Most Enviable SNSD Member


When many girls come together to promote as a group, there will be jealousy that arises, and when So Nyeo Shi Dae was asked if this is such a case. And the answer is, “It is hard to answer this”.

But the girls voted each other as the member they are most envious of, and leader TaeYeon got 2 votes, “I wish to have her superior song power which can give goosebumps.” SooYoung said, “She is able to respond in situations with wit”.

While TaeYeon said, “(Seo Hyun)’s piano performance ability is really good. And especially when she is playing on the piano when she is unhappy you can really feel what she is trying to express.”

YoonA chose her unnie Yuri, “Her ability to adapt and dance in situations is really enviable”. While Jessica voted HyoYeon on reasons, “She dances the best”.

HyoYeon then chose SooYoung , “Soo Young is really good on broadcast programmes, she don’t appear nervous in front of the camera at all.”

While Yuri chose Tiffany, “She is really sociable, she is really charming in social situations.” And lastly Sunny chose YoonA, “She can balance acting and singing well.”

credit: Kbites

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  1. assssiiiiiiiikkkk,,,
    sampah plastik sampah plastik kadang kadang gaya nya lumayan juga tapi tetep aja enek gue ngeliatnya,,,

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