Siwon, Donghae to Film MV with Ariel Lin



For Ariel Lin’s new album “Xin Fu Yu Jian,” [the record company] secretly invited two of the most famous guys among the 13 from the South Korean super-idol band Super Junior – Siwon and Donghae – to come to Taiwan and appear in her MV. Yesterday morning the three met in secret at Ilan’s Dasi Station and immediately started shooting a departure (separation) scene, conveying a picture of perfect understanding.

Siwon and Donghae’s secret trip to Taiwan
Sources said this collaboration was made on condition that it be confidential. To keep it confidential, even Siwon and Donghae’s bodyguards – who are usually dressed in suits changed to casual clothing — to accompany them. But fans are very resourceful and were heatedly discussing on PTT the MV shoot in Ilan. Sources said the news originated from Baidu.

Siwon and Donghae arrived in Taiwan at 8:50pm on Monday via EVA Air’s BR519 flight. The two had hats on and were wearing casual outfits, with the five-member group pushing a cart full of luggage. As the trip was confidential, there were no fans to meet the SJ’s two most famous members. Maybe it was the company’s success in keeping the trip a secret, Donghae even gave a big laugh, face up when he came out of immigration. It looked like he was in a good mood.

Teaming up for “Xin Fu Yu Jian” MV, shooting on the railway tracks
After arriving at the Grand Formosa Regent Hotel in Taipei on Monday, Siwon and Donghae were said to be going to “Tai He Dian” for spicy shabu-shabu, but this didn’t push through. They stayed in the hotel until 7am the following day and took the company van to the historic Dasi Station in Ilan to meet Ariel and shoot an MV for her new album.

When Ariel got off the van, she went to the public bathroom with a crew member. Maybe she was unaccustomed to the sight because she took one look and left. She went to a nearby surf shop instead and asked if she could use their bathroom, and then headed back near the train station to rehearse with Donghae and develop their chemistry. There was no dialogue involved, so their interaction was a little awkward at the start.

Ariel retouches her make-up, Donghae helps tuck her hair
Only when Siwon, Donghae and Ariel headed to the station platform to shoot did they gradually start to develop their chemistry. It was sunny yesterday, so everybody was sweating. When Ariel was retouching her make-up, Lee Donghae even helped her tuck the ends of her hair lightly. When they started shooting, they looked like they were interacting well. Although Ariel’s a Korean major at university, in private, she had very little conversation with the two guys. When the director gave instructions, they still needed an interpreter. Shiwon and Donghae were like two buddies. The moment the director shouted “cut,” they would bump their shoulders together and then do a Wang Feihong pose – very funny.

Three-day, two-night secret trip, going back to Korea today
Sources said Shiwon and Donghae came on the invitation of Avex Taiwan. They kept a low profile during their three-day, two-night working trip and didn’t go anywhere in private. They inked a confidential clause not to let star-chasing fans know to make it easier for the crew to finish their job. They went to Ilan’s Dasi Station, Wu Shi and other places for shooting. Filming went on until the wee hours today. Siwon and Donghae went back to the hotel afterward. They are scheduled to leave at 2:40pm today, flight BR160. On June 27th, they will be back with Super Junior’s other members to join the Golden Melody Awards.

credits: Liberty Times + (trans) + elfish

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