Sungmin Confirmed as Member of MBC’s ‘Oppa Band’


Sungmin along with The TRAX’s Jungmo, Yoo Youngseok, Park HyunBin, Tak JaeHoon, Shin DongYup, Kim Kura will be the 7 MCs for the new corner of “MBC Sunday Sunday night” called “Oppa band”

7 people will create a rOck band with Sungmin and Jungmo are guitarist, Yoo Youngseok is band master, ParkHyun is main vocal, Tak JaeHoon is drummer, Shin DongYup is guitar bass & band leader and Kim KuRa will be the band’s manager.

This is the Sungmin’s first individual entertainment show that he is one of the MC. The first episode will be aired at 6.20PM on June 21st. Besides that, “Oppa band” were the guests of radio show MBC “HyunYoung’s music party” on June 15th and performed live some songs there.

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Check out the preview!

credits: kyunerdful@YT + –MIN.tifUl@soompi

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