SHINee’s Interview with 10asia


Q. How did you feel after winning number one on the day of your comeback stage?
Minho: I was really surprised. At first, I thought that I would be really happy with just being close to ranking number one, but then we actually got number one…

Q. Key had a really unbelievable expression!

Key: Haha, my expression seems to not have been under my control (laughs)
Minho: That day was pretty exciting. Even though winning number one is a good thing, we saw the Super Junior hyungs tearing up for our win, and I just became really excited and emotional.

Q. Though it is well-received, the “Juliette” concept is pretty radical. Key wore a pink halter top that revealed his back on ‘Inkigayo’. Did you not feel flustered about it?
Key: When I first wore these kinds of clothes last year, I was pretty flustered. But now I’m not really surprised by it. I actually like it now (laughs).
Jonghyun: Isn’t it just like a girl’s halter top? (laughs)
Key: That was outdated 20 years ago! (laughs) We have also studied a bit about fashion concepts, and I’d be okay if I had to take pictures with these kinds of clothes again. It feels fitting.

Q. How did your parents react to the new concept?
Key: They were surprised because it was pink! (laughs) So that’s why it looks more appealing.
Jonghyun: My mom was really worried. “What kind of thing are you showing from this?” (laughs) Especially the album cover, wearing the masks were really weird. Wearing those kinds of glasses, what is it supposed to be? (laughs)
Minho: “The first time I saw it, it looked really magical/mystical. This time you also have a new thing to try out!” They said things like that. “This is very fitting, it looks pretty okay.”
Taemin: It was really fresh! In this opportunity, we can show everyone our appeal. (laughs)

10asia’s staff prepared coffee and other drinks for SHINee. But SHINee only ate and drank a litle bit. From this, we can understand how they take care of their figures. And it seems like they are now even more suited to wearing skinny jeans and even lost a bit of baby fat.

Q. In order to perform at your best on stage, you need to stay attentive and need a lot of energy. This time, you all returned with slimmer bodies.
Jonghyun: It’s probably because we lost a lot of baby fat. (laughs)

Q. But there wasn’t that much baby fat to begin with! (laughs) Are there any other exercises that you do?

Jonghyun: In order to stay healthy, we do some exercises. In the four months that we were gone, we did them nonstop.

Q. So how do you guys have enough energy to perform on stage?

Key: We take care of ourselves. Like for dieting, we would watch our weight. We won’t eat after 7PM, and in order to have good skin, we eat less fast foods.

Q. Taemin’s singing is much more stable now. Is there anything that you especially worked on?

Taemin: Dancing and singing at the same time makes breathing hard. So I did a lot of breathing exercises and worked hard. Thank you to everyone for acknowledging my hard work!

Q. Onew and Jonghyun sang “Please, Don’t Go”. The lyrics sound like they are describing a person’s breaking point. While you were singing, what went through your mind?

Onew: I thought about what other people would feel after hearing the song. And I also read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. I really like the movie “If Only”, and listening to this song reveals all of the emotions.

Q. Not long ago, we saw a lot of manga in your dorm. Are there any mangas and movies that you especially like?

Key: “Love Me If You Dare”. I don’t really like movies that only talk about love. When I watch this movie, I feel like I’m watching a real romance. I must also have a love like that in the future.
Taemin: I really like horror movies. When I see really action-packed or colorful/bright movies, I think of dance stages.
Minho:I really like action movies. I especially like the ‘007’ and James Bond series. I also really like ‘Slam Dunk’.

Q. What part about it do you like?

Minho: The competitive part? (laughs). I’ve read this manga since I was young, so it was a huge influence on me.

Q. What kind of attiude did you develop from it?

Onew: A man that never gives up (laughs)
Minho: That’s true. A really justifed man. I really like it.

Q. When playing games in the dorm, would the competitve spirit arise?

Minho: Yes. But the other members don’t really like playing games. We would play “Winning Eleven” (a soccer game), but only after I beg them. (laughs). I’ve recently began teaching Taemin. I would always ask Taemin if we could play another round, and recently, Taemin would also ask to play another round. My competitiveness is spreading around the world. (laughs)
Jonghyun: The members act just like regular high school students. So we don’t really like playing games.
Onew: I would also play a round with Minho. But only one round, and after it, I would go back to my room.

Q. Let’s play one round of “Winning Eleven” then!

Minho: Yeah. It’s supposed to be like: after playing one round, we play for three rounds, and after three rounds, we play for five rounds.
Jonghyun: Key and I wouldn’t even play, we would always just sit on the side and watch. (laughs)

Q. All of the members have different interests and likes. Everyone’s ideal types seem to differ as well. If you had a girlfriend, what would you do?

Onew: (claps) I want to play the piano and sing for her.
Jonghyun: I want to exchange photos, and then she would always carry around my photo. I usually don’t really take pictures, so she would have the only pictures of me. (laughs)
Key: I want to go shopping.

Q. Shopping?

Key: To look at clothes…because I really like choosing and buying clothes. I can’t really play piano for her. (laughs)

Q. A boyfriend shopping with his girlfriend is not an easy thing.

Key: I frequently go shopping with my mom.

Q. That is really uncommon for boys!

Key: Last year, I went shopping a lot with her. I bought my own clothes, as well as my mom’s clothes. When you’re shopping with me, it can never be boring.

Q. And Minho?
Onew: Want to play soccer? (laughs)
Minho: Yeah. I want to play soccer together. I want to show her my skills, and after she knows, we can become closer.

Source: 10asia
Translations: amourette@soompi



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