Kyuhyun Performs for Yoo Young Suk

On June 16th, veteran singer and composer Yoo Young Suk hosted a stage at Seoul’s Hongdae Live Hall to promote the upcoming release of his 20th anniversary celebration album. The Super Junior maknae with the powerful vocals, Kyuhyun, performed his cover of Yoo Young Suk’s “7 Years’ Love” at the event.

Kyuhyun’s cover is slated for release as a digital single later this month, while the 20th anniversary album will be sold purely for charity, with all proceeds going to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund). In the on-stage interview after the performance, Yoo Young Suk wowed at Kyuhyun’s vocals, saying that “Now you can even rely on yourself (aka become independent).” ELFs everywhere held their breath – without Kyuhyun, who would back up all of the weaker SuJu vocals during their choruses? But don’t fret, Kyuhyun fans; he won’t be pulling a Kibum soon, as he simply laughed and replied, “No. I’m not capable of doing that.”



credits: kyunerdful@YT + samlet@allkpop + as tagged

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