Heechul’s ‘Chocoball’ Group Revealed

Singer Jo Sungmo has talked about his group ‘Chocoball’ which included him and other hoobae singers on public.

On the recent filming of “Star Golden bell”, Jo Sungmo said “I want to introduce a group of AB blood type people called ‘Chocoball’ which included myself and Kim Heechul (Super Junior), Lee Hongki (FT Island), Mithra (Epik High), Jonghyun (SHINee), Natsun, total 6 members” and ‘Chocoball’ means ‘Although we’re a bit psychotic but the more you see us the more charming you’ll find (about us)’ ” which made the whole studio burst out laughing.

Kangin said “I had a chance to attend Chocoball’s meeting but there isn’t any room (for other people) for a while” and “They all talked about each other’s story, they’re all busy people”

The show will be aired at 5.15PM on June 20th

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net


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12 responses to “Heechul’s ‘Chocoball’ Group Revealed

  1. iNoTroll

    sorry but you have the wrong jonghyun its jonghyun from beast not shinee

  2. Tzitzi

    lol kangin!!! “They all talked about each other”!!! but it’s hard for me to imagine Jonghyun in that group, becuz SuJu Members are always saying that heechul spends to much time with chocoball’s members but shinee has never talked about that…. and Key and Taemin and even Lee Joon from MBLAQ says he hangs out with them….

    It makes sense if it’s Junhyun from beast becuz he’s always with them plus some of the chocoballs were in M&D MV

  3. anna

    uh, shinee’s jonghyun isn’t in chocoball

  4. xoxox

    shinee’s jonghyun is ORIGINAL member of chocoball but now he does not hangout with the rest of members of chocoball

  5. aly

    or they made a typo and meant jonghun of ft island…

  6. brenda

    i love heechul

  7. caramacchi

    chocoball current members are heechul (as the president of the group), hongki & jong hoon (ft island), jungmo (Trax), jo sungmo, mithra, mighty mouth, simon D, jang geun suk, jonghyun (b2st) & a few others.. gyaah~ there’s just too many of them to be listed.. but those members i’ve listed is the most active members.. & they always held a gathering & meeting.. & even heechul is still doing his public service, he still can hang with these guys.. btw, watch ‘come to play’ where chocoball members as guest.. they share some stories about their group there.. btw, the members of chocoball not consist of AB bloodtype only.. most of them are, but not all..

  8. jonghyun y yesung son miembros de chocoball

  9. Chocoball Shipper

    Chocoball’s Member: Super Junior Kim Heechul, FT Island Lee Hongki & Choi Jonghoon, Supreme Team Simon D, Jang Geun Seok, TRAX Kim Jungmo, Mighty Mouth Sangchu, Epik High Mithra Jin, B2ST Yong Junhyung, SHINee Kim Jonghyun, Jo Sungmo, Natssun
    Although Yesung’s type blood AB. He is not part of Chocoball’s member

  10. mikomi

    both shinee jonghyun and beast junghyun are members..ft island jonghoon too
    but beast junghyun is..even if his bt is O..
    he said it once ..even hongki said it when chocoball was on show called “come to play” ..
    so don´t fight…and get you facts right first before you call someone stupid..

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