SHINee’s Message to Fans After Winning #1 on K-Chart


This is shining SHINee!

Group photo after KBS Music Bank!!
We won 1st place~

From. ONEW
Hello ^^ This is SHINee‘s leader Onew!
Wah ~ because of all of you ~ I’m always so happy!
I never thought that you would give us first place again… TT_TT
I was really touched…haha ^^
I always thank you!!
Our Juliettes…hehehe ^^

With a fresh mind ~ since (we will) always (present) a bright appearance ~ haha
Please keep watching/anticipating us in the future!!!!!!!!!
SHINee World jjang………………………….!

From. Jong Hyun
Hello! It’s Bling Bling Jonghyun!!!
We got first place today!!!
Thank you so much.
I feel so secure knowing that all of you are by our sides…
I will understand this as a sign to keep working even harder.
Thank you so much for loving Juliette!!
I promise to show you even more hard work in the future.

I love you Shawol!! ke

From. Key
Hello! This is SHINee‘s Almighty Key.’-`*
Today we got first place on Music Bank..TT0TT (excitement x 100000)
Thanks to all of your help we were able to receive a favorable result..!
Thank you so, so much! This has been the type of day that my smile keeps bursting because I’m so happy.
We will become an even harder working SHINee Thank you~♡

From. Min Ho
Hello~ This is SHINee‘s Flaming Charisma Minho!
Thank you all, SHINee World.
I/We will keep doing our best in the future!
Nothing’s coming out except thank you…

I promise to protect you and always be at your side,
and once more I give you my thanks thank.
Thank you!

From. Tae Min
Hello this is SHINee‘s youngest Taemin^^!!
Today we got 1st place on Music Bank for the second time~
We were only able to attain such favorable results thanks to you
Thank you so much~^^;;;

It’s been only three weeks since our come back, but for the rest of the time we will be promoting
I want to show you only our best side!!!!!!
Please always love our SHINee‘s music and please
keep watching our stages!! Hehehehe…
In the future more more more!! Fighting!!!!

Then bye-bye2~^^;;;

credits: bestiz + wowkpop@soompi

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