Ryeowook’s Birthday Message to ELF

2009-06-21 오후 10:29:00

To dear E.L.F:

Hello, I’m Ryeowook ^^
This is my first time leaving a comment on Super Junior‘s official homepage like this. (Feels) slightly awkward~^^
I am always thankful to all who support Super Junior anywhere! Hyehye
I have come… none other than to thank those who wished me a Happy Birthday~!!
Due to the great amount of love Super Junior‘s 3 jib received, I have been leading days happily…
Certainly~ The last broadcast took place on my birthday ㅠㅠ (How sad… ㅋ)
If you gave many wishes for my birthday while watching today’s Inkigayo broadcast… Do you want a kiss? haha

Practices for Super Junior‘s Super Show Concert have been in full swing too…
The things our E.L.F.s are looking forward to.. We will make sure we will not disappoint ~~ We will prepare well ^^

Please anticipate the day Super Junior returns to meet you again with a brand new appearance ^^

I love you♥~~~ Terribly much~~~!!!

Ps. Take care not to catch a cold~~!!

Sr: Super Junior Official Website
Cr: 潇娅Oo嫘∮@ SJ宝蓝阁
Translated by yurim_sj♥@ SJ-World.net
Please do not remove credits, and do not add in your own, thanks!

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One response to “Ryeowook’s Birthday Message to ELF

  1. cieL

    Love you too ryeo wook oppa..^^

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