you been these days?
Kangin: We’ve been promoting the new album.
P: “Sorry Sorry” has produced good responses, right?
Kangin, Heechul: Yes, the responses have been great.
P: Have the new album promotions ended yet?
Kangin: Not yet.
Heechul: We’re preparing for concerts right now.
P: I see. Actually, there isn’t many chances for members to see each other these days, right?
Heechul: Yes, not that many.
P: Leeteuk’s the one with the most individual activities, right?
Kangin: Leeteuk Hyung and Shindong. Actually, me and Heechul Hyung often meet individually. I can just say, “Hyung, let’s eat together” and we’ll meet, and then we’ll even drink. We meet pretty often, chatting together, so we’re close.
Heechul: The other members don’t drink very much. I think that as a man, it’s good to be able to drink a little.
P: Oh, I think so too. Where do you often go to drink?
Heechul: I like to go to places where there’s not a lot of people. Actually, I virtually don’t meet my seniors in the entertainment business at all. I don’t go out often, I just raise my cat at home and drink with the kitty. Hehehe
P: This…doesn’t look very good. Staying at home with your cat at such a young age..You should go outside and meet a girlfriend.
Heechul: Aigoo, I really want a girlfriend. Even teacher Lee Sooman told me, “Hm, you should get a girlfriend.”

Heechul: I thought today was video broadcast, so I dressed up especially for this, but turns out it wasn’t
Kangin: Some of the audience have been asking what Heechul Hyung is wearing. A red T-shirt, red cap, with a bag that moms bring to the market. The bag has “Heavens above and below, Heechul alone is revered” written on it in Chinese characters.
Heechul: Because I’m like that about brands. Some people are are suited to use them, some are not. I just like my own style.
P: Yes, you’re handsome already [without the help of brand-name clothes]
Heechul: Yes, that’s a reason too. Hehehehehehe
P: Kangin, you like expensive brands a lot, right?
Kangin: Umm, no. I don’t like brands. I just like–bags, watches, belts–just these.
P: Then have you received these as presents?
Kangin: I got one from someone in the entertainment business…it was from Hyundong Hyung.
Heechul: I thought it was a female entertainer…hehehe

Heechul: Whenever I go to China, I always feel very happy and content.
P: Hm, specifically in what areas?
Heechul: Because we actually go to foreign countries often, like China, Thailand, Japan, etc..They’re all very good to us and treat us very well.
Kangin: You’ve heard of Jackie Chan, right? When he held a concert, he even invited us, as well as many famous Chinese actors, and we ate together, side by side.
P: Really? Did you see Tony Leung?
Kangin: [Yes.] We also saw Dukhwa Hyung (Andy Lau). He’s very cool, and was very good to us.
Heechul: Dukhwa Hyung is close to Siwon, they’ve filmed a movie before. He’s very cool.
P: I see. Well then, Heechul, who are you close to?
Heechul: When I go to China, my mood fluctuates a lot, so I was just sleeping in my room.
P: Let’s talk about when you visit foreign countries.
Heechul: Japanese fans are a little quieter, they wave to us, and even cry.
P: They cry?
Heechul: Yes. Because they saw me, so they cry. On the other hand, Chinese fans prefer screaming.

P: The audience asked, “In SJ, who has the most number of girls’ phone numbers on his cellphone?”
Heechul, Kangin: Eunhyuk.
P: Kangin, how about you?
Kangin: I don’t have girls’ phone numbers..
Heechul: What? Then I can call you!
P: Heechul, do you know if Kangin has many girls’ phone numbers in his cellphone?
Heechul: Kangin knows a lot of people, so regardless of the gender, he has many numbers.
But Eunhyuk has a lot of girls’ numbers. I only have SNSD’s phone numbers..
P: Really!? Kangin, who do you often call?
Kangin: Actually, I virtually don’t call girls. I always call guys.

Heechul: I’ve grown fat recently, so I’m on a diet. T_T
P: You’ve grown fat?
Kangin: He says he’s grown fat, but his face is still so small.
Heechul: Because I really hate growing fat. T_T

source: 久久@希澈家族lovechul.com, SJ Baidu bar
translated from Chinese to English by: bonbon58@sj-world.net
pic credits: as tagged & sj-market

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One response to “Heechul and Kangin’s ‘Date at 2PM’ Interview Transcript 090617

  1. Esther

    The last sentence: “I really hate growing fat. T_T” from Heechul seems indirectly bombarding Kangin!
    Oh well, irregardless whether it is or not, these two dorks are always throwing insults at each other, of course, in a joking matter and that’s what which makes the atmosphere not tense with them around.
    And it’s not surprising to know that Eunhyuk has the most number of girls’ phone numbers.
    He can just kill you off with a single dance.
    I wasn’t that when people said before, but after personally watching it one day coincidentally, I find myself keep watching and watching and that’s how I came to know about Super Junior — through Eunhyuk’s awesome dance moves.
    And now, Imma Super Junior’s fan all because of that single dance video of Eunhyuk I watched, which barely lasted a minute.
    So those who don’t really have an idea how awesome of a dancer he is, go check it out. 🙂

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