Sukira Segment Transcripts 090522-090528

1. Leeteuk finally shows his “original self”
Leeteuk: Actually, I am a person who is very shy in front of others. Really, if there are any speeches etc, I would be hiding here and there.
Eunhyuk: Is this true, it’s too unbelievable
Leeteuk: I’m a coward, and very introverted. In Junior High, in order to get me to sing a song, my teacher said she would buy me dukbokki. So I sang, but I didn’t get to finish singing because I was too nervous, my face was as red as an apple, and the muscles were convulsing. But since I wanted to become a star, I had to overcome it, so I forced myself to stand in front of large crowds, gradually becoming what I am like today.
Eunhyuk: I have always been the type of person that likes standing in front of many people, so I’m not afraid at all.

2. Kangin digs the members’ ears!
Leeteuk: Our member Kangin likes to help others dig their ears…..
Eunhyuk: Very much. There was one time, he got angry, and he told everyone “When you’re going for schedules, you’re not allowed to dig your ears, or else I would have nothing to do!!!”
Leeteuk: I’m quite thankful to him, but…..
Eunhyuk: Helping others dig their ears can help us become more ambiguous, but digging too often is not good.
Leetuek: Yeah, he loves digging (our ears) for us too much.

3. Eunteuk’s Childhood Memories (1)
Leeteuk: When I was young, I really hated moving. In a new place, you need to readapt again, face a new school, new classmates and teachers, I really hated it.
Eunhyuk: I like moving. I like clearing up my room, and I like rearranging the furniture. This kind of frame of mind is very good, I like adapting to a new environment.
Leeteuk: So you moved quite often?
Eunhyuk: Up to now, I’ve moved 4 times.
Leeteuk: And each time was alright?
Eunhyuk: One of the times brings not very good memories, but it still can be considered okay.
Leeteuk: I’ve been living in my current home for 14years already, and it looks like I will be living there even longer. Thinking of moving, it is actually not that simple. When I was in primary school, we moved once, but we didn’t transfer schools, so the school was very far from our new house. Hence, my father brought my sister and me to the nearby Hakwon to study, I told the Hakwon to refund my school fees – just so I could go to the arcade. Later, my mother became concerned about my studies, and went to Hakwon to find me, the teacher told her I hadn’t been there in 3 months….. My mother didn’t say anything else, she came home and gave me a good scolding.
Eunhyuk: She did well, punishing you when you deserve it.

4. Eunteuk’s Childhood Memories (2)
Eunhyuk: When I was young, I would follow my father to the public bath. Each time I would help him rub his back, but no matter how much force I used, he would say I didn’t have enough strength, I was still far from it, and that I was still a kid that hadn’t grown up. Now that I am older, when I help him rub his back, he finally admits that I have already grown up.
Leeteuk: That’s right. Eunhyuk, how old were you when you stopped going to the public bath?
Eunhyuk: Erm….. My father didn’t really like to go there, so I often followed my mother. Roughly……. I stopped going when I was 8 years old. Elementary school students are not allowed to go in, but I went once when I was in grade 1 and 8 years old.
Leeteuk: The manager didn’t find out?
Eunhyuk: My mother told me, if anyone asked me how old I was, I should just say 7 years old. We practiced back and forth at home. But when someone really asked me, in a moment of nervousness, I replied “8…… Ah no, 7 years old.” From that time on, I never went there again.

5. Crybaby Eunteuk
Eunhyuk: I feel that Leeteuk will definitely have a long life.
Leeteuk: Why?
Eunhyuk: Because you cry easily. One of the reasons why men don’t live as long as women is because men can’t really cry, they can’t really laugh, they don’t really express their feelings. But you cry very easily, won’t you occasionally regret after crying?
Leeteuk: I often regret. When I’m crying, I don’t care about anything else. After the incident when I watch (myself on) television, I feel that in the whole world, there is no one else uglier than me.
Eunhyuk: I can understand…… Your feelings……
Leeteuk: Come on, we are in the same boat. Actually, each time I get first place, I will cry, only because I feel that I myself am not worth having so many people love me. So because so many people love me, I cry from my thankfulness.
Eunhyuk: Hahaha~
Leeteuk: What are you laughing at? I’m so smart looking~
Eunhyuk: You’re the one that made me laugh.

6. Eunhyuk’s Sister Wants to Go to China?
Eunhyuk: My sister has been learning Chinese lately, she’s considering about going to China to study.
Leeteuk: In the middle of preparation?
Eunhyuk: No, (she’s) only thinking about it, she says she wants to go. If she leaves, I will miss her very much……
Leeteuk: Me and my sister’s age difference is only 1 year, when we fight we beat each other’s guts out, but when we make up we’re so close we’re inseparable.

7. The “Kids” Who Have No Food to Eat
Leeteuk: If we have no schedules during the weekend, the dormitory’s cleaning ajumma will go back after cleaning the house on Friday, and by Saturday, the food she left us would be all eaten up.
Eunhyuk: So on Sunday, or in the early morning we have nothing to eat, when we open the fridge and take a look, there are eggs, we can cook noodles, or we can fry eggs to eat……
Leeteuk: If we don’t even have instant noodles there’s nothing we can do, but remain there stunned and gloomy
Eunhyuk: In future, if we meet these kinds of situations, we have to be resourceful
Leetuek: yeah, going out to buy something to eat is also good. Sometimes if there are no towels to use, we would take from the washing basket some of the unwashed but cleaner ones to use……

8. Leeteuk, emptiness, loneliness
Leeteuk: In future when I get married, I hope my wife can call me Teuk Oppa~
Eunhyuk: Okay, I await it
Leeteuk: Recently, I really want to find someone who will let me be responsible for her
Eunhyuk: I know.
Leeteuk: Recently, I’m very lonely.
Eunhyuk: I know.
Leeteuk: I’m going mad soon!!
Eunhyuk: Okay, I know.
Leeteuk: I am dying soon!!
Eunhyuk: In life, you sometimes have this feeling.
Leetuk: I am very empty.
Eunhyuk: I know.
Leeteuk: Listen to me vent for awhile!!
Eunhyuk: Now everyone lets listen to some songs……
(After listening to many songs)
Leeteuk: Recently, we had many schedules that got cancelled, suddenly there is a lot of free time, (there’s) really nothing to do.
Eunhyuk: There are many things, I did many meaningful things.
Leeteuk: I seem to have (a) career sickness, everyday at 10 I have to do radio, in the day I have to record variety programs, on weekends there are music programs…… Since debut its always been like that, now all of a sudden it’s become empty, I cannot take it……
Eunhyuk: then you should rest.
Leeteuk: I can’t do it…… do you feel it?
Eunhyuk: I can feel it, you’re just not used to it.
Leeteuk: I really want to cry, I’m going mad soon……
Eunhyuk: Then let me give you a song to soothe your feelings…… I don’t know how to comfort you.

Source: Kimseohye
Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye
Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @

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